Classical Music Baby Names: From Bach to Vivaldi




Classical Music Baby Names From Bach to Vivaldi

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Whether you are looking for a name that is classic and timeless, or unique and interesting, we have something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this list of beautiful classical music baby names!

Classical Music Baby Names:



Meaning: “famous warrior”

Origin: German

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827) One of the most renowned classical music composers in history, Ludwig van Beethoven’s music has inspired plenty of baby names. The most popular include Ludwig, Beethoven, and Luka


Meaning: “man from Sebaste”

Origin: Greek

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750) Johann Sebastian Bach is a music composer whose name has been used as a first or middle name for babies. Some of the most popular Bach-inspired names include Bach, Johann, and Joaquin. See meaning of the name Sebastian.



 Meaning: “loves God”

Origin: Latin

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most famous classical music composers in history. Some of the most popular Mozart-inspired names include Wolf, Wolfgang and Deus.


Meaning: “the Lord is gracious”

Origin: Hebrew

Johannes Brahms (1833–1897) Johannes Brahms was a German composer and pianist. His name has been used as a first or middle name for babies. Some of the most popular Brahms-inspired names include John, Hans, and Johan.



Meaning: “wagon-maker”

Origin: German

Richard Wagner (1813–1883) Richard Wagner was a German composer, conductor, and theatre director. His name has been used as a first or middle name for babies. Some of the most popular Wagner-inspired names include Richard, Dick, and Ricky.


Meaning: “bright fame”

Origin: German

Robert Schumann (1819–1896) Robert Schumann was a German composer and pianist. His name has been used as a first or middle name for babies. Some of the most popular Schumann-inspired names include Bob, Bobby, and Roberto.



 Meaning: “clear, bright”Clara Meaning: “clear, bright”

Origin: Latin

Clara Schumann (1819–1896) Clara Schumann was a German musician and composer. She was the wife of composer Robert Schumann and one of the most famous female composers in history. Some of the most popular Clara-inspired names include Claire, Clarissa, and Clarice. See Names that go with Clara.


Meaning: “rock”

Origin: Greek

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840–1893) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was a Russian composer. His name has been used as a first or middle name for babies. Some of the most popular Tchaikovsky-inspired names include Peter, Pyotr, and Ilyich 



Meaning: “from the farm by the spring”

Origin: Old English

Sir William Walton (1902–1983) Sir William Walton was an English composer. His name has been used as a first or middle name for babies. Some of the most popular Walton-inspired names include Will, Bill, and Billy.


 Meaning: “a quart of liquid”

Origin: French

Frédéric Chopin (1809–1849) Frédéric Chopin was a Polish composer. His name has been used as a first or middle name for babies. Some of the most popular Chopin-inspired names include Fred, Freddie, and Frederick.



Meaning: “vivid”

Origin: Italian

Antonio Vivaldi (1678–1741) Antonio Vivaldi was an Italian composer and violinist. His name has been used as a first or middle name for babies. Some of the most popular Vivaldi-inspired names include Tony, Antonio, and Viva.


 Meaning: “artist”

Origin: Welsh

Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872–1958) Ralph Vaughan Williams was an English composer. His name has been used as a first or middle name for babies. Some of the most popular Vaughan-inspired names include Ralph, Vinnie, and Williams.



Meaning: “supplanter”

Origin: Italian

Giacomo Puccini (1858–1924) Giacomo Puccini was an Italian composer. His name has been used as a first or middle name for babies. Some of the most popular Puccini-inspired names include James, Jim, and Jimmy.

Musical Baby Names Inspired by Musican Terms

If you’re a music lover, you may want to consider looking to the world of music for inspiration when it comes to naming your baby.

There are a variety of names derived from musical terms that would make unique and beautiful names for a child.

