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Names are a big deal when it comes to starting your family.

There’s something unique and interesting about palindrome baby names. So when you name your child a palindrome name, it’s like giving them a name that can be read both ways.

And since palindrome names are part of the pop culture, it’s a truly special and one-of-a-kind choice for your little one.

These names are all words that are spelled backwards, and they make for totally adorable baby names. From the traditional sounding “Nolan” to the more unusual “Harper,” there’s bound to be a backward name that’s perfect for your little one.

So if you’re looking for something different, be sure to check out these baby names that are words spelled backwards.

Unique and Unisex Palindrome Names

Unique and Unisex Palindrome Names

A palindrome is a word or phrase that is spelled the same backward as it is forwards such as “madam” or “racecar”. Unique and unisex palindrome names are the perfect choice for parents who want a name that is both beautiful and meaningful.

Whether you’re about to give birth to a child or have twins, or have adopted and are looking for unisex names, finding unisex palindromes is a fun but funny endeavor. I’m sure you’ll find at least one palindrome name for your child.

Here is my list of unisex palindromic names that could make the perfect baby name for a boy or girl:

1. BB (English origin) this cute short unisex name can be used as a nickname or a given baby name.

2. Efe (West African) means “wealth”.

3. Hallah (Jewish origin) means “beauty” or “sweet”.

4. Immi( Swiss origin) means “daughter” or “innocence”.

5. Isi (American origin) means “deer”.

6. Kanak (Sanskrit origin) means “gold”.

7. Laval (French origin) means “city in Quebec”.

8. Maram (Arabic origin) means “wish”.

9. Malayalam (Indian origin) means “an Indian dialect”.

10. Nauruan (Narau origin) means”the language of Nauru”.

11. Noon (Arabic origin) means “sword blade”.

12. Pip (English origin) means “friend of horses”.

13. Redder (English origin) means “more red in color”.

14. Senones (French origin) means “ancient people from France”.

15. Williw (English origin) this cute name is a unisex variant of Willow. See Names that go with Willow

Palindrome Names for Baby Girl

Palindrome Names for Baby Girl

Popular palindrome names for girls are not only beautiful, but they also have a unique quality that sets them apart from other names.

Many palindrome names are also easy to pronounce, which makes them ideal for baby girls. In addition, palindrome names can be spelled different ways depending on the parent’s preference.

If you’re looking for a beautiful and unique name for your baby girl, consider one of these popular palindrome names:

  1. Ada – Hebrew, denotes “adorned” and Latin, meaning “of noble birth” see meaning of the name Ada
  2. Aidia – Spanish for “help”
  3. Ailia – Irish name for girl “light”
  4. Aisia – Arabic for “life”
  5. Aja – Hindi for “conqueror”
  6. Ala – Arabic for “excellence” or “supremacy”
  7. Aleela – Swahili for “she cries”
  8. Alla – Russian for “other”
  9. Alyla – Sanskrit for “interest”
  10. Ama – African for “born on a Saturday”
  11. Ana – Chinese for “peace”
  12. Anana – African for “soft” or “gentle”
  13. Anina – German for “grace” and Sanskrit, meaning “feeble”
  14. Anna – Hebrew for “gift of God’s favor” and Dutch, meaning “bringer of peace/hope” see Names that go with Anna
  15. Ara – Arabic for “embellishing”
  16. Arora – An alternative spelling of Aurora; Latin, meaning “dawn” see names like Aurora
  17. Asa – Japanese for your daughter “born in the morning”
  18. Ava – Latin for “blooming” or birdlike” and Hebrew, meaning “life” See middle names that go with Ava.
  19. Aviva – Hebrew for “springtime”
  20. Aya – Hebrew for “colorful” or “bird”
  21. Aziza – Arabic for “beloved” or “mighty”
  22. Ede – Old English for “expensive gift”
  23. Elle – French for “woman” or “girl” see Middle names that go with Elle
  24. Emme – German for “strength”
  25. Eve – Hebrew for “life” See meaning of the name Eve.
  26. Habibah – Arabic for “loved one”
  27. Halah – Arabic for “halo”
  28. Hannah – Hebrew for “God is merciful” or “graceful one” see meaning of the name Hannah
  29. Ireri – Mexican for “the one who lives”
  30. Itati – Guarani for “stone”
  31. Ivi – Old English for “vine”
  32. Izzi – An alternative spelling for Izzy; Hebrew for “God’s promise”
  33. Layal – Arabic for “nights”
  34. Lil – Latin for “a flower”
  35. Maram – Arabic for “wish” or “desire”
  36. Viv – Latin for “living” or “lively”

