113+ Modern Middle Names for Leland

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  • Date: August 18, 2022
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A person’s name has a tremendous influence.  It is the way you identify yourself, the way others recognize you, the way you name your stuff and lay claim to what is yours, and it also helps to establish a specific picture in the minds of others.

People make a lot of assumptions about other people based on their names. Keep this in mind while naming your child’s first and middle names.  Your baby’s given name might have an impact on how he perceives himself and how others see him.

People spend a significant amount of time searching for the ideal name on Google, and the process can be extremely exhLelandg and frustrating.

But don’t worry, now you have picked the name Leland for your baby son, we’ve pulled together a list of the best middle names that sound great with it. Hopefully, you will find the perfect names for your baby boy!

What Does The Name Leland Mean?

The name Leland is an English boy’s name that means “meadow land.”

People believe that the name of their children can have an impact on their future success in life. It can also have a bearing on a child, what their name means.

As a result, people often choose names based on their meanings, believing that the meaning of the child’s name may reflect the nature of the child or influence the child later on.

How do you pronounce Leland?

Leland is pronounced as /LEE lund/.

Famous People Called Leland

  • Leland Bardwell, Irish author
  • Leland Chapman, American bounty hunter
  • Leland Christensen (1959-2022), American politician
  • Leland D. Melvin, American astronaut
  • Leland Irving, Canadian ice hockey goaltender
  • Leland Orser, American actor
  • Leland Palmer (actress) (born 1945), American actress, dancer, and singer
  • Leland Rayson (1921-2001), American lawyer and politician
  • Leland Sklar, American session musician
  • Leland Stanford, founder of Stanford University, former Governor of California

How Common is the name Leland?

The first name Leland was given to a child in July 18th, 1865, according to the Social Security Administration’s birth record database.

Leland is the 968th most popular name in the history of the world. Between 1880 and 2020, the Social Security Administration recognized 55,370 newborns born in the United States with the first name Leland. In 2007, 1,028 newborns were given the name Leland, which was the highest recorded use of the name.

Leland was the 471st most popular boy’s name and the 6856th most popular girl’s name in the United States. There were 625 baby boys called Leland in 2020, but only 16 baby girls.

How to Choose the Perfect Name to go With Leland

The most appropriate middle name for Leland is the one that blends nicely with his first and last names. For example, choose the middle names you want for Leland from the list below and jot them down on a piece of paper.

Say the names out loud with Leland at the start. For example, Leland Aaron.  Remove any names that are strange, bizarre, or difficult to pronounce.

Step 2 should be repeated, but this time include the last name and listen to how it sounds. Delete any further names that don’t sound suitable.

Examine the initials of the remaining names and identify the ones that work particularly well together. Make certain that it does not sound absurd or harsh. Consider Leland for ones that can be given nicknames when they are grouped together.

By the time you are finished with steps 1-4, you will have cut down the selection to a manageable amount of options that will assist you in deciding on the ideal middle name for Leland.

113 Best Middle Names for Leland

Only a tiny selection of ideas are presented here to get your creative juices flowing. Perhaps one of the names mentioned below will turn out to be “the one,” or you may like to investigate some of the names listed below as variations or spin-offs of one of the names listed below. 

