10 Things I Hate About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is truly a beautiful time in life. Your body is creating a new life and that in itself is so amazing and wonderful. As children, we never realized our bodies full potential. But let’s face it. There are definitely uncomfortable changes we have to adjust to during our pregnancy. Here’s a list of my 10 least favorite things about pregnancy.

1. My Emotional Rollercoaster: I am an emotional girl as it is. Now that I’m pregnant I have day-long episodes where I feel extremely angry over something as small as a misplaced item lying on the living room floor. I may be upset for no reason at all. I may feel annoyed and miserable all day long! It’s terrible. Though I have only had about a week worth of these days throughout my entire pregnancy, I do have smaller episodes of anger outbursts too. I have several moments where I could cry at the smallest hint of emotion floating through the air. There could be anything from a really cute baby in the grocery store, a sleeping cat in a window, a pretty natural setting, a romantic song on the radio, someone yelling at me, a bug getting squished, a flower dying, or something meaningless breaking and my eyes instantly flood with tears. I become an emotional wreck! The worst part is that I never know when these emotions will flare-up.

2. Nausea: Now granted that I was pretty lucky during my first trimester and rarely threw up, I did feel nauseous 24/7 for a long 11 weeks. I could hardly eat my meals. I had to skip taking those large, horse-pill, prenatal vitamins in fear I’d throw them up. I did my best to force them down at least every other day. The main thing I was able to stomach was fruit and a little water. Otherwise, I just felt miserable…. Now (at 30wks) the only time I feel nauseous is when I go too long without eating. I have to eat something at least every 5 hours or else I will feel sick. I usually only feel nauseous when I eat an early lunch and then make dinner at the normal time (around 6 pm) or if I stay up too late and forget to eat a late snack. Regardless of how much I suffer from this, I know my experience is much, much better than what I could have ended up experiencing with nausea.

3. Increased Bathroom Frequency: I hate the feeling of having to go to the bathroom… especially when I go to the bathroom and I STILL HAVE TO GO! Sometimes, (like right now!) it’s a never-ending feeling of “Oh my gosh! I have to go to the bathroom so bad!” There is no end. It is amusing for people around me… so I suppose I’m happy to entertain… :/ Haha

4. No Alcohol: It is no fun hanging out with friends who are drinking. I really enjoy drinking (moderately of course ). And I enjoy the occasional nights that consist of cards & beer with friends. I don’t like hanging out with a large group of people, usually single… who are drinking and pointing and laughing at me because I can’t drink with them. I think what bothers me most is the fact that I can’t drink. Though this is annoying, it is definitely worth the sacrifice.

5. Reduction of Fun Activities: The majority of my pregnancy has been during winter. I like ice skating, sledding, skiing, cross-country skiing, etc. I avoided those activities because they were not things I do all the time to begin with and because there’s a large risk of falling and crashing into something. So I didn’t enjoy winter activities to the fullest this past season. Now that the summer is coming I will have to avoid amusement parks and tubing & skiing behind a boat. Again, these things are definitely worth the sacrifice. A positive side to this is that I freed up time to discover many more activities that I like to do.

6. Weight Gain: Let’s just say that I don’t like looking at the scale anymore! Oh Boy!! I never knew I could gain so much weight. So far I have gained 30lbs… and I still have another 10 weeks! Yikes! For a girl, this is just not fair. However, my doctor has told me (numerous times) that it is normal for someone of my body weight (I normally weigh 125lbs) to gain as little as 25lbs up to 40lbs. It’s just weird for me because I haven’t gained weight for over 7 years now. Weight gain=Healthy baby! But it still sucks! As my body gets bigger and bigger, my clothes get smaller and smaller. I still haven’t bought maternity clothes and I don’t plan on it. I just wear dresses with athletic shorts, leggings, longer shirts, jeans with a BeBand and anything I can comfortably squeeze into! My selection of clothes seems to get smaller and smaller everyday… and I don’t like it!

7. No Intense Workouts: I enjoy working out, lifting weights, and running or biking… the whole nine yards! I don’t exercise year round like I should but when I do, I like going all out. So when I found out I was pregnant, of course I hadn’t been working out for a few months. The doctors say you aren’t suppose to do heavy workouts unless you were doing them before. So I’ve been enjoying prenatal yoga workouts instead. These workouts make my body feel so relaxed and stretched out, relieving any minor back pain. But I can’t wait to start really working out again.

8. Bending Over is Difficult: I never knew how hard it could be to bend over and pick something up off the floor. My belly just gets in the way and it feels weird. Whenever I can I ask Mr. Fiancé to help me!

9. Guilt for not Eating Healthy: I feel much more guilty not eating healthy when I’m pregnant than when I’m not pregnant. I do my best to eat healthy dinners (meat, vegetables, milk) but now that my finacé works second shift, I don’t really want to cook an entire meal for myself. It’s too much work not to enjoy it with someone else. So I slack off and make something fast like Macaroni & Cheese, Spaghetti, Ramen Noodles, sometimes a salad… my typical meals throughout college. :/ Not cool.

10. Secondhand Smoke: As if this didn’t already irritate enough before… DON’T SMOKE AROUND PREGNANT WOMEN! It angers me so much that someone could be that selfish to force a baby to inhale that nasty smoke too. That’s all I have to say about this one.Any other things you ladies dislike about pregnancy? Come on, I’m 100% sure there are more complaints out there! Let’s hear them!

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