Baby Names Meaning God is Faithful: Biblical and Religious Names for Boys and Girls





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Looking for a baby name that is both biblical and religious? Check out our list of baby names meaning “God is faithful.” These names come from a variety of religious backgrounds, making them perfect for any family.

Whether you are looking for a name that reflects your own religious beliefs or simply want to choose a beautiful and meaningful name, these baby names are sure to please!

Gender-neutral Baby Names Meaning Faith

If you’re looking for a gender-neutral name, search no more. All these names mean faith can belong to any baby.

  1. Ariya (Sanskrit origin): meaning noble, an Ariya is someone who has achieved one of the levels of holiness in Buddhism
  2. Chibuike (Igbo origin): God is my strength
  3. Christian (English origin): a Christian. Also spelled Christiane
  4. Daijon (American origin): God’s gift of hope
  5. Dillon (Irish origin): This baby name meaning loyal is also often spelled Dylan (see Middle names for Dylan)
  6. Iman (Arabic origin): faith
  7. Kit (English origin): follower of Christ. Often used as a nickname for Christopher
  8. Tinashe (Shona origin): we are with God’s answers prayers
  9. Tumelo (Tswana/Sotho origin): faith
  10. Zhen (Mandarin Chinese origin): A name which can mean either genuine or loyal depending on the hanzi used to write it,  this short and sweet baby name can also mean precious

Baby Boy Names Meaning Faith Around the World

  1. Amnon (Hebrew origin)
  2. Amin (Arabic origin): trustworthy, faithful.
  3. Besim (Albanian origin): faith, trust.
  4. Devdas (Sanskrit, Hindi origin): servant of the Gods.
  5. Emmanuel (Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese origin): God is with us; faith in God. See names that go with Emmanuel.
  6. Hanif (Arabic origin): true believer.
  7. Olufemi (Yoruba origin): God loves me.
  8. Fidel (Spanish origin): faithful.
  9. Gilchrist (Scottish origin): servant of Christ.
  10. Malone (Irish origin): devoted to St John.
  11. Matthan (Israeli origin): hope of the Lord.
  12. Nobu (Japanese origin): trust, faith.
  13. Rutendo (Shona origin): faith.
  14. Salah (Arabic origin): peace through faith.
  15. Sachin (Hindi origin): true.
  16. Setiawan (Indonesian origin): true and loyal.
  17. Toivo (Finnish; Estonian origin): hope, faith.
  18. Umed (Indian origin): hope and faith.
  19. Usko (Finnish; Swedish origin): faith.
  20. Truman (English origin): faithful man. This name belonged to the author Truman Capote.
  21. Zinedine (Arabic origin): beauty of the faith. French footballer Zinedine Zidane has made this name famous.
  22. Malcolm (Scottish origin): devoted to St. Colomba. See names that go with Malcolm
  23. Theodore (Greek origin): gift of God. Often shortened to Theo. See Names that go with Theodore
  24. Timothy (English origin): honouring God. See meaning of the name Timothy
  25. Ezekiel (Hebrew origin): God’s strength. This Hebrew name belongs to a Biblical prophet. See names like Ezekiel

Baby Girl Names That Mean Faith Around the World

  1. Amista (Chomorro): loyalty
  2. Creda (English): faith
  3. Eliana (Hebrew): God has answered See Names that go with Eliana
  4. Fidelia (Spanish): faithful
  5. Leala (French): faithful
  6. Mumina (Arabic): believer
  7. Nadine (French): hope
  8. Nita (Indian): faithful one
  9. Sanna (Swedish): true
  10. Solange (French; Latin): religious. The name of a saint
  11. Violet (English): Although its real meaning is a plant name, this purple flower is a symbol of faith. See meaning of the name Violet
  12. Amina (Arabic): trustworthy, faithful
  13. Ashia (Arabic): life and hope
  14. Datyah (Hebrew): belief in God
  15. Eiddwen (Welsh): hoped-for
  16. Elvira (Spanish): true
  17. Emmanuella (Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese): God is with us; faith in God
  18. Hanifa (Arabic): true believer
  19. Nakia (Egyptian Arabic): faithful and pure
  20. Trinh (Vietnamese): loyal and faithful

What Names Mean Blessed by God?

What Names Mean Blessed by God?

When it comes to naming your child, you want to choose a name that will carry them through life with strength and honor. You want a name that will make them feel confident and proud.

Some of the most popular names are: Mary, Elizabeth, Anna, Sarah, Jane, Esther and Naomi. These are all biblical names that mean “blessed by God” or “God has favored me”.

Here are some other names with the same meaning:








What Names Mean God’s Gift?

Girl Names:


When you’re holding your prized possession, you should refer to it as such. Darina is a Slavic girl’s name that literally means “gift.”

