Cloth nappy trial pack – What to look for!




Cloth nappy trial pack - What to look for!

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Whoop, if you are looking for a cloth nappy trial pack it means that you have done your research, crossed the i’s and dotted the t’s, and are ready to start a trial to get you on your cloth journey. We salute you! Now to find the perfect trial pack for YOU!

It is recommended that you get a Cloth Nappy Starter Pack, which should include everything you will need to get started with cloth nappies, as well as a cloth diapering book. In comparison to reusable cloth nappies, disposable nappies are more expensive. However, disposable nappies are more environmentally friendly. You can use a trial kit to aid you in trying reusable nappies for the first time or growing your collection if that is something that interests you.

Newborn or Birth to Potty Nappies?

Firstly, decide if you want the trial kit for a specific time period or to last you. If you are pregnant you might be thinking birth to potty nappies sound ideal, and a trial pack with this selection is best. However, if you have a very small baby, these might not be suitable and might not give you the best testing criteria. Some babies really need to plump up before they fit birth to potty nappies so your trial period may be disappointing.

SO getting the right sizing for the trial period is very important! Even if you get a newborn trial size, but go on to buy the one size or next size up, the trial size should give you a really good indication of whether you like those nappies/styles/brands.

Small Trial or Go Big or Go Home Trial Pack

Small Trial or Go Big or Go Home Trial Pack

The next thing to decide is how many nappies to get in your trial pack. Should it be just 1-2, or 1-2 of each type?

I’m a big believer in mixed trial packs and indeed getting mixed sets of nappies. No one needs to have just one type of nappy in their kit.

It really is better to have a mix of nappies, as different nappies suit different occasions. For example, I loved a two-piece kit, but for nursery and childminders, it was pocket nappies all the way!

When it comes to nappies there are basically two different types. We are keeping it simple here, but just remember your nappies are either changed all at once (a one-piece nappy) or you change the inner bit and leave the outer waterproof wrap on (a two-piece nappy). Keep your nappy classifications down to that when you are just starting and it will be much simpler to go on.

All the Reusable Nappies at Once?

All the Reusable Nappies at Once?

The best trial kits will either offer you a selection of one-piece nappies, a selection of two-piece nappies, or a mixture of both.

They should also have a selection of brands and styles, eg with double gusset or with a natural gusset, with poppers, or with velcro.

This gives you a good choice. But it may be overwhelming at first. You might want to just try one-piece nappies, say with velcro before you move onto another type. Get used to them then venture out more.

Really big trial kits might be advantageous but they can also be just simply too much! Try and do a bit of research, and also work out what will suit you better. I’m not great at keeping details so for me, just a small trial kit would have worked best rather than getting all the nappies at once. I think my partner might have melted if I had shown him 20 different nappies in one sitting.

All the Brands or just try one at a time?

I think you should not stick to one brand, even I don’t recommend getting a trial kit from manufacturers like Close Parent or Bambino Mio. The independent nappy stores are the best people to go to for nappy advice like trial kits. If you email many of them they might make a special one up for you. They really have a wealth of knowledge, so use them!

What about when baby grows? Is it too late to start at 6m, 12m, 18m…

No! Every disposable saved from landfill is a good day’s work so even starting later it’s still worthwhile to make the switch from disposables. A toddler requires a very different nappy to a newborn, here we are talking about maximum absorbency so forget microfibre and go straight for a heavy wetting trial kit that contains hemp, bamboo, or organic cotton. The more absorbent the better! And remember if you do go for one size nappies they will last this baby or the next!

When it comes to washing new products you will need to prewash, avoiding any bleaching agents. For an older child, you will need a liner to catch any solids. Also for toddlers get them the colours they like the best!

If you are getting a trial kit for a trial period, to be returned you will need to sign for it, and when you do thoroughly check the condition. And return it in the same condition if you hope to get the deposit refund.

Take Away

I hope this helps! Before you jump headfirst into a trial pack, really think about what will suit you and what will help get dads on board! Trial packs are a great way to save money, but you can easily waste a lot of money if you rush in and get loads without really thinking about what you want, what you need, and what will suit you and your family.

This article was written by: Gian MIller – Full-Time Writer, Baby Whisperer & Dad of 3.

Gian spends a lot of his time writing. A self-proclaimed baby whisperer, Gian has been through it all with his own children and is passionate about sharing his hard-won wisdom with other parents. When he’s not writing or changing diapers, you can find him playing the guitar or watching baseball (or preferably both at the same time).

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