101+ Wonderful Middle Names for Cohen

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  • Date: March 18, 2022
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Choosing a baby name is a difficult task!

Not only is it everlasting, but it may also shape your child’s personality and how others see him as he grows up. Isn’t it fascinating?  Just don’t forget about the crucial middle name. It’s easy to ignore after focusing so much on the first name.

But panic not, we’ve done all the research for you and come up with our list of the greatest names to match your baby son Cohen!

What Does The Name Cohen Mean?

Cohen is a biblically derived Jewish surname. It’s a popular Jewish surname.

People believe that the name of their children can have an impact on their future success in life. It can also have a bearing on a child, what their name means. As a result, people often choose names based on their meanings, believing that the meaning of the child’s name may reflect the nature of the child or influence the child later on.

How do you pronounce Cohen?

Cohen is pronounced as /KOE en/.

What are middle names for?

According to historical archives, the Romans were the first culture to establish the practice of awarding middle names, which was first documented in the fifth century. People’s identities were primarily established in ancient Rome by three names: the praenomen, which served as a personal name; the nomen, which served as a family name; and the cognomen, which served as a distinguishing mark for the specific branch of the family to which they belonged, among other roles. According to your contemporaries, the more names you had, more respected you were.

The habit of using a large number of names originated in Western nations around the 1700s and has since spread fast. In order to prove their high social rank, aristocratic families insisted on giving their children a considerable number of middle names. This was interpreted as a reflection of their social standing.

Children in the Spanish and Arabic cultures are given paternal or maternal names that have been handed down through generations, allowing parents to trace their children’s ancestors and foremothers back to their ancestors and foremothers. After some time has passed, the practice of naming children after departed family members has persisted, in order to ensure that family names be passed down through following generations.

Famous People Called Cohen


  • Abby Joseph Cohen (born 1952), American economist and financial analyst
  • Benyamin Cohen (born 1975), American journalist and author
  • Boyd Cohen (born 1970), American urban and climate strategist
  • Christopher A. Cohen, American director and producer
  • Emil Cohen (comedian) (1911–2000), American comedian and singer

How Common is the name Cohen?

The first name Cohen was given to a child in February 12th, 1879, according to the Social Security Administration’s birth record database.

Cohen is the 2,033rd most popular name in the history of the world. From 1880 through 2019, the Social Security Administration has recognized 15,090 babies born with the first name Cohen in the United States. The greatest reported use of the first name Cohen was in 2019 with a total of 1,124 newborns.

How to Choose the Perfect Name to go With Cohen

The most appropriate middle name for Cohen is the one that blends nicely with his first and last names. For example, choose the middle names you want for Cohen from the list below and jot them down on a piece of paper.

Say the names out loud with Cohen at the start. For example, Cohen Aaron.  Remove any names that are strange, bizarre, or difficult to pronounce.

Step 2 should be repeated, but this time include the last name and listen to how it sounds. Delete any further names that don’t sound suitable.

Examine the initials of the remaining names and identify the ones that work particularly well together. Make certain that it does not sound absurd or harsh. Consider Cohen for ones that can be given nicknames when they are grouped together.

By the time you are finished with steps 1-4, you will have cut down the selection to a manageable amount of options that will assist you in deciding on the ideal middle name for Cohen.

50 Best Middle Names for Cohen

Only a tiny selection of ideas are presented here to get your creative juices flowing. Perhaps one of the names mentioned below will turn out to be “the one,” or you may like to investigate some of the names listed below as variations or spin-offs of one of the names listed below. 

1Cohen Marcelo
2Cohen Ellis
3Cohen Aziel
4Cohen Ethan
5Cohen Ronan
6Cohen Legend
7Cohen Tate
8Cohen Chance
9Cohen Asher
10Cohen Leighton
11Cohen Jeremiah
12Cohen Angelo
13Cohen Landen
14Cohen Mitchell
15Cohen Mateo
16Cohen Bowen
17Cohen Thatcher
18Cohen Beau
19Cohen Emanuel
20Cohen Titan
21Cohen Quinton
22Cohen Omar
23Cohen Reese
24Cohen Emilio
25Cohen Krew
26Cohen Corbin
27Cohen Trenton
28Cohen Miles
29Cohen Caleb
30Cohen Landry
31Cohen Watson
32Cohen Reuben
33Cohen Juan
34Cohen Daniel
35Cohen Elian
36Cohen Stephen
37Cohen Jasper
38Cohen Charlie
39Cohen Zayn
40Cohen Nicolas
41Cohen Andrew
42Cohen Shepard
43Cohen Turner
44Cohen Brandon
45Cohen Maurice
46Cohen Nicholas
47Cohen Reece
48Cohen Westley
49Cohen Clark
50Cohen Christian

First Name for Middle Name Cohen

If you have already decided on Cohen as the middle name you might be looking for the perfect first name as Cohen makes a great middle name. We have our top 10 here!

