111+ Marvelous Middle Names for Walter

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  • Date: March 18, 2022
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If you’re expecting a child, you undoubtedly have a lot of questions, not to mention things on your To-Do Lists.  Finding a name for your bundle of joy is one of your most important jobs.

Your baby’s name influences how others see him, as well as how he perceives himself. Needless to say, this is a crucial factor to consider! People spend hours exploring Google and baby name books for the best first name for their child. However, if you devote all of your time and attention to selecting a beautiful first name, you may wind up settling for whatever middle name comes along, which is something you don’t want to do!

We’ve saved you the embarrassment of choosing a second rate name for your baby boy Walter. After spending hours researching, saying out loud, we’ve come up with the ultimate list of the best names that go with Walter. We hope you find your perfect name!

What Does The Name Walter Mean?

Walter is a German masculine given name derived from the parts walt- (Proto-Germanic *wald-) “strength,” “brightness,” “forest,” and hari (Proto-Germanic *arja) “warrior” in Old High German.

People believe that the name of their children can have an impact on their future success in life. It can also have a bearing on a child, what their name means. As a result, people often choose names based on their meanings, believing that the meaning of the child’s name may reflect the nature of the child or influence the child later on.

How do you pronounce Walter?

Walter is pronounced as /WAL ter/.

What are middle names for?

According to historical records, the Romans were the first to create the practice of bestowing middle names, which was first mentioned in the fifth century. In ancient Rome, people’s identities were primarily established by three names: the praenomen, which served as a personal name; the nomen, which served as a family name; and the cognomen, which served as a distinguishing mark for the specific branch of the family to which they belonged, among other functions. The more names you had, the better esteemed you were, according to your contemporaries.

The practice of adopting a high number of names began in Western countries during the 1700s and has since grown rapidly. Aristocratic households insisted on giving their children a large number of middle names in order to demonstrate their high social status. 

In the Spanish and Arabic cultures, children are given paternal or maternal names that have been passed down through centuries, allowing parents to trace their children’s ancestors and foremothers back to their own ancestors and foremothers. After some time, the tradition of naming children after deceased family members was maintained in order to ensure that family names be carried down through subsequent generations.

Famous People Called Walter

  • Walter Bender (born 1956), president of One Laptop Per Child Software and Content
  • Walter Bentley (actor) (1849–1927), Scottish-Australian Shakespearean actor
  • Walter Blackman, American politician
  • Walter Braithwaite, British army general
  • Walter Devaram (born 1939), Indian former Director General of Police of Tamil Nadu
  • Walter Day (born 1949), American businessman, musician, and retired video game referee
  • Walt Disney (1901–1966), American film producer, animator and entrepreneur
  • Walter Duranty (1884–1957), Anglo-American journalist
  • Walter Lantz, American animator, cartoonist and film producer
  • Walter Luchetti (born 1937), Italian politician

How Common is the name Walter?

The first name Walter was given to a child in February 1st, 1809, according to the Social Security Administration’s birth record database.

Walter is the world’s 92nd most prevalent name. Between 1880 and 2020, the Social Security Administration recognized 628,272 newborns born in the United States with the first name Walter. With a total of 13,338 infants born in 1918, Walter was the most popular first name.

How to Choose the Perfect Name to go With Walter

The most appropriate middle name for Walter is the one that blends nicely with his first and last names. For example, choose the middle names you want for Walter from the list below and jot them down on a piece of paper.

Say the names out loud with Walter at the start. For example, Walter Aaron.  Remove any names that are strange, bizarre, or difficult to pronounce.

Step 2 should be repeated, but this time include the last name and listen to how it sounds. Delete any further names that don’t sound suitable.

Examine the initials of the remaining names and identify the ones that work particularly well together. Make certain that it does not sound absurd or harsh. Consider Walter for ones that can be given nicknames when they are grouped together.

By the time you are finished with steps 1-4, you will have cut down the selection to a manageable amount of options that will assist you in deciding on the ideal middle name for Walter.

50 Best Middle Names for Walter

Only a tiny selection of ideas are presented here to get your creative juices flowing. Perhaps one of the names mentioned below will turn out to be “the one,” or you may like to investigate some of the names listed below as variations or spin-offs of one of the names listed below. 

1Walter Marvin
2Walter Saul
3Walter Jamison
4Walter Martin
5Walter Moses
6Walter River
7Walter Connor
8Walter Kohen
9Walter Jose
10Walter Brandon
11Walter Gideon
12Walter Santino
13Walter Erik
14Walter Mac
15Walter Beau
16Walter Randy
17Walter Jeremiah
18Walter Henry
19Walter Max
20Walter Marco
21Walter Sawyer
22Walter Thomas
23Walter Caiden
24Walter David
25Walter James
26Walter Nicholas
27Walter Atticus
28Walter Leonardo
29Walter Leighton
30Walter Elliott
31Walter Weston
32Walter Baylor
33Walter Quinton
34Walter Edwin
35Walter Trevor
36Walter Trey
37Walter Joel
38Walter Marshall
39Walter Dalton
40Walter Stephen
41Walter Anthony
42Walter Julien
43Walter Peter
44Walter Brady
45Walter Seven
46Walter Adan
47Walter Kingsley
48Walter Dante
49Walter Ryder
50Walter Maximilian

First Name for Middle Name Walter

If you have already decided on Walter as the middle name you might be looking for the perfect first name as Walter makes a great middle name. We have our top 10 here!

