Complete List of Middle Names for Finnegan

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  • Date: March 18, 2022
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Prepare yourself for the emotional rollercoaster that is the arrival of your newborn child. It brings with it an abundance of questions, not the least of which is what to name your child! Not to put any additional pressure on you, but did you realize that a person’s given name can have an impact on how others see them? It can also have an impact on how people perceive themselves as they grow older.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that individuals spend a long time searching for the ideal baby’s name on Google. However, if you spend all of your time searching for the perfect first name, well done on choosing Finnegan for your little boy, you may run out of steam and settle for a middle name that is below average in quality.

Here are our top middle names for a boy named Finnegan, the ones which just flow together in a beautiful way. Good looking narrowing down your choices!

What Does The Name Finnegan Mean?

Finnegan is an Irish surname derived from the Gaelic Fionnagáin, which means “fairhaired son,” or Fionnagán, which is derived from the diminutive personal name Fionn, which means “fairhaired” in Gaelic.

People believe that the name of their children can have an impact on their future success in life. It can also have a bearing on a child, what their name means. As a result, people often choose names based on their meanings, believing that the meaning of the child’s name may reflect the nature of the child or influence the child later on.

How do you pronounce Finnegan?

Finnegan is pronounced as /FIN eh gin/.

What are middle names for?

A middle name can help to create a sense of harmony and symmetry between your son’s full name and his middle name. It  can also be used to pay tribute to someone significant in your life, such as a grandfather or another family member.

In many cases, individuals will use the middle name as a nickname later on, or they will combine the initials to produce a new name, for example, Finnegan Claude could become FC!

Research has also indicated that having middle names improves people chance of getting a better job in the future! According to a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, people who have middle names are believed to have a high social position and to be intellectually superior.

Famous People Called Finnegan

  • Finnegan Biden, Granddaughter of Joe Biden
  • Finnegan Oldfield is a French-British actor. He was born in Lewes, England.

Is Finnegan a rare name?

In the year 1995, it was given as a first name to seven new born babies who had five or more siblings.

The name Finnegan is the 2,761st most popular in the world. The Social Security Administration has recognized 8,976 newborns born in the United States with the first name Finnegan between 1880 and 2019. Finnegan was the most commonly used first name in 2016, with a total of 816 infants named Finnegan.

In terms of popularity, Finnegan was ranked 410th in terms of boys’ names and 14968th in terms of girls’ names. Finnegan was named after 716 boys and only 5 girls in 2020.

How to Choose the Perfect Name to go With Finnegan

The most appropriate middle name for Finnegan is the one that blends nicely with his first and last names. For example, choose the middle names you want for Finnegan from the list below and jot them down on a piece of paper.

Say the names out loud with Finnegan at the start. For example, Finnegan Aaron.  Remove any names that are strange, bizarre, or difficult to pronounce.

Step 2 should be repeated, but this time include the last name and listen to how it sounds. Delete any further names that don’t sound suitable.

Examine the initials of the remaining names and identify the ones that work particularly well together. Make certain that it does not sound absurd or harsh. Consider Finnegan for ones that can be given nicknames when they are grouped together.

By the time you are finished with steps 1-4, you will have cut down the selection to a manageable amount of options that will assist you in deciding on the ideal middle name for Finnegan.

50 Best Middle Names for Finnegan

We’ve pulled together the best boy’s names that go well with the name Finnegan. Here’s our list:

1Finnegan Rudy
2Finnegan Kade
3Finnegan Noah
4Finnegan Enzo
5Finnegan Nikolas
6Finnegan Maximo
7Finnegan Kamdyn
8Finnegan Kingston
9Finnegan Ronald
10Finnegan Mylo
11Finnegan Orion
12Finnegan Juelz
13Finnegan Franklin
14Finnegan Jameson
15Finnegan Murphy
16Finnegan Zaid
17Finnegan Malachi
18Finnegan Hendrix
19Finnegan Trent
20Finnegan Seth
21Finnegan Jeremy
22Finnegan Solomon
23Finnegan Leland
24Finnegan Karson
25Finnegan Pedro
26Finnegan Warren
27Finnegan Beckett
28Finnegan Gunner
29Finnegan Ayden
30Finnegan Julio
31Finnegan Leighton
32Finnegan Lyric
33Finnegan Edward
34Finnegan Truett
35Finnegan Hudson
36Finnegan Thatcher
37Finnegan Titus
38Finnegan Jonas
39Finnegan Jared
40Finnegan Angelo
41Finnegan Colin
42Finnegan August
43Finnegan Calvin
44Finnegan Damon
45Finnegan Dylan
46Finnegan Nolan
47Finnegan Jaxton
48Finnegan Abraham
49Finnegan Matthias
50Finnegan Jensen

First Name for Middle Name Finnegan

If you have already decided on Finnegan as the middle name you might be looking for the perfect first name as Finnegan makes a great middle name. We have our top 10 here!