  1. Allegro (Italian Origin) – a musical term meaning ‘to be performed at a quick speed”.
  2. Alto(Latin Origin)one of the names taken from the highest adult male singing voice.
  3. Arietta – comes from the Italian word for “air” or “melody”; a musical term that describes a short, simple melody. Arietta as a baby name is said to represent music, joy, and happiness.
  4. Bene – a Italian word that means “well” or “good,” used as a direction in sheet music, telling the performers to play in a particularly good way
  5. Brio – is a term used to describe liveliness and vigor, and it makes for a beautiful and unique baby name.
  6. Carol (English Origin) – named after a Christmas Carol.
  7. Clef – gender-neutral name of French origin that means musical symbol denoting pitch.
  8. Diva (Latin Origin) – one of the sassy names meaning female opera singer or sometimes called prima donna
  9. Fantasia(Latin Origin) – an improvised musical composition.
  10. Melody (Greek origin) – A linear sequence of notes the listener hears as a single entity.
  11. Harmony – comes from the Greek Harmonia, which means “joint, agreement.”
  12. Dorian – a mode in music, which means it has a set sequence of notes that create a distinct sound; it was particularly popular in the medieval period.
  13. Freddo – a common Italian word meaning “cold.”
  14. Glissando – a musical term used to describe a smooth, sliding scale, often used on stringed instruments, but can also be applied to other instruments such as the piano and flute.
  15. Harp – a term that describes a family of stringed instruments that have been played for centuries; word itself comes from the Old English “hearpe”, which means “to pluck.”
  16. Jazz (English Origin) – Often used as a nickname, Jazz is a genre of music.
  17. Legato – derived from Italian or Latin this term in music “legato” refers to a smooth, uninterrupted sound.
  18. Libretto – the Italian word “libro” for “booklet,” and it’s often used to refer to the text of an opera or other musical work.
  19. Lyric (Latin Origin) – a fairly unique baby name deeply rooted in musical meaning, “the words of a song.”
  20. Note – refer to both a musical sound and the written symbol that represents it.
  21. Omaggio – typically a boy’s name, this term refers to a homage or tribute, and it can make a beautiful name for your little one.
  22. Opus – means “work.” It’s a great choice for parents who want their child’s name to reflect their love of music or the arts.
  23. Quintus – Latin musical term “quintus” refers to the fifth member of a musical ensemble, typically – but not always – playing the highest melody.
  24. Reed – In music, a reed is a thin strip of material that vibrates to produce a sound.
  25. Reggae – is a musical genre that originated in Jamaica characterized by a strong bassline, offbeat rhythms, and call-and-response vocals.
  26. Selah (Hebrew Origin) – a musical direction in the Hebrew Bible.
  27. Serenade (Italian Origin) – a song played in the open air.
  28. Sonore – French word meaning “sound.”
  29. Sonata – literally means a piece played as opposed to a cantata, a piece sung
  30. Tempo (Latin Origin) – the pace of a song, perfect name for your little boy
  31. Tocsin – the French word for a warning bell, and it has been used as a given name since the 18th century; names “Tocsina” was a popular name for baby girls in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
  32. Vespers – a musical term that refers to evening prayers, typically said around sunset. The word “vespers” comes from the Latin word for “evening.”
  33. Vivace – a tempo marking that indicates a lively piece be played quickly and energetically. It’s derived from the Italian word vivace, which means “lively.”
  34. Zydeco – music genre that mix of African and French influences that originated in Louisiana in the early 20th century and often features accordion and guitar.
  35. Cabaletta – a musical name that describes a quick, spirited section of an opera; often used to convey excitement or drama, and it often features fast-paced lyrics and a lively melody. Some popular baby names that come from the musical term cabaletta include Cabella, Cabellina, and Cabriella.
  36. Cadence (Latin Origin) – a melodic framework in a piece of music that creates a feeling of resolution.
  37. Cappella (Latin Origin) – singing without instruments.
  38. Celesta – often used as a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “heavenly”; derived from the musical term for a specific type of keyboard regarded as heavenly sounding instrument
  39. Demi – derived from the musical term meaning “half” and is often associated with the famous singer Demi Lovato. See names like Demi.
  40. Dot – if you’re looking for a baby name that is truly one-of-a-kind, don’t be afraid to think outside the box, used to describe a small, round mark that is placed on a note in sheet music
  41. Hymn – derived from the Greek word “hymnos”, meaning “song of praise”. It is a composition that is sung in church, usually as part of a religious service.
  42. Key – in music, is a set of pitches, or notes, that serve as a framework for a piece of music; many baby names have been inspired by this musical term, for example, the name Toni derives from the Latin word for key
  43. Lyra – from the Greek word for “lyre”, a stringed musical instrument that was popular in ancient Greece. Lyra is also a constellation name, which is fitting given that many baby names inspired by this astronomical object are associated with music and creativity.
  44. Madrigal – type of vocal music that was popular in the Renaissance period. The word “madrigal” comes from the Italian word for “a song of love.”
  45. Marcia – derives from the Latin word for “warlike,” making it an ideal choice for parents who want a strong and perfect name for their little one.
  46. Medley – term used to describe a piece of music that is made up of several different songs or themes; it’s not exactly a common name, Medley could make an interesting choice for a baby girl.
  47. Melisma – name with a bit of flair, melisma may be the perfect choice for your baby; a musical term that refers to a singer extending a single syllable of text over multiple notes
  48. Melody – derives from the Greek melos, which means “song.” The name Melody typically refers to a pleasing or harmonious sequence of musical notes. A popular name and surname in the United States, where it ranked in the top 400 baby names for girls in 2019. See meaning of the name Melody.
  49. Nera – refers to a type of passionate, love song sung in southern Italy; popular baby name in Italy, and other names inspired by the musical style include “Bella Notte” and “Madonna Mia.”
  50. Nocturne – a musical composition that is inspired by, or evocative of, the night. For boys, some handsome names with a nocturnal theme include Midnight, Eclipse, and Dimitri.
  51. Opera (Germanic Origin) – a genre of classical music.
  52. Operetta – if you’re looking for a unique baby name with a rich history, consider opting for an operetta-inspired option, it’s a musical drama that typically includes both spoken dialogue and singing that first emerged in the early 19th century
  53. Ottava – Italian musical term “ottava” refers to an octave, or a range of eight notes.
  54. Rhapsody (Latin Origin) – In musical terms, a Rhapsody is a free-flowing musical piece that is episodic and integrated; the name Ottavia is derived from the Latin word for “eighth,” making it a perfect name for a daughter born on the eighth day of the month.
  55. Sonatina – comes from the Italian word for “little sonata.” It’s a feminine name that would be perfect for a little girl who loves music.
  56. Symphony – musical composition for orchestra, typically in four movements. A number of baby names have been inspired by this term, including Symphony, Simfonija, Simphonie, and Sinfonia.