Tanner Walter
Joseph Walter
Mathias Walter
Xander Walter
Sylas Walter
Liam Walter
Kiaan Walter
Wyatt Walter
Ryker Walter
Kane Walter

10 Classic Boy Names That Go Well With Walter

Walter Paul
Walter Anthony
Walter Shane
Walter Christian
Walter Elliott
Walter Jeremy
Walter Christopher
Walter Russell
Walter Eduardo
Walter Marcus

10 Modern Names That Go With Walter

Walter Cedar
Walter Drake
Walter Camden
Walter Dallas
Walter Callum
Walter Fox
Walter Kade
Walter Zane
Walter Robin
Walter Evan

10 Unusual Boy Names That Go With Walter

Walter Ellis
Walter Solar
Walter Oberon
Walter Everest
Walter Benton
Walter Roman
Walter Gray
Walter Peak
Walter Archer
Walter Armstrong

European Names That Match the Name Walter

If you love European names or even have European ancestry we’ve compiled the best Irish, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Polish names to go with Walter.  We’ve kept these spelt in their original authentic way, but you can always update the spelling if you prefer.

7 Irish Boy Names That Go with Walter

Walter Dara
Walter Tadhg
Walter Neil
Walter Diarmuid
Walter Eoin
Walter Niall
Walter Tomas

7 French Names to Go with Walter

Walter Claude
Walter Dieudonné
Walter Gaston
Walter Apollinaire
Walter Philippe
Walter Serge
Walter Jean-Paul

7 Spanish Names That Go Well with Walter

Walter Juan Esteban
Walter Pedro
Walter Lorenzo
Walter Emilio
Walter Martín
Walter Juan Diego
Walter Alonso

7 Italian Names for Walter

Walter Bonaventure
Walter Gallo
Walter Efisio
Walter Gioachino
Walter Fulgenzio
Walter Alvise
Walter Frediano

7 German Names for Walter

Walter Fritz
Walter Heinz
Walter Otto
Walter Günther
Walter Gerhard
Walter Rolf
Walter Harald

7 Polish Names for Walter

Walter Iwo
Walter Alexander
Walter Borys
Victor Hubert
Victor Aleksander
Walter Mieszko
Walter Juliusz

Baby Names of Certain Length

If you have a long or short surname, you might want to choose middle names with just 1, 2 or 3 syllables, we’ve got the best of each to help you choose the best middle name for your child.

7 Names for Walter with 1 Syllable

Walter Kurt
Walter Rome
Walter Sage
Walter Jace
Walter Crew
Walter Zack
Walter Gael

7 Names for Walter with 2 Syllables

Walter Rory
Walter Hunter
Walter Jordan
Walter Randy
Walter Curtis
Walter Nova
Walter Silas

7 Names for Walter with 3 Syllables

Walter Mateo
Walter Orlando
Walter Benjamin
Walter Jonathan
Walter Cameron
Walter Finnegan
Walter Abraham

Names for Walter with the Same Initial

Walter Wesson
Walter Wyatt
Walter William
Walter Will
Walter Wade
Walter Weston
Walter Wilder

7 Names for Walter Starting with A Vowel

Walter Alonzo
Walter Andrew
Walter Ivan
Walter Emiliano
Walter Eli
Walter Eric
Walter Atlas

Nicknames for Walter

Walter is often given the following nicknames:

  • Wally
  • Wallie
  • Walt
  • Walty

Different Ways to Spell Walter

  • Walthari
  • Waltari
  • Walthar
  • Waltar
  • Waltere
  • Waldheri
  • Waldhere
  • Waltheri
  • Walthere
  • Walther
  • Walter
  • Waldher
  • Valter

Similar Names Like Walter

  • Arthur
  • Frederick
  • George
  • Albert
  • Louis
  • Alfred
  • Edward
  • Charles

Sibling Names for Walter

If you already have a child named Walter, you might be looking for some great sister or brother names that go with it. We’ve compiled some classic names that go together really well with Walter.

Sister Names for Walter

Walter & Kate
Walter & Dream
Walter & Vera
Walter & Alexa
Walter & Laila
Walter & Camille
Walter & Danielle
Walter & Charli
Walter & Katherine
Walter & Elaina

Brother Names for Walter

Walter & Jake
Walter & Kolton
Walter & Samson
Walter & Davis
Walter & Noe
Walter & Blake
Walter & Leroy
Walter & Bryant
Walter & Tristen
Walter & Aden

Take Away For Baby Name Walter

Giving your son a middle name that no one else has is an excellent way to distinguish his name in a crowded field. Whether you select one based on religion, family links, or just names you enjoy, you will have a one-of-a-kind present that will make him feel unique. Good luck picking on Walter’s names!