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Are you new to the cloth diapering world? If so, you may wonder what it means to strip your cloth diapers and why you should do so.
If you follow proper laundering instructions and stay away from diaper creams except when using a cloth liner, you may never need to strip your cloth diaper inserts. I decided to strip mine because I am using the same gDiapers on a second child and wanted a start fresh.
When your clean cloth diaper inserts start to smell funky or lose their absorbency, it may be time to strip them clean! You strip the cloth diapers to remove residue from laundry soaps, detergents with enzymes and brighteners, and diaper creams that build up over time. This residue makes it difficult for the cloth to absorb liquid, therefore creating diaper leakage. You may also want to strip your cloth diapers to remove detergent that previously irritated your baby’s skin.
Follow these simple instructions to revamp your diapers! 
1. Pull apart the cloth inserts so the layers do not stick together. gDiapers have four layers to separate.
2. Boil cloth inserts in water for 30 minutes. I boiled mine in two batches of 12 using a large pot.
3. Soak and wash in hot water without detergent. I edited the picture below to show the hot and steamy water!
4. Dry the diapers as usual. You can place them in the dryer or hang them out in the sun.
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