1Leland Rafael
2Leland Declan
3Leland Reuben
4Leland Chase
5Leland Santino
6Leland Carter (See best names for Carter)
7Leland Zavier
8Leland Rocky
9Leland Marcel
10Leland Mekhi
Leland Zavier
11Leland Cyrus
12Leland Otto
13Leland Winston
14Leland Nolan
15Leland Zander
16Leland Rudy
17Leland Walter
18Leland Edgar
19Leland River
20Leland Lawrence
21Leland Princeton
22Leland Kyle
23Leland Shane
24Leland Ayaan
25Leland Francisco
Leland Kyle
26Leland Pedro
27Leland Tommy
28Leland Landon
29Leland Brantley
30Leland Kade
31Leland Maxton
32Leland Cash
33Leland Kingston
34Leland Wyatt
35Leland Riggs
36Leland Daxton
37Leland Diego
38Leland Raphael
39Leland Manuel
40Leland Stanley
Leland Raphael
41Leland Devin
42Leland Ayden
43Leland Rhys
44Leland Reign
45Leland Layne
46Leland Ledger
47Leland Preston
48Leland Zayne
49Leland Malakai
50Leland Lee
51Leland Eli
52Leland Titan
53Leland Stefan
54Leland Gunner
55Leland Kalel
Leland Titan
56Leland Adonis
57Leland Bowen
58Leland Kayson
59Leland Wilson
60Leland Luka
61Leland Kaiser
62Leland London
63Leland Lucian
64Leland Finnegan
65Leland Bryce
66Leland Colin
67Leland Derek
68Leland Alexander
69Leland Rocco
70Leland Jax
Leland Colin
71Leland Saul
72Leland Valentino
73Leland Griffin
74Leland Shepherd
75Leland Owen
76Leland Abraham
77Leland Erick
78Leland Krew
79Leland Hendrix
80Leland Jorge
81Leland Osiris
82Leland Emmett
83Leland Brian
84Leland Ramon
85Leland Kobe
Leland Erick
86Leland Julio
87Leland Carlos
88Leland Charlie
89Leland Terrance
90Leland Fabian
91Leland Orion
92Leland Tristan
93Leland Archie
94Leland Evan
95Leland Andre
96Leland Saint
97Leland Forrest
98Leland Lucas
99Leland Santana
Leland Saint
100Leland Tatum
101Leland Marvin
102Leland Zayn
103Leland Odin
104Leland Trace
105Leland Soren
106Leland King
107Leland Joaquin
108Leland Sincere
109Leland Eric
110Leland Brandon
111Leland Wesson
112Leland Brady
113Leland Nathan
Leland Brandon

First Name for Middle Name Leland

If you have already decided on Leland as the middle name you might be looking for the perfect first name as Leland makes a great middle name. We have our top 10 here!

Salem Leland
Oscar Leland
Rio Leland
Iker Leland
Cooper Leland
Moses Leland
Marcos Leland
Kyree Leland
Kiaan Leland
Zane Leland

10 Classic Boy Names That Go Well With Leland

Leland Michael
Leland Henry
Leland Jude
Leland Austin
Leland James
Leland Brandon
Leland Keith
Leland Travis
Leland Raymond
Leland Arthur

10 Modern Names That Go With Leland

Leland Huxley
Leland Ainsley
Leland Caleb
Leland Tiarnan
Leland Finnegan
Leland Wolf
Leland Sterling
Leland Jace
Leland Tucker
Leland Luca

10 Unusual Boy Names That Go With Leland

Leland Bergen
Leland Mason
Leland Grady
Leland Anders
Leland Leo
Leland Jett
Leland Ryder
Leland Daylen
Leland Alvin
Leland Garrison
Leland Jett

European Names That Match the Name Leland

If you love European names or even have European ancestry we’ve compiled the best Irish, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Polish names to go with Leland.  We’ve kept these spelt in their original authentic way, but you can always update the spelling if you prefer.

7 Irish Boy Names That Go with Leland

If you like Irish boy names check out our post.

Leland Tomas
Leland Tiarnan
Leland Tadhg
Leland Gearoid
Leland Eanna
Leland Eamon
Leland Riley

7 French Names to Go with Leland

Leland Gustave
Leland Brice
Leland Hercule
Leland Ghislain
Leland Achille
Leland Renard
Leland Gwenhael

7 Spanish Names That Go Well with Leland

Leland Marcos
Leland Ian
Leland Pedro
Leland Sebastián
Leland Axel
Leland Agustín
Leland David

7 Italian Names for Leland

Leland Fulvio
Leland Epifanio
Leland Natale
Leland Fabio
Leland Giambattista
Leland Arcangelo
Leland Noè
Leland Natale

