Milky Oatmeal Bath to Help Eczema

  • By: Monica
  • Date: December 19, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Our baby wakes up itching like crazy because of her eczema! Last night, she woke up about a dozen times thanks to her itchy scalp and eyes. I feel SO bad for her. We always make sure that we lotion her entire body with a good moisturizing lotion, generally Aveeno or Aquaphor brands, recommended by her doctor.

We buy the lotions formulated with oatmeal and it makes her skin feel much softer. The rough patches on her skin don’t go away with just lotion though.

I’m finding that keeping her free of dye and scented products AND applying lotion frequently still does not help to cure her skin entirely. Though her eczema significantly improves and her face is no long covered in red, rash-like patches, she still tosses around at night due to itchy skin. I finally broke down tonight and ran her a warm, oatmeal bath. Let me tell you what… It made her skin softer and more moisturized than any product we have tried!

Simple, Mess Free Instructions for Milky Oatmeal Baths

  1. Cut off the foot of a pantyhose.
  2. Fill it with plain oatmeal and tie it off.
  3. Draw warm bathwater while holding the oatmeal filled pantyhose underneath it. This will create a creamy, milky bath instead of having to bathe in actual oatmeal. [Great too, but messy!]
  4. While baby is playing in the water, wash her with the oatmeal filled pantyhose. I ran it over her entire body, including hair.
  5. After washing, leave it in the bottom of the tub.

It leaves the skin very, very soft and soothed while reducing itching and inflammation.

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