Palindrome Names for Baby Boys

Aba – African, “born on Thursday”

Aca – Ancient Greek, “defending men”

Aoloa – Hawaiian, “distinguished person”

Aza – Arabic, “powerful”

Bob – Old English, “bright and famous”

Davad – An alternative spelling for David; Hebrew, “beloved”

Ebbe – Old English, “brave, strong boar”

Efe – Turkish, “older brother

Eze – African, “king”

Iggi- African, “only son”

Jalaj – Indian, “lotus flower”

Kerek – Hungarian, “wheel”

Kilik – Old English, comes from the Kilik family

Naman – Hebrew and Hindi, “salutations” or “be kind”

Nan – English, “gracious” and Hebrew, “full of grace”

Natan – Hebrew, “gift of God”

Navan – Hindu, meaning “champion”

Neven – Irish, “little Saint” or “holy”

Nirin – Thai, meaning “eternal”

Nolon – An alternative spelling for Nolan; Irish, meaning “famous” or “noble”

Odo – Scandinavian, meaning “rich”

Okko – Irish, meaning “God spear” or “champion warrior”

Otto – German, meaning “wealthy”

Rayar – Hindu, meaning “way of heaven”

Reinier – German, meaning “deciding warrior”

Longest Palindrome Names for Girls

Although there aren’t many long palindrome names for girls, these options all include five letters or more. Pronunciation is crucial when it comes to longer palindrome names.

Most of these names for girls have two-syllables and spell with three vowels.

See if you can discover the pronunciation in the original language and apply it, or give the name a new spin with English pronunciation.

  1. Abeba (ah-bay-bah): East African origin, means “flower”
  2. Aidia (eye-dee-hu): Spanish origin, means “help”
  3. Ailia (ay-lee-uh): Irish origin, means “light”
  4. Aleela (uh-lee-luh): Swahili origin, means “she cries”
  5. Anana (uh-non-uh): African origin, means “soft”
  6. Anina (a-NEE-na): German origin, means “grace”
  7. Aviva (a-VEEV-a): Hebrew origin, means “spring”
  8. Aziza (uh-zeez-uh): Arabic origin, means “powerful”
  9. Eevee: Variant of Evie, a Pokemon reference that makes an amazing palindrome fantasy name
  10. Habibah (hah-bee-bah): Arabic origin, means “beloved”
  11. Halah (hay-luh): Arabic origin, means “nimble”
  12. Havah (hah-vah): Hebrew origin, means “to breathe”
  13. Hayah (hay-uh): Arabic origin, means “life”
  14. Ireri (ear-air-ee): Mexican origin, means “princess”
  15. Itati (ah-tay-tee): Guarani origin, means “white rock”
  16. Layal (luh-yawl): Arabic origin, means “nights”
  17. Maham (muh-hahm): Arabic origin, means “our moon”
  18. Yanay (yuh-n-eye): English from Slavic origin, means “God is gracious”

Names That are Words Backwards

Names That are Words Backwards

Apart from avoiding a few baby names that remind parents of persons they may have met but disliked, as well as other children in the family and friends’ children, new parents must also consider how a name would sound when combined with the surname.

The choice of a child’s name is quite significant. This is going to be their identity for the rest of their lives, so it better be nice. Many of the palindrome baby names were most likely inspired by the word formed by reversing the letters in the name.

After all, giving a reverse name to a child from palindrome words, add an extra layer of meaning to the communication as they become older.