Giovanni Finnegan
Mitchell Finnegan
Kaleb Finnegan
Martin Finnegan
George Finnegan
Valentino Finnegan
Hayes Finnegan
Andrew Finnegan
Pierce Finnegan
Jonathan Finnegan

10 Classic Boy Names That Go Well With Finnegan

Finnegan Dominic
Finnegan Mark
Finnegan Steven
Finnegan Dylan
Finnegan Roberto
Finnegan Frederick
Finnegan Travis
Finnegan Marvin
Finnegan Jude
Finnegan Francis

10 Modern Names That Go With Finnegan

Finnegan Asher
Finnegan Saul
Finnegan Cedar
Finnegan Juniper
Finnegan Elliott
Finnegan Drake
Finnegan Ezra
Finnegan Jay
Finnegan Otis
Finnegan Zeppelin

10 Unusual Boy Names That Go With Finnegan

Finnegan Remington
Finnegan Leighton
Finnegan Cadogan
Finnegan Abe
Finnegan Jay
Finnegan Mason
Finnegan Orion
Finnegan Harlem
Finnegan Declan
Finnegan Rocket

European Names That Match the Name Finnegan

If you love European names or even have European ancestry we’ve compiled the best Irish, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Polish names to go with Finnegan.  We’ve kept these spelt in their original authentic way, but you can always update the spelling if you prefer.

7 Irish Boy Names That Go with Finnegan

Finnegan Riley
Finnegan Cillian
Finnegan Fionn
Finnegan Liam
Finnegan Ruairi
Finnegan Feidhlim
Finnegan Donnacha

7 French Names to Go with Finnegan

Finnegan Damien
Finnegan Dorian
Finnegan Loup
Finnegan Antoine
Finnegan Télesphore
Finnegan Jean-Baptiste
Finnegan Émile

7 Spanish Names That Go Well with Finnegan

Finnegan Fernando
Finnegan Juan José
Finnegan Juan David
Finnegan Bautista
Finnegan Alexander
Finnegan Joaquín
Finnegan Daniel

7 Italian Names for Finnegan

Finnegan Natale
Finnegan Battista
Finnegan Ermes
Finnegan Bonaventure
Finnegan Elpidio
Finnegan Gerardo
Finnegan Orlando

7 German Names for Finnegan

Finnegan Bruno
Finnegan Friedrich
Finnegan Wolfgang
Finnegan Horst
Finnegan Peter
Finnegan Paul
Finnegan Hermann

7 Polish Names for Finnegan

Finnegan Miłosz
Finnegan Błażej
Finnegan Paweł
Francisco Kajetan
Francisco Dominik
Finnegan Jacek
Finnegan Kamil

Baby Names of Certain Length

If you have a long or short surname, you might want to choose middle names with just 1, 2 or 3 syllables, we’ve got the best of each to help you choose the best middle name for your child.

7 Names for Finnegan with 1 Syllable

Finnegan Jax
Finnegan Rhett
Finnegan Trent
Finnegan Knox
Finnegan Max
Finnegan Jude
Finnegan Jase

7 Names for Finnegan with 2 Syllables

Finnegan Tyler
Finnegan Abel
Finnegan Louie
Finnegan Patrick
Finnegan Remy
Finnegan Rylan

7 Names for Finnegan with 3 Syllables

Finnegan Zachary
Finnegan Jamison
Finnegan Christopher
Finnegan Jonathan
Finnegan Adrian
Finnegan Gideon
Finnegan Joshua

Names for Finnegan with the Same Initial

Finnegan Forrest
Finnegan Ford
Finnegan Felix
Finnegan Frank
Finnegan Frederick
Finnegan Francis
Finnegan Finnegan

7 Names for Finnegan Starting with A Vowel

Finnegan Amari
Finnegan Abraham
Finnegan Oscar
Finnegan Orlando
Finnegan Isaac
Finnegan Emilio
Finnegan Onyx

Nicknames for Finnegan

Finnegan is often given the following nicknames:

  • Finn
  • Fin
  • Finnie
  • Finny

Different Ways to Spell Finnegan

  • Finnigan
  • Fynnegan
  • Finnagan
  • Phinnegan
  • Finegan
  • Finagan

Similar Names Like Finnegan

  • Finnigan
  • Finnian
  • Finley
  • Sullivan
  • Finn
  • Flynn
  • Cormac
  • Seamus

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Sibling Names for Finnegan

If you already have a child named Finnegan, you might be looking for some great sister or brother names that go with it. We’ve compiled some classic names that go together really well with Finnegan.

Sister Names for Finnegan

Finnegan & Jocelyn
Finnegan & Rosie
Finnegan & Bailey
Finnegan & Elliott
Finnegan & Camilla
Finnegan & Zoey
Finnegan & Skylar
Finnegan & Daleyza
Finnegan & Lilly
Finnegan & Katie

Brother Names for Finnegan

Finnegan & Alexander
Finnegan & Ryker
Finnegan & Jacob
Finnegan & Archer
Finnegan & Maxwell
Finnegan & Layton
Finnegan & Caiden
Finnegan & Santana
Finnegan & Kylo
Finnegan & Alonzo

Take Away For Baby Name Finnegan

I enjoy how these multi-syllabic names blend in perfectly with the name Finnegan, which I find appealing. However, because there are so many options, you should select the ones that sound the most desirable to you. Best of luck with your choice of full name for your new son, Finnegan!

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