Why Do Babies Hate Getting Dressed? (Seven Reasons Why)

Why Do Babies Hate Getting Dressed

It’s a question that has puzzled parents for generations: why do babies scream when you are dressing them? It seems like such a simple task – just put a piece of clothing on them and they’re good to go, right? Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy.

Babies are often fussy about getting dressed, and it can be tough to know how to make the process easier for both of you.

Why does baby cry when getting dressed?

Don’t worry, this can be normal and they might be crying for other reasons such as:

They’re uncomfortable or have diaper rash:

One of the main reasons babies don’t like getting dressed is because they’re often uncomfortable in their clothes. They may be too tight, or they may be itchy or scratchy. If your baby is constantly crying when you try to dress them, it might be worth checking to see if they have a rash or other irritation.

If they are worse when it comes to diaper changes it could be because their butts feel sore and they just don’t want their diaper changed! Many babies feel better after applying a barrier cream.

If this is the case when you are changing diaper, check out our article on when baby suddenly hates diaper changes. There are a few ways you can make the process quicker and a lot less painful for your child.

They’re hot or cold:

Babies can get really hot in their clothes, especially during the summer months. If they’re dressed in too many layers or if their clothes are tight, they can overheat quickly.

Babies can also get cold really easily, and it’s not fun to be all bundled up when it’s chilly outside. Tight clothing can make them feel even colder.

Also, the temperature drop feels dramatic when you are changing them or even giving them a diaper change. Their body temperature in young babies can change a lot, so it’s important to be aware of this when dressing them and try and get the process done as quickly as possible. Temperature changes can also account for sudden crying when you are changing a diaper.

They’re being restrained or moved:

Babies hate feeling like they’re being restrained, and that’s exactly what happens when you try to dress them. They may feel confined and uncomfortable, which is why they often cry during the process. Babies can be sensitive to touch and may find the process distressing.

They’re hungry or tired:

Babies can get fussy when they’re hungry or tired, and this can often make them cry when getting dressed. Make sure you feed and nap your baby before trying to dress them!

They feel unwell:

If your baby has a fever or seems to be in pain, they may cry when you try to dress them. This is because they don’t feel well and are uncomfortable. If this is the case, it’s best to let them rest and seek medical attention if necessary.

They’ve just had a warm bath

Babies love baths, but they can sometimes get cranky when they’re done. This is because they’ve just been in a warm environment and are now being exposed to the cold air. It’s not uncommon for babies to cry after a bath – especially if you try to dress them right away!

They don’t want to be dressed:

Finally, sometimes babies just don’t want to be dressed. They might want to just relax or even they want to go and play. This is normal, and you can try again later.

How can you stop babies from screaming when getting dressed?

There are a few things you can do to make the process of dressing your baby easier and less stressful.

First of all remember if your baby hates getting changed, that’s completely normal. I know as new parent you may get very stressed but its important for you to stay calm, even if they are screaming blue murder. They will pick up on your stress and this could make the situation worse.

Try some of these tips:

Be patient:

Babies often cry when they’re getting dressed because it’s a new experience for them and they’re confused or scared. Don’t get frustrated – take your time and be gentle with them.

Talk to them:

Talking to your baby can help calm them down and make the experience less scary. Explain what you’re doing as you go along, and they may even start helping you!

Also ensure you have eye contact with your baby as you’re dressing them, as this will help to reassure them.

Make the process fun:

If possible, try and make the process of getting dressed enjoyable for your baby. Sing a song, tell a story or use a funny voice. This can distract them from any discomfort they may be feeling and make the experience more fun.

Have a few go-to clothes:

If you have a few easy to put on clothes that your baby likes, it will make the process of getting them dressed much easier. This way you don’t have to struggle with buttons or zippers when they’re upset and crying.

Use a diaper changing table:

If you have a diaper changing table, it will make the process of getting your baby dressed much easier. This is because they’re already in a comfortable and familiar position when you start to dress them.

Let them play:

If your baby is happy and relaxed, they’re more likely to let you dress them without a fuss. Play with them before you try to put clothes on them, and they may be more cooperative.

Use distraction:

If your baby is getting upset, try using a toy or some other type of distraction to get their attention. This can help calm them down and make the process easier.

Be consistent:

Babies like routine, and if you dress them the same way every day they’ll get used to it. This will make things less confusing for them and may make them more cooperative.

Ensure Baby’s Clothes are Easy to Change:

If you want to make dressing your baby easier, make sure to choose clothes that are easy to change. Onesies and other simple outfits are a good option, as they can be taken on and off quickly without any fuss. You may also want to avoid tight-fitting clothes or clothing with lots of buttons or zippers.

Make it a game:

If all else fails, try turning getting dressed into a game. Make it fun and exciting, and see who can put on the clothes the fastest!

Dressing a screaming baby can be very frustrating, but with these tips hopefully it won’t be so bad! Just remember to stay calm and patient – and most importantly, have fun!

Lowdown on Why Your Baby Hate Getting Dressed

As frustrating as it can be when your baby cries during dress time, remember that it’s just a phase and it will eventually pass. In the meantime, try to be patient and understanding – after all, it’s not easy for them either!

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