  1. Nevaeh – word heaven spelled backwards. For example, in the year 2000, singer Sonny Sandoval named his daughter Nevaeh.
  2. Leon – Noel spelled backwards; Noel is a French baby name that has been given to baby boys and girls born on Christmas since the Middle Ages.
  3. Nevar – Raven’s backwards spelling, a beautiful name for a girl with black hair
  4. Yensid – Disney inspired baby name
  5. Nacirema – American is for babies born in America
  6. Traeh – from the word heart means babies come from a place of love, warmth, and happiness
  7. Adaven – Nevada is a baby name inspired by the state’s mountainous landscape.
  8. Emil – Lime after the fruit.
  9. Evan – nave is the long central part of a church. See the meaning of the name Evan.
  10. Legna — Not just a backward spelling, but also means “wood” in Italian.

Backward Names with Hidden Meanings in Reverse

Are you looking for a unique baby name with a hint of mystery? Not mystery, but meanings, other names, and words when you read the name backward.

When viewed in reverse, they can reveal a variety of information and help to add an additional layer of meaning to a baby name.

Names that are spelled backward can hide a secret denotation:


Avon is a vintage classic that we should bring back into use. The name derives from Celtic and means “river.” What a lovely nature name! When you flip Avon around, you get Nova, a gender-neutral name with Latin origins that means “new.”


Kat Von D, a celebrity tattoo artist, named her son Leafar after his father, Rafael Reyes.


Evan is the preferred Welsh form of John, which means “God is gracious.”


Milo is a Germanic name derived from the Latin word miles, which means “soldier,” and it is more popular in the United States today than it has ever been. Milo spelt backwards to Olim, a Latin word that means “once” or “formerly” and also refers to immigration. See first name for middle name Milo.


Angel is a perennial favorite among Hispanic parents to name baby boys. Angel is a Spanish and English word that means exactly what you think it means. When you spell Angel backwards, you get “legna,” which is an Italian word for “wood.” See names that go with Angel.


Aidan is a very popular name among English-speaking people. It has long been a top 500 name in the United States. It has Irish origins and means “little and fiery,” and while it is almost exclusively given to boys, its inverse is given to girls. Nadia is a Slavic name that translates as “hope.” See good middle names for Aidan.


Ravi is a Hindu sun god’s title that means “conferring”. Ivar, which is Ravi spelled backwards, is a top 100 name in Sweden. Iver is a Norse name that means “yew wood” or “archer.”


Issac is a popular Hebrew name, and even this alternate spelling has made the top 1000 list of baby names in the United States since records began. Issac is a Greek name for boys that means “laughter,” and Cassi is a Greek name for girls that means “shining.” See the meaning of the name Isaac.


Wolf is a German name derived from the obnoxious-sounding Wolfgang. When you read Wolfgang backwards, it means “traveling wolf.” The word “flow” comes to mind.

Backwards Names From Pop Culture


Made headlines in Malta when a parent used it to treat her autistic son. Now its popularity is spreading worldwide in the internet.


Gains popularity from Sherlock’s younger sister when it was on the screens last year in a Netflix movie based on Nancy Springer’s novels. It’s the mirror image of “alone”, which could suggest independence and uniqueness.


This name referring to the English football (soccer) team Arsenal over the years. Sometimes they keep the secret from their partner, other times they don’t.


This name saw a tiny spike of use in 2002, thanks to a reality show contestant named after her grandmother Helen.


Baseball player Nomar Garciaparra was named after his dad, Ramon.


This James-flip has been given to hundreds of boys and girls. A big inspiration is a Jamaican psychologist and motivational speaker Leahcim Semaj, whose birth name was Michael James.

Takeaway: Fun Way to Honor Your Child’s Future in the Opposite Direction

While many would-be parents look for first names that are spelt forwards, it is just as fun to find names that you can spell backwards and uncover new meanings behind your child’s name.

Many of these names can be spelled backwards and with that spelling, you would find the hidden meaning or message. Almost every name has a hidden meaning in reverse.

And this is not to say that all babies should be named according to their spelling. But it’s always fun to know the significance of babies name you might want to give to your baby.

Whether you choose for their full name, or their nicknames, there are plenty of well known names which can be read forward or backwards!

These baby names that are spelled backwards are helpful in expanding your choices when choosing a name for your child. So any time you see a name you like but doesn’t spell right, just look at it backward and you might find the perfect fit!

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