Can Eating Oranges Cause Diaper Rash?




Can Eating Oranges Cause Diaper Rash

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Can oranges cause diaper rash in babies? The answer is yes and no. They are acidic and can cause a red rash on the skin and mouth of your baby. While they do not generally require medical attention, just take them in moderation and don’t over do it.

You can also give your baby small portions of other fruits and vegetables. However, remember that one cup of oranges is plenty once a week.

Are oranges healthy for babies?

Yes. Oranges are high in vitamin C, which boosts a baby’s immune system and improves iron absorption from plant foods such as beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds.

Oranges also provide several B vitamins (including folate), beta carotene (which converts to vitamin A), and a variety of other plant components such as carotenoids and phenols.

When can babies eat oranges?

Oranges, unlike bananas, pears, or melons, are citrus fruit with a pulpy, stringy texture. These variables influence when and how you should feed your baby for the first time.

The most typical age recommended for citrus fruit introduction is around 12 months. Before introducing oranges, make sure your kid is mature enough and capable of eating. Although clinicians no longer advise delaying a child’s exposure to foods in order to prevent allergies.

In reality, it appears that eating some meals earlier may help prevent some reactions. The concern with oranges and other citrus fruit is not just possible allergies, but also a reaction to the acidity and the risk of choking.

Can a baby be allergic to oranges?

Allergy to proteins in orange can cause severe reactions in some people. There is evidence that the primary allergens causing serious allergic reactions to orange are contained within the fruit’s seed—and, while rare, chewing the seeds may be responsible for allergic reactions.

There have also been cases of orange consumption causing eczema. Many oranges are acidic as well as delicious, and the acid in citrus fruit can create a mild rash on the skin of your little one, usually around the mouth. It normally disappears quickly once it appears.

Begin by offering a tiny portion for the first couple of servings, just as you would with any new dish. If there is no negative reaction, gradually increase the amount over subsequent meals.

How do oranges cause diaper rashes?

In some cases, eating oranges triggers diaper rash. Oranges and orange juice are more prone to cause diaper rash in children than other fruits, such as bananas, due to their acidic nature. While they are not a common cause, you should keep an eye out for any reactions to these foods because your little one might develop a diaper rash because of acidic poop.

If your child enjoys fruit, as most do, try to limit how much they eat. They should only drink one eight-ounce glass of orange juice per day. If this causes diaper rash, dilute it half with water.

Avoid Too Much Acidic Food

Most toddlers love fruit even the more acidic citrus fruits like oranges and strawberries. When you introduce solid foods like fruits to your baby’s diet, it might cause some reaction since certain foods can be considered an allergen.  

For example, terribly acidic fruit has been linked to causing diaper rash especially to babies prone to developing inflamed skin and irritation.

New foods and acidic foods can change the pH balance of your baby’s stool. This could exacerbate your baby’s diaper rashes if she already has them. So, be cautious and careful when changing your little one’s diet (especially if she has frequent diaper rashes) because adding more solid foods could lead to more severe reactions like serious pain and another unpleasant event.

Treat Diaper Rash Cause by Oranges

If you notice that your baby is having diaper rash after eating oranges, stop giving it to her and consider stopping other foods that are considered acidic like tomatoes, even strawberries can cause rash. Maybe switch to less acidic fruit like cantaloupe.

Frequent diaper changes also help because it minimizes the exposure of your baby’s bottom to urine or stool.

Consider applying a thick layer of barrier cream or ointment that contains zinc oxide in the diaper region at every diaper change.

If you notice that your baby is in serious pain, has diarrhea for days or the rash has become worse, consult your doctor right away.

The Bottom Line

It is important to eat oranges because they are high in vitamin C which boosts a baby’s immune system and improves iron absorption from plant-based foods.

However, it is advised that parents introduce citrus fruits gradually into the diet of your little one at around 12 months old or older due to the risk of choking on seeds or reactions caused by allergies like developing a diaper rash. This will also help their digestive system adapt to a new diet.

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