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What is Freddie short for

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We all know Freddie is a short form of the name Frederick. But did you know the nickname Freddie can also be a short form for over 60 other names? We go through them in depth here!

The name Freddie can be a diminutive form of any variation of Frederick (male and female) or any of the Germanic names which include ‘Freid’. This Germanic element is seen in many names throughout the world. There is also some old Viking and Anglo Saxon English names that end in Fred like Alfred & Wilfred.

What is the full name for Freddy?

Freddy or Freddie can actually be the short name for over 30 names. They all stem from the same base name Frederick which means peaceful ruler. It is a German name that’s been used in Britain since the Norman invasion.

Freddie or Freddy can be the short name version of any of the following names:

What are some of the other names Freddie can be short for?

Freddie basically stems from 3 branches, Frederick, names ended in Fred and those with Fried in their name.

Alfred & its variations (meaning Elf or Magical Counsel)

which means Sage, Wise. From The Old English Aelfraed. Alfred is a masculine given name of English origin that is a modern descendent of the Anglo-Saxon name Ælfræd, which was created from the Germanic words aelf, which means “elf,” and raed, which means “counsel so it means elf or magical counsel.

Variations of Alfred include:

  • Ælfræd (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Alfréd (Hungarian, Slovakian)
  • Alfred (Catalan)
  • Alfredo (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Alfrēds (Latvian)
  • Alfredas (Lithuanian)
  • Fredo (diminutive of Alfredo)
  • Elfred

Alfred is also known by the feminine form Alfreda, and Alfred’s diminutives include Al, Alf, Alfie, Fred, and Freddy.

Currently, the name Alfred is still often used in a variety of different locations, most notably in the United Kingdom, Africa, Scandinavia, and North America.

Frederic & Its Variations such being Frederick

Frederick is a masculine given name that translates as “peaceful ruler.” ‘Frederick’ is the English translation of the German given name Friedrich. Its meaning is derived from the Germanic word parts frid, which means “peace,” and ric, which means “ruler” or “powerful,” as well as other elements. This name is of Old German origin and has taken many popular varying forms across the world.

Variations of Frederick include:

  • Frederik (Danish, Dutch)
  • Frederig (Breton)
  • Frederic (French name)
  • Fridrik (Croation)
  • Fedrîgh (Emiliano)
  • Fredrick (English)
  • Fredric (English)
  • Fríðrikur (Faroese)
  • Freideríkos (Greek)
  • Frigyes (Hungarian)
  • Friðrik (Icelandic)
  • Feardorcha (Irish)
  • Federigo or Fredo (Italian)
  • Fredrik (Norwegian)
  • Fredek (Polish)
  • Fradique (Portuguese)
  • Fridrih (Russian)
  • Freadaraig (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Fridrih (Serbian)
  • Friderik (Slovenia)
  • Federico (Spanish)
  • Ffredrig (Welsh)
  • Farrokh (Persian)

Friedel and & Friedrick Variations

These all stem from the name Elfriede which is an old Germanic name and means elf-counsel or wise-elf. It’s more popular in the Southern German areas and the modern names include

  • Friedel
  • Friedhelm
  • Friedrich
  • Elfrida

Other Anglo Saxon Names ending in ‘Fred’


Wilfred is a masculine given name that derives from Germanic origins that imply “will” and “peace” (as in the Old English names wil and fri), among other things. During the first decades of the twentieth century, the name was popular in the United Kingdom. [a citation is required] Because they share the same etymological roots, Wilfried and its English form, Wilfrid, are closely linked to Wilfred (Will and Frieden in German).

Variations of Wilfred include:

  • Wilfried
  • Wilfred
  • Wilifred
  • Wilifreda
  • Wilf
  • Wilfredo


Another old Viking name, popularised in Denmark due to the famous King. Variants include

  • Gudfred
  • Göttrick 
  • Godofredus


An old anglo Saxon name, given to both genders meaning friend of peace.


A variation of the Anglo Saxon name Uhtred meaning bold!


A germanic name which Freddie short for meaning strength and peace.

Feminine Names

Women whose names contain the ‘Fred’ part can also be called Freddie, those names include:

  • Frederica (and various french versions)
  • Freda
  • Elfrida
  • Frida
  • Alfreda
  • Friedegard
  • Friedegarde
  • Friederika
  • Frieda
  • Wilfreda
  • Winifred
  • Fredrika

Notable examples of famous people using the pet form Freddie from the name Alfred include:

British Rock Band Queen front singer – Freddie Mercury.

Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara, Persian: فرخ بلساره)   was a British singer-songwriter, record producer and lead vocalist of the rock band Queen. He was known for his flamboyant stage persona and four-octave singing range.

American Singer songwriter – Freddy Jackson

Freddie Jackson (born Frederick Earl Jackson Jr., April 29, 1956) is an American soul and R&B singer-songwriter and musician.

British Actor – Freddie Jones

Freddie Jones (born Frederick Charles Jones, 20 January 1931) is an English actor of stage, screen and television.

American Actress – Freddie Prinze Jr.

Freddie James Prinze Jr. (born March 08, 1976) is an American actor and producer. He is best known for playing the title role in She’s All That (1999) and its sequel; I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Is Freddie a proper name?

Freddie is a proper name. It was originally used as a nickname for Frederick but it has now been accepted as an independent name in its own right.

Is Freddie a good name for a boy?

Freddy is a good name for a boy. It could be used as a nickname for Frederick or Alfred, though the latter would probably not make much sense given that it’s one of the most common names in England! It’s also a great name for a girl!

Is Freddie a girl or a boy?

Freddy is a boy name traditionally but it can also be a girls name. It’s a perfect unisex name which can be both a boy or a girl.

Take Away

Freddie is a name that can be used for both boys and girls. It’s perfect because it’s unisex and has a cool, funky sound to it. Whether you’re looking for a unique name for your child or you just want to pay homage to Freddie Mercury, this is a perfect choice!

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