Baby Steps to Rid the Pacifier




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Here is a list of reasons why the pacifier has got to go!

  1. She is really growing up and big girls do not have pacifiers. This is definitely something I notice when I see newborns in the store with a pacifier. The pacifier is huge on the newborn and super tiny on my one and a half year old daughter’s mouth!!  She doesn’t use a bottle anymore so she shouldn’t have a pacifier. (I mean, come on, I let her carry around her two blankies, pillow, and stuffed animal baby!)
  2. She talks with the pacifier in her mouth. I can barely understand her as is! I do not need a muffler.
  3. Her little girly lips are too cute to hide! Mommy wants to see that pretty smiley face.
  4. She whines about her pacifier mid-conversation usually when it’s in her hand OR MOUTH STILL! She whines,… pacie, pacie, pacie… Obnoxious.
  5. She loses her pacifier a lot. Then will whine some more about it.
  6. She uses two pacifiers at once. Not all the time… but enough times to add it to the list. She is definitely a silly one.

I’ve been thinking about taking away the pacifier for quite some time now. Last night after listening to her whine about her pacie and talk with it in her mouth for a good half hour, I was over it! She set her two pacifiers down and went to grab some books. Guess what I did? I snuck over and stole them. Then I hid them!! Muahahahaa!

Shortly after, she started whining about her pacie again.

You’d think she would have started to cry… but no! She simply repeated what I said, “Pacie go buh bye. Pacie Allllll goooonnnnnnnnnnne.” She said it so stinkin’ cute and then returned to playing with her toys.

Once again, she asked, “Pacie?”
I repeated, “Pacie go buh bye. Pacie all gone!” And she just waved buh bye and said,”Pacie alllll goonnnnnee!”

No whining. No crying. She returned to playing with her toys AGAIN.

I have been repeating this over and over for 24 hours now. She did not need the pacifier for naptime yesterday, bedtime, and naptime again today. She did GREAT!

Today, I also stole my mom’s secret pacie stash at her house and told her my apparently super mean plan to rid the pacifier. I only halfway have her support. Regardless, I’m on a mission. I hope it works!!

Briefing on the baby steps to rid the pacifier:

  1. Steal the pacifier when the toddler is not looking.
  2. Hide it.
  3. Tell the toddler that the pacifier has gone bye bye
  4. Continuously repeat step 4
  5. Pray for the best & don’t let yourself feel guilty!

I will let you know if my plan works permanently in time! 🙂
Best of luck to you!

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