Each of these names has a different meaning, but all evoke the beauty and power of music. If you’re looking for a name with a musical flair, consider one of these music-inspired names.

Musical Instrument Inspired Names

When it comes to naming their children, some parents look to their favorite musical instruments for inspiration. Some popular names inspired by musical instruments include Piano, Harp and Saxophone.

If you’re looking for a musical instrument-inspired name for your baby girl or boy, here are a few of our favorites:


1. Banjo(African Origin)

a type of guitar,

creates a beautiful sound.

2. Bell (Latin Origin)


3. Calliope (Greek Origin)

a large wind musical instrument.

4. Celeste (Latin Origin)

meaning heavenly in French.


5. Cello (Italian Origin)

the bass instrument of the violin family.

6. Drummer (Germanic Origin)

Someone that plays the drums.


7. Fife (Scottish Origin)

This unisex name is the name of a small high-pitched wind instrument.

8. Harp (Latin Origin)

A beautiful unique stringed instrument.


9. Harper (Latin Origin)

Someone who plays the harp.

10. Mandolin (Hebrew Origin)

A type of lute.


11. Marimba (South American Origin)

A deep-toned xylophone.


12. Piano (Italian Origin)

One of the most famous instruments of all time.

13. Piper (English Origin)

Someone who plays the pipe.

14. Reed (English Origin)

A thin strip of material used for some instruments.


15. Saxophone

A cool and edgy name inspired by the smooth sounding wind instrument.

16. Strummer (Germanic Origin)

Someone who strums a guitar.


17. Viola (Italian Origin)

A slightly larger and deeper version of the violin.

Although it’s impossible to have an exhaustive list of music baby names from instruments, these are some of the best we found and hope you’ll love.

Takeaway: Musical Name is Sure to be Distinctive and Meaningful

Music is truly a universal language that encompasses people all across the globe. The same can be said for baby names. Hopefully, our guide will help you find the perfect baby name or middle names for your little bundle of joy.

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