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Breastmilk Lotion

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If you are a long time reader of this blog, you know that on many occasions I have been accused of being a crunchy granola mama. I choose to be a green earth loving mama.

Well, so be it, I kinda wear that badge with pride.

If you are a Crunchy Mama, then you know the importance of using natural ingredients in your home. One of the many ways you can do this is by making your own breastmilk lotion! This recipe is simple, affordable, and effective. Keep reading to learn how to make your own breastmilk lotion at home!

Looking for a natural way to care for your skin? Check out this easy recipe for breastmilk lotion! This lotion is perfect for babies or just for people with sensitive skin, and it’s a great way to use up any extra breastmilk you have. Plus, it smells a-maaaa-zing!

Why Use Lotion Made from Breastmilk?

Breast milk also has natural moisturizing characteristics, which is one of the reasons why research points to your milk as a strong healing agent for a variety of skin disorders, diseases, and tiny superficial wounds. Try your hand at making homemade lotion using oil or beeswax, a few ounces of excess breast milk, and a few drops of essential oil (if preferred). It may be gently rubbed onto your baby before sleep or after their bath.

There are a few reasons why you might want to use lotion made from breastmilk:

-The ingredients are all natural, so it’s good for your skin

-It smells amazing

-It’s affordable and easy to make

What is in breast milk?

  • Lactoglobulin: a milk protein that helps to soothe and protect the skin.
  • Lactoferrin: an iron-binding protein that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Lysozyme: an enzyme that helps to fight bacteria.
  • Proteins: Breast milk contains whey and casein, which improves digestion. Whey protein accounts for 60-80 percent of the protein in human milk.
  • Fatty acids: Breast milk is high in essential fatty acids, which are important for skin health.
  • Vitamins: Breast milk contains a range of vitamins that are beneficial for the skin, including A, C, D, and E.
  • Carbohydrates : Breast milk also contains carbohydrates, which can help to moisturize the skin.

Why make a breast milk lotion then?

You can just apply the breast milk directly to your baby’s skin and many mams do. Adding in oil will thicken it up and make it easier to apply. Extra ingredients like grapeseel oil and beeswas just give it the extra little touch!

All of these components make breast milk lotion perfect for keeping your skin healthy and happy!

Is breast milk good for your skin?

Hell ya mama! If you have dry skin rubbing breastmilk into it is a great way to help it. The proteins and enzymes in breast milk work together to nourish and protect the skin while reducing inflammation.

Does breast milk lotion contain any additives?

No, this recipe is all natural and does not contain any additives.

Can my baby be allergic to breast milk lotion?

Actually yes, and it can vary from time to time. Always remember to test plain breast milk on the baby on a small patch before you add to the lotion. You could have eaten something like dairy which if your child has a dairy allergy or dairy sensitivity it may cause issues. Human milk changes with everything you eat and whilst it is liquid gold for your babe, its worth testing a small patch each time in case they do have an adverse reaction.

Other uses for breast milk

Breast milk is not only the best sustenance for your baby, but because of all of its vitamins, minerals, antibodies, and nutrients, it may also be useful when utilized in other ways other as a food source. Breastmilk, a truly miracle liquid can be used for lots of other things:

Treating cradle cap

mix breast milk and shampoo, leave in for a few minutes then rinse off. Do this twice a week until the cradle cap clears up. Some parents claim that a little additional breast milk may be used to cure mild cradle cap. Massaging a little amount of breast milk into your baby’s scalp during their next bath may assist with the flaking that is commonly linked with cradle cap. Because breast milk is commonly regarded as a therapy for some skin disorders, and cradle cap occurs on the scalp, adding some of your milk to your child’s shampoo or applying it separately after their hair is washed may be therapeutic.

Soothing sunburns

Apply breast milk lotion directly to the burn or soak a cloth in breast milk and place on the burn. Repeat as needed.

Some mothers claim that putting a drop of breast milk into your baby’s ear every few hours might help relieve the discomfort caused by ear infections. According to one study, applying breast milk to the ear canal can be beneficial against bacteria if the infection is on the outer portion of the ear canal.

Furthermore, anecdotal data suggests that breast milk may be useful against mucus membrane diseases such as nasal congestion, sinus infections, however further study is likely needed to establish these health advantages. It’s just every a new baby and growing baby needs! This good stuff will keep you and baby extra hydrated and its miracle properties will have your friends jealous of your super hydrated skin!

Does breast milk lotion go bad quickly?

Yes, it has no preservatives so really only lasts about 8-12 weeks if stored in a cool place. Keep it away from a direct heat source, it’s best to keep it in a dark cool place.

How to Make Homemade Breast Milk Lotion?

This is a very simple pared-back lotion which is ideal for use on both babies skin and yours. If are just using for yourself you can add in some essential oils like lavender or grape seed oil. I tend not to use essential oil when putting on baby’s skin but that really is a personal preference. You can also add in a few drops of Vitamin E oil but that’s not essential.

If you want a thicker lotion and are not vegan you can add beeswax to the mixture, again this optional.

Breast milk Lotion Recipe


– ½ cup of plain breast milk

– ¼ cup of olive oil (can be replaced or mixed with coconut oil in same ratio)

– ¼ cup of aloe vera gel

– Add essential oils (Optional – grapeseed oil is best)

– Add vitamin e oil (Optional)


Step One: Combine the breastmilk and olive oil in a small saucepan over low heat. Heat until just warm, then remove from heat. Mix the oil mixture rapidly until well combined.

Step Two: Add the aloe vera gel and stir until well combined.

Step Three: Pour the mixture into a glass jar or bottle, and store in the fridge.

To use, simply massage a small amount of lotion into your skin as needed. This lotion is best used within a few weeks of making it. Enjoy!

How Can I use This Homemade Breast Milk Lotion?

Mama, there are so many creative ways to use breast milk! When looking for ways to use your extra breast milk as a topical healing agent, use your best judgment – while breast milk is full of vitamins, antibodies, nutrients, minerals, and other good-for-you components and can be beneficial when used topically, it’s critical to ensure its application – and any recipes using your breast milk – are completely safe for your little one and do not aggravate any issues, infections, or conditions. 

Diaper Cream:

If your baby has diaper rash, you can apply a small amount of breastmilk lotion to the affected area. This will help soothe and heal the rash. This is made from totally natural ingredients and can be used with both disposable diapers and cloth diapers. Breast milk has been shown in studies to treat baby atopic eczema in the same way as hydrocortisone ointment does. Furthermore, due of the presence of lauric acid in your milk, it may aid in the treatment of newborn acne. Dip a delicate cotton ball in an ounce of breast milk and gently dab it into troublesome areas of your baby’s skin.

Milk Bath (Baby Eczema)

Milk baths are a fantastic way to calm baby’s skin if they have baby acne or baby’s eczema has flared up. Just slowly pour the lotion in the bath as your run the water. You will see that it will start to milk and bubble up, don’t worry this is what you want! Let baby soak for around 15 minutes.

Take Away

Breast milk is full of vitamins, antibodies, nutrients, minerals and other good-for-you components. When used topically it can be beneficial when applied to the skin but only if you use your best judgment in ensuring its safety for both baby and mommy.

With a few simple ingredients like olive oil and aloe vera gel (or coconut oil) this homemade lotion recipe will do wonders on dry skin without all of the harsh chemicals found in store bought brands!

Happy moisturizing! ?

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