Doris/ Dory

Doris is a short form of Dorothea. It’s a Greek name that means “Gift of God”.


Gia is one of the more elegant and distinctive short names for a baby girl. It comes from the Italian language and means “God’s gracious gift.”


Mercedes is a name associated with elegance, prosperity, and charity in Spain. It signifies “generous presents; advantages.” See Names that go with Mercedes


Nasia is a lovely Hebrew name meaning “God’s miracle.”


Shia, which means “gift of God” in Hebrew, might easily be abbreviated to Shi. It’s also gender-neutral, which is a nice feature.


Behati is an African name for baby girl that translates to “blessing” in Afrikaans.

Boy Names:


Barke is a baby boy name that comes from Africa particularly in Arabic and Swahili-speaking countries. Barke’s meaning is ‘blessings.’ Berke is spelled Barke as an alternative spelling.


Nat and Nate are some of the nicknames for this name. It is a boy’s name that comes from the Hebrew language. Nathaniel is a biblical name that meaning “gift of God” and has a respectful ring to it. Hebrew roots are often at the base of religious names. See Names that go with Nathaniel


The name Theo conjures up images of a brash and inventive adolescent. Namberry stated that he will be a “gift from God,” which is a blessing, to fit the name’s meaning, which comes from the Greek language.


Jonathan is a Hebrew boy name that means “gift of Jehovah”, Jon which means God and than which means give., and God’s chosen king, David, became best friends with Jonathan in the Bible. See Names that go with Jonathan


Every baby is a “gift of God,” but Mateo, which comes from the Spanish language, means “gift of God.” Despite the fact that it isn’t a particularly long name, you can come up with adorable nicknames for your baby gift, such as Teo or Mat. See Names that go with mateo


Matthew, like Mateo is a baby boy name that means “gift of God,” but it is a Hebrew name. Matthew was an apostle in the Bible, and he wrote the New Testament book that bears his name. See Middle names that go with Matthew


Dillon is an irish name which means faithful, and whilst traditionally a male name in Ireland it is more often now used as a feminine name or unisex name. See Names that go with Dylan

Names That Mean God Answers Prayers

Names That Mean God Answers Prayers

If you’re looking for a name that represents your faith, consider one of these biblical baby names meaning “God answers prayers.” or God Hears, Gift from God these are great old testament names with that literal meaning.

-Caleb: Hebrew for “faithful” See names like Caleb

-Hannah: Hebrew for “grace” or “favor” See Names that go with Hannah

-Eliana: Hebrew for “my God has answered prayer” (perfect for baby girls)

-Matthias: Greek for “gift of God” see names like Matthias

-Nathaniel: Hebrew for “God has given” See names like Nathaniel

-Michael: Hebrew for “who is like God?” See meaning of the name Michael

-Gabriel: Hebrew for “God is my strength” See meaning of the name Gabriel

-Elijah: Hebrew from the Hebrew Eliyahu, meaning “my God is Jehovah” see meaning of the name Elijah

-Joshua: Hebrew for “Jehovah is salvation” See meaning of the name Joshua

-Isaiah: Hebrew for “God is salvation” see meaning of the name Isaiah

-Diosdado – A lovely Spanish name for baby boys meaning Given by God.

These are just a few of the many beautiful baby names with religious meaning. To make them more modern you can try alternate spelling

Modern Baby Names That Mean Faith

Modern Baby Names That Mean Faith

With these modern baby names, you can give your baby girl and boy a meaningful name.


This is one of the most modern baby names for girls meaning good victory. It’s Greek, and was originally used to describe a virtuous woman.


Verity is actually a name that means “faithfulness, truth.” The idea of faithfulness and truth are huge when it comes to God, so it makes sense why you would use this as a name for your baby girl.


Trudy is one of the most unique baby girl names that comes from a German origin. It means “faithful” or “woman of strength.” The name is often used as a cute nickname for Gertrude.


This charming name has two origins. It is both a Hawaiian name meaning “precious” as well as an English name meaning “faithful.”


This name comes from the Latin name and means faithful. It is a great unisex name but the girl name is often given as Constance.


This is a beautiful Italian name which means God.


A beautiful English name of Latin origin which means someone who believes in God.

Final Thought: It’s up to Your Faith

Names that mean “God is Faithful” or “Blessed by God” are ideal for a child because they carry with them the strength and honor of God and God’s faithfulness. These baby names also give your child a sense of confidence and pride, knowing that their name was chosen specifically by you to bless them.

Many of these names derive from a Greek Word or a Latin word but they are now very common in many english speaking countries.

Ultimately, what you decide to name your child is entirely up to you. We hope that our list of baby names that mean Blessed by God helps inspire you to find just the right one for your child, cousin, or friend.

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