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Baby Mittens for Sleeping

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Every new parent has wondered at some point if it’s safe to let their baby sleep with mittens on. Can mittens keep a baby warm enough during the night? Will mittens make it harder for a baby to breathe?

When it comes to what your baby should wear while sleeping, the National Sleep Foundation recommends soft mittens to protect their delicate skin from scratches. Your newborn’s sharp fingernails can scratch their face during sleep – so this is a helpful precaution!

Affiliate Disclaimer: As an Affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Do Babies Need Baby Mittens?

Do Babies Need Baby Mittens?

Babies do not necessarily need to wear mittens, but they can be helpful in protecting your little one’s hands from the winter cold.

If you live in a cold climate, or if your baby will be spending time outside in the winter cold, it may be a good idea to buy some baby mittens along with a good pair of socks.

They are also helpful in protecting against scratches and other injuries

It’s important to understand that babies have a natural reflex called the Moro reflex. This reflex causes them to open their tiny hands and spread their tiny fingers when they feel startled or surprised.

While this reflex is helpful in some instances as it allows them to grab onto their mother for safety, it can also be dangerous especially if they are asleep.

Babies also have a natural tendency to put everything they can find into their mouths. This includes their hands and fingers.

If they’re able to get a hold of small objects, they can easily choke on them. Baby mittens can help prevent this from happening by keeping your baby’s hands covered and away from their mouth.

In addition to the choking risk, babies also have a tendency to scratch their own cute faces. This is especially true during the teething phase when those little gums are feeling extra sensitive. Baby mittens can help protect your baby’s face from scratches, as well as keep their nails short and tidy.

Can Babies Wear Mittens While Sleeping?

Can Babies Wear Mittens While Sleeping?

Yes, baby mittens are safe to wear even if your babies are asleep. It can be helpful to put mittens on their babies while they are sleeping, as this can help keep their hands warm.

Additionally, wearing protective mittens or scratch mittens can help protect your baby’s face from scratches.

How can I keep my baby safe while wearing Mittens?

It can be tricky to keep a baby safe while they’re wearing mittens, as they can easily pull them off. Parents can try the following tips to help keep their baby safe

  • Make sure the mittens are close-fitting or snug to make sure mittens stay on and prevent mittens falling off easily. You can choose something with as simple elastic or a Velcro closure so they don’t fall off.
  • Avoid using mittens made of materials that can easily tear, such as paper-thin fabric.
  • Check the mittens regularly to make sure they’re still on and haven’t been pulled off. Make sure there are no loose stitches and strings.
  • Avoid leaving the newborn baby unsupervised while wearing baby mittens because they can be a choking hazard if they slip off.
  • Be aware of potential hazards in your home and take precautions to keep the baby safe.
  • Keep an eye on the baby for any signs that they may be struggling or having difficulty with the mittens or gloves.

How Do I Choose the Best Baby Mittens?

How Do I Choose the Best Baby Mittens?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best baby mittens for your infant will depend on a number of factors including their age, size, and personal preference.

However, there are a few things that a mom can keep in mind when choosing baby mittens to purchase or to add to her baby registry. These things will help ensure you pick the best pair for your little one.

First, consider the age of your child. Baby mittens are typically sized according to age, so it’s important to choose a pair that will fit your child as they grow. If you’re not sure what size to get, it’s always better to err on the side of too big rather than too small.

Next, when adding to your baby registry or purchasing baby mittens for your baby, you should think about the fabric and material of the mittens.

Baby mittens are usually made from either cotton, fleece or wool, and both materials have their own benefits.

Waterproof mittens and soft cotton mittens such as the Crummy Bunny Baby Mittens tend to be more breathable, making them ideal for warmer weather. And Crummy Bunny makes some of the most adorable and cutest mittens!

Wool mittens, on the other hand, are better at trapping heat, making them a good choice for colder months.

Finally, take your child’s individual preferences into account. Some children prefer mittens that are loose-fitting or extra roomy, while others prefer a snugger fit. Just make sure you buy something that doesn’t fall off easily.

Moms can also buy mittens along with a baby cap as a set. A good example of this is the Hudson Baby Hats and Scratch Mittens, 7-Piece Set for baby boys and girls.

  • 100% cotton
  • Elastic closures
  • Matching sets

Remember though, babies cannot wear hats when sleeping.

Ultimately, the best baby mittens are the ones that your infants are comfortable wearing.

What Are the Benefits of Babies Sleeping in Mittens?

Babies sleeping with mittens on have several benefits. One of the most important is that it helps keep their hands warm.

Mittens also protect babies from scratching themselves while they are asleep.

Additionally, mittens help prevent infants from grabbing things they should not be touching while they are sleeping.

  1. Mittens keep babies’ hands warm while they sleep.
  2. Newborns’ fingernails can be sharp and when babies scratch their faces, they might end up with scratches. A mitten can protect babies from scratching themselves while they are asleep. Scratching of faces while asleep is pretty common with babies with eczema and other skin conditions.
  3. A mitten can help in preventing newborns to grab things as they should not be touching while they are sleeping.
  4. Newborn babies who sleep with mittens on tend to have better hand-eye coordination skills when they wake up.
  5. Mittens help babies self-soothe when they are fussy or teething.
  6. Mittens can be used as a gentle form of restraint for babies who are active sleepers.
  7. Mittens can help minimize the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by keeping babies’ faces uncovered while they sleep.

What Are Good Baby Mitten Alternatives to Help Babies Sleep?

There are many different types of mittens that can help baby sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using a wearable blanket or onesies with mitten cuffs instead of actual mittens to keep a baby warm at night.

If you choose to use mittens, the AAP recommends using cotton or fleece mittens, or ones with strings to keep them attached to the baby’s clothing.

Mittens can help prevent a baby from scratching their face or getting their fingers stuck in the crib. Some parents also find that mittens help their babies sleep by keeping their hands warm. If you are using mittens to help your baby sleep, be sure to check them regularly to make sure they are not too tight or too loose.

When Should the Baby Stop Wearing Mittens?

When Should the Baby Stop Wearing Mittens?

There is no definitive answer to this question as every baby is different. Some babies may stop needing mittens as early as 6 months old, while others may need them for longer. It is important to pay attention to your baby’s cues and adjust accordingly.

Remember that as baby grows, they become increasingly uncomfortable wearing mittens.

If your newborn baby seems to be having trouble using their hands or keeping them warm, it may be time to stop using mittens.

Ultimately, you don’t need to worry because you will know when the time is right for your baby.

Do Mittens Affect Baby Development?

There is no clear evidence that mittens have any effect on baby development. Some parents choose to put mittens on their babies to prevent them from scratching their faces or getting their hands dirty, but there is no scientific evidence to suggest that mittens have any impact on baby development. However, you can always talk to your pediatrician for advice.

Take Away on Should Babies Wear Mittens When Sleeping

Baby sleep with mittens on is a great way to keep your baby’s hands warm and prevent them from scratching their face. It also prevents them from putting their hands in their mouth, which can help reduce the risk of getting sick. If you’re looking for a way to keep your baby comfortable and safe while they sleep, consider using mittens as part of your bedtime routine.

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