How to Keep Warm When Breastfeeding in the Cold

How to Keep Warm When Breastfeeding in the Cold
  • Lots of layers! I find a vest top under my clothes keeps my tummy warm and limits exposure.
  • I used to wear a vest top but with the straps down (so it was like a boob tube) I could pull it down below my bra level and it kept my tummy and back warm.
  • I’m wearing high rise maternity trousers to keep back and tummy warm, but I can get away with wearing them as not quite 3 weeks post-birth after a c-section xx
  • Yes I agree with the vest idea above and also a scarf to keep your neck and chest area warm too  baby’s make great little hot water bottles though  x
  • If you get ones with elasticated straps all you need to do is pull it down a little. I find the cheaper the better, doesn’t matter if they stretch then
  • I just put my coat over my shoulders or wear a big cardie as my dd keeps my belly warm. or use a blanket over her and cover it over me too
  • layers, vest, cardi, shawl, my LO likes suggling under my poncho, the neck is big enough so she can see out! the worst thing is tiny cold hands!!
  • My son was born in winter and for Xmas my mum got me a big applets shawl. Was very snug bfing under there.
  • I kept warm with hot baths and extra layers and gentle exercise and to snuggle the baby a lot.
  • Big knickers! Proper apple gatherers, pulled up high under a thermal vest thatbis over sized so you can pull it down at the top.I breast fed a newborn last winter, outside, every day. X
  • Cross over ballet style cardigans with a bfax top underneath. Don’t need to expose any flesh except your breast
  • Boob tube from bra line down to past waist… works for all seasons… nicely hides squooshy belly too :-p
  • Gloves for baby. Cold little hands down your top, eep!
  • I would love a boob nursing hoody. To pricey for me
  • I always wear a long strappy vest top underneath my clothes that I can pull down rather than up, also baggy Cowell neck jumpers that baby can be put under and u can see baby through the neck x
  • NCT do a nursing fleece just opening across the front on their online shop! Very reasonable
  • I’ve been using an “under bust shaping cami” from Primark (£5) It’s surprisingly warm and can still wear any nursing bra with it
  • I took some tank tops, cut the straps off, and sewed bra type clasps to the top, so it would fasten to the part of the bra that you undo. It worked well!
  • I got bump bands (from new look, £10 for 3) for when i was pregnant and after birth i wore one whenever i ventured out. Tummy cover and an extra layer of warmth in winter!! Sadly they are too baggy to wear this winter. I bought a second hand bf top but never really got on with it.
  • Dorothy Perkins boob tubes, get them in the end of summer sale for a few quid each, very long and easy boob access under anything. Oh, and, chunky knit waterfall cardigans, the ones with long fronts, they double up as blankets!!
  • Breast Vests are great for keeping you warm in winter.
  • woollen breast pads – breathable, warm (great for those with Reynauds), hygienic, with natural lanolin… I don’t work for them, honestly, just wanted to add a helpful link!
  • Bells belly bands are great, they go from under your bust to hips, they are meant for bf, but good when pg too, I’m loving mine!
  • I love Boob shirts. It is freezing here and I’m so warm.
  • I’m still using my new look bump bands, covers the mummy tummy and keeps me warm, even though LO rarely nurses in the day now (he is 2 and never nurses if we are out and busy) I still put one on, I feel naked without it LOL
  • I’m with the primark crew: I bought loads of £1 boob tubes a couple of summers ago and used them. perfect, and didn’t make me cry when they got covered in milk/sick/wee/ooo because they were so cheap. i think cheapo strappy vests work just as well. I geuss the only problem is the ethics of primarni but I doubt mothercare or similar have better standards, they just make a bigger profit.
  • I still have my belly bands from pregnancy. Forget shelling out huge amounts of dosh on ‘bf tops’, stick a belly band under a normal top!!! 18 hours ago
  • I swear by my poncho’s, quick and easy for whipping little one up for a feed and it is like a blanket for both you and baby
  • I always had one or two strappy vest tops under my clothes in winter and for feeding in public as I didn’t like my belly on show! Saves on expensive clothing
  • Breastvest keeps your post natal tummy all wrapped up…. And makes any top a breastfeeding top to boot!
  • I’ll have to agree with breastvest. Disguises tummy overspill and keeps you warm. They also dry really quickly on the radiator after washing.
  • I used bump bands too after my first son was born but they are a bit loose after a 2nd pregnancy so this time I’ve bought breastfeeding vests to wear under a top which can drop down keeping my tummy warm.
  • A friend also suggested a poncho to feed under when I’m outside.
  • I love baby bubu nusing ponchos
  • I wear high waisted jeans/trousers, keeps you warmer!

This article was written by Sandra Baker – full time writer and the mother of four amazing kids (including twins!)

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