Sage Cohen
Marcus Cohen
Turner Cohen
Emiliano Cohen
Jared Cohen
Jason Cohen
Conner Cohen
John Cohen
Wilder Cohen
Curtis Cohen

10 Classic Boy Names That Go Well With Cohen

Cohen George
Cohen Julian
Cohen Robert
Cohen Francis
Cohen Alexander
Cohen Jeremy
Cohen Samuel
Cohen Thomas
Cohen Christian
Cohen Mark

10 Modern Names That Go With Cohen

Cohen Easton
Cohen Leland
Cohen Charlie
Cohen Ainsley
Cohen Eden
Cohen Fox
Cohen Ryder
Cohen Alfie
Cohen Ashton
Cohen Jett

10 Unusual Boy Names That Go With Cohen

Cohen Everet
Cohen Leighton
Cohen Lonnie
Cohen Harley
Cohen Arbor
Cohen Ivan
Cohen Puma
Cohen Armstrong
Cohen Emery
Cohen Burke

European Names That Match the Name Cohen

If you love European names or even have European ancestry we’ve compiled the best Irish, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Polish names to go with Cohen.  We’ve kept these spelt in their original authentic way, but you can always update the spelling if you prefer.

7 Irish Boy Names That Go with Cohen

Cohen Cathal
Cohen Ruairi
Cohen Peadar
Cohen Oisin
Cohen Aidan
Cohen Eamon
Cohen Finn

7 French Names to Go with Cohen

Cohen Loïc
Cohen Francis
Cohen Joachim
Cohen Timéo
Cohen Boniface
Cohen Adélard
Cohen Étienne

7 Spanish Names That Go Well with Cohen

Cohen Jacobo
Cohen Miguel
Cohen Agustín
Cohen Sebastián
Cohen Axel
Cohen Alexander
Cohen José

7 Italian Names for Cohen

Cohen Ettore
Cohen Leonardo
Cohen Felice
Cohen Salvatore
Cohen Alfeo
Cohen Franco
Cohen Luca

7 German Names for Cohen

Cohen Willi
Cohen Werner
Cohen Kurt
Cohen Horst
Cohen Günther
Cohen Erwin
Cohen Herbert

7 Polish Names for Cohen

Cohen Maciej
Cohen Miłosz
Cohen Oskar
Cohen Aleksander
Cohen Aleks
Cohen Józef
Cohen Przemysław

Baby Names of Certain Length

If you have a long or short surname, you might want to choose middle names with just 1, 2 or 3 syllables, we’ve got the best of each to help you choose the best middle name for your child.

7 Names for Cohen with 1 Syllable

Cohen Trace
Cohen Rhys
Cohen Kade
Cohen Kane
Cohen James (see names like James)
Cohen Jace
Cohen Pax

7 Names for Cohen with 2 Syllables

Cohen Hunter
Cohen Ayaan
Cohen Aiden
Cohen Liam
Cohen Thomas
Cohen Ramon
Cohen Adam

7 Names for Cohen with 3 Syllables

Cohen Zachary
Cohen Fabian
Cohen Hamilton
Cohen Abraham
Cohen Garrison
Cohen Tadeo
Cohen Tobias

Names for Cohen with the Same Initial

Cohen Conor
Cohen Clayton
Cohen Cassius
Cohen Charles
Cohen Caden
Cohen Carter
Cohen Caleb

7 Names for Cohen Starting with A Vowel

Cohen Adrian
Cohen Alex
Cohen Anthony
Cohen Alexander
Cohen Alejandro
Cohen Emmett
Cohen Izaiah

Nicknames for Cohen

Cohen is often given the following nicknames:

  • Coco
  • Owen

Different Ways to Spell Cohen

  • Kohen
  • Coen
  • Cohan
  • Cowen
  • Koen
  • Coehn

Similar Names Like Cohen

  • Kieler
  • Ryder
  • Jack
  • Cooper
  • Giann
  • Brayden
  • Beckham
  • Riley
  • Callin

Sibling Names for Cohen

If you already have a child named Cohen, you might be looking for some great sister or brother names that go with it. We’ve compiled some classic names that go together really well with Cohen.

Sister Names for Cohen

Cohen & Catherine
Cohen & Londyn
Cohen & Kehlani
Cohen & Camilla
Cohen & Samantha
Cohen & Marlee
Cohen & Georgia
Cohen & Angela
Cohen & Amy
Cohen & Kensley

Brother Names for Cohen

Cohen & Cillian
Cohen & Melvin
Cohen & Axl
Cohen & Damari
Cohen & Bo
Cohen & Salvatore
Cohen & Sean
Cohen & Marcus
Cohen & Erick
Cohen & Deandre

Take Away For Baby Name Cohen

Giving your son a middle name that no one else has is an excellent way to distinguish his name. Giving your son a middle name that no one else has is a great approach to set his name out in a crowd. Whether you select one based on religion, family links, or just names you enjoy, you will have a one-of-a-kind present that will make him feel unique. Good luck picking on Cohen’s best names!