7 German Names for Leland

Leland Wolfgang
Leland Georg
Leland Kurt
Leland Friedrich
Leland Peter
Leland Bernhard
Leland Harald

7 Polish Names for Leland

Leland Henryk
Leland Bruno
Leland Daniel
Leland Kajetan
Leland Szymon
Leland Aleks
Leland Kacper

Baby Names of Certain Length

If you have a long or short surname, you might want to choose middle names with just 1, 2 or 3 syllables, we’ve got the best of each to help you choose the best middle name for your child.

7 Names for Leland with 1 Syllable

Leland King
Leland Jace
Leland Sam
Leland Chad
Leland Jett
Leland Reid
Leland Mac

7 Names for Leland with 2 Syllables

Leland Lukas
Leland Ali
Leland Otto
Leland Tommy
Leland Micah
Leland Roman
Leland Ryan
Leland Micah

7 Names for Leland with 3 Syllables

Leland Adrian
Leland Christopher
Leland Dominic
Leland Timothy
Leland Orlando
Leland Elliot
Leland Remington

Names for Leland with the Same Initial

Leland Louis
Leland Leonard
Leland Lane
Leland Lucca
Leland Leroy
Leland Lochlan
Leland Lawson

7 Names for Leland Starting with A Vowel

Leland Anthony
Leland Emmanuel
Leland Adriel
Leland Easton
Leland Eli
Leland Elliott
Leland Axel

Nicknames for Leland

Leland is often given the following nicknames:

  • Lee
  • LELE
  • Lando
  • Lee
  • Lea Lea

Different Ways to Spell Leland

  • Leeland
  • Leiland
  • Lelan
  • Lealand
  • Leyland
  • Lelynd
  • Lelind
  • Lelend
  • Leelynd
  • Leanna

Similar Names Like Leland

  • Leander
  • Leland
  • Lyle
  • Llewellyn
  • Clancy
  • Linus
  • Oren
  • Alden

Sibling Names for Leland

If you already have a child named Leland, you might be looking for some great sister or brother names that go with it. We’ve compiled some classic names that go together really well with Leland.

Sister Names for Leland

Leland & Zoey
Leland & Winter
Leland & Viviana
Leland & Amelia
Leland & Sara
Leland & Sophia
Leland & Zoe
Leland & Brooklynn
Leland & Iris
Leland & Meadow
Leland & Viviana

Brother Names for Leland

Leland & Ayan
Leland & Jalen
Leland & Houston
Leland & Leighton
Leland & Kyler
Leland & Van
Leland & Reuben
Leland & Otto
Leland & Dexter
Leland & Finnegan

What are middle names for?

It is believed that the Romans were the first civilization to adopt the practice of giving middle names, as documented in historical texts.

In ancient Rome, a person’s identity was essentially established by three names: the praenomen, which served as a personal name; the nomen, which served as a family name; and the cognomen, which served as a distinguishing mark for which branch of the family you belonged, among other things.

According to your colleagues, the higher number of names that were called out for you, the more highly respected you were in their eyes.

This practice of taking a large number of names first began to spread to Western nations in the 1700s. It is still prevalent in different regions of the world today.

To reflect their high social status in society, aristocratic families sought to give their children  lots of middle names, as a sign of their status in society. In the Spanish and Arabic cultures, it is customary tradition to give children paternal or maternal names that have been passed down from previous generations, allowing parents to trace their children’s genealogy back to their ancestors.

With the passage of time, the practice of naming children after deceased family members is carried on, and it is done so in order to ensure that family names are passed down down the generations.

Take Away For Baby Name Leland

Although these are some of my personal favorite names that are compatible with Leland, please bear in mind that this is by no means an exhaustive list of potential matches for this name.

As a result, we hope that it will be useful to you in coming up with a suitable name for your child and that it will inspire some new ideas in your head.