Can a Tight Diaper Cause a Rash?




Can a Tight Diaper Cause a Rash

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Do you ever wonder if a tight diaper can cause a rash? It’s a valid question and one that many parents ask. A tight diaper can definitely cause discomfort, and it’s possible that this could lead to a rash.

We discuss the causes of diaper rash and how to prevent them. We will also talk about the signs of a diaper rash and how to treat it if your child gets one.

Does a tight-fitting diaper cause a diaper rash?

Yes. A rash can be caused by tight-fitting diapers or clothing that rubs against the skin. Also, a new brand of diapers can irritate, along with baby wipes or a detergent, bleach, or fabric softener used to wash cloth diapers may cause your baby’s skin to react.

There are a few reasons why a tight-fitting or too small diaper causes diaper rashes:

  1. It will rub and chafe against the baby’s delicate skin causing contact irritants
  2. A tight-fitting diaper will trap moisture and not allow babies skin to dry. Keeping a babies skin dry is one of the best ways not only to prevent diaper rash but also to heal the diaper rash your baby has.
  3. If there is no air circulating in the diaper area, it can soon overheat causing heat rash, which when continually rubbed by the too-small diaper will also cause a rash.

What Can Make This Worse?

If a baby has a diaper which is too small, the following will exacerbate the situation:


Diapers can keep a baby’s pee and excrement contained for a long time. When a diaper is kept on for too long, it can irritate and inflame the skin. If the diaper is right against the skin, with no air, this will worsen the situation.

Baby’s Diet

Some babies start to get rashes when they eat new foods. Certain foods like citrus fruits and acidic foods often cause acidic poo which causes diaper rash. When the pH of their excrement changes, this can cause diaper rash. Acidic meals (citrus, tomato, strawberries etc.) can also result in acidic stools and a red, irritated ring around your baby’s anus.

Again, if this poop is being kept pushed against babies skin because it is too small it will make the rash a lot wose.

Sensitive skin

Babies have sensitive skin. Allergies or intolerance to things like soaps or diaper wipes can cause diaper rashes in some babies. If the diaper is too small and is just kept tight against babies sensitive skin then the baby gets much more inflamed skin.


The wet environment in which bacteria and fungi thrive in your baby’s diaper area is ideal for their growth. With no air circulating, a yeast infection will be worse as it thrives in damp moist conditions. If your child is taking antibiotics this can make it worse!

Treating diaper rash caused by tight-fitting diapers?

The treatment for this is probably one of the easiest rashes to deal with. The first stage is either to loosen the diaper or go up a size in a diaper. If you are the maximum fitting on the disposable diaper then consider a size change as soon as possible, or even trying new brands.

It’s crucial to keep the baby’s diaper rash region as dry as possible and change diapers frequently to avoid diaper rash. Setting a goal of changing a newborn’s diapers every two to three hours is something we recommend to parents. Keep the following things in mind when dealing with diaper rash:

  • After each diaper change, thoroughly clean the diaper region.
  • Try to use a soft washcloth moistened with plain water or wipes that contain simply water if diaper wipes irritate your baby’s bottom.
  • Frequent diaper changes can also help ease irritation. Try to do it as often as you can.
  • When changing diapers, ensure that baby is completely dry before you put the diaper back on.
  • Its worth avoiding all skin irritants and just using some natural home remedies to treat the rash.

Apply a thick layer of diaper cream or ointment to the affected area

The purpose of these creams is to keep the affected region dry. Many diaper rash remedies contain zinc oxide as an active component. They’re typically rubbed to your baby’s rash throughout the day to soothe and protect his or her skin. You don’t need to use much – just a thin layer in the area will suffice.

Make sure the diaper isn’t too tight

By running your fingertips around the edges of the diaper and checking for gaps, make sure it fits tightly around the waist and thighs.

If you want a loose-fitting diaper for your baby, you may have leakage because urine and excrement escape through the openings before being absorbed.

Use cloth diapers wherever possible.

Sometimes parents should consider converting to cloth diapers and wipes if they’re currently using disposable diapers. Avoid using baby wipes with scents or alcohol even if they are mild. Using warm water and cotton balls help as well. Cloth are a lot more breathable and if your child has sensitive skin they may be more suitable for him.

Take Away on Baby’s Diaper Being Too Small Causing Baby’s Diaper Rash

If you are putting a diaper way too tight on your baby or using size too small, chances are it may cause diaper rash. This will be worse for any babies who do have sensitive skin.

Try our above tips and tricks to cure it, and that doesn’t work or the rash or symptoms gets worse call your doctor for advice. When rashes are left too long they can develop into yeast or bacterial rash and you may need to get antibiotics or antifungal cream to treat them.

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