Cloth Nappy Clothes: The Ultimate Guide of Clothes for Cloth Bums




Cloth Nappy Clothes The Ultimate Guide of Clothes for Cloth Bums

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Cloth nappy clothes are a must for cloth bums. They come in all kinds of shapes, styles and colours to suit your little one’s unique style! They are needed because cloth nappies tend to be fluffier than disposables!

In summary, most clothing will be able to accommodate the thicker bottoms of cloth diapers. Using vest extenders, avoiding non-stretchy clothing, going up a size, and purchasing clothing made specifically for your body type will all help.

Why do you need clothes cut for cloth bums?

Cloth nappies tend to be a little bit comfier than disposable nappies, meaning they give a much cuter, aka fluffier bum. Not all reusable nappies are bulky nappies, some are super trim but for those that are you need to adjust your baby’s clothing. We have found some like bambino Mio nappies are on the bulkier side and you will need to adjust your clothing options. As are two-part nappies where you have a separate nappy wrap and inner nappies tend to give big bums.

This can be done in two ways, either become best friends with vest extenders or buy ‘cut for cloth’ clothes.

Do reusable nappies fit clothes?

Do reusable nappies fit clothes?

After deciding on a brand, I purchased my nappies and by the time they arrived, I was hooked, and I didn’t even have a baby yet! Who cares about cute nappies?

Everything was well until I got my first bump and realized how difficult it was to get clothes for a cloth-bummed baby.

I’d have to size up and then they’d be big on the waist with extra long legs, which looked funny on my tiny daughters.

To avoid compression leaks, clothes for cloth bottoms should be soft and loose-fitting, not akin to dressing your infant in a sack.

Vest extenders are quite useful for small babies who are constantly wearing baby grows. You can get them from the nappy lady and other retailers.

What is cut for cloth??

Cut for cloth is basically a way of clothing manufacturers sizing their clothes so they fit well over your baby’s nappy. This can be achieved in a few ways, either by having more fabric in places or using stretchy material to accommodate thicker bums and avoid compression leaks from the leg holes.

In order to have cut for cloth, you will need to buy specific clothes. This can be expensive if your baby is in nappies all day, every day!

You might want to consider having a few key pieces of clothing that are cut for cloth and then supplementing with regular (non-cut for cloth) outfits. Clothes that are cut specifically for use over nappies give the perfect fit for the bigger bums.

What types of Cloth Nappy Clothes are there?

There are many different types of cloth nappy clothes available. It is important to know what you need and where to get it before rushing out the door or clicking that ‘buy’ button on Amazon!

Vests can be useful for covering up your baby’s bum, especially if they have a big fluffy nappy like Bambino Mio. For slimmer nappies like bumGenius, this might not be necessary.

It is important to consider your baby’s needs and the size of their nappy when choosing clothes for cloth bums. You might be able to get away with a vest but they do not work as well as pants! It can also depend on whether you use two-part or one-part reusable nappies.

Basically, you need to ensure there is plenty of room in the crotch area, and they are nice and comfy for your child. Leggings are always a winner and usually fit, avoid things like tight jeans when shopping. Dresses usually work very well and it’s always lovely to see a very cute design nappy matching a lovely dress, much nicer than seeing disposables on show!

Is Maxomorra cut for cloth?

Is Maxomorra cut for cloth?

Most organic or Scandinavian children’s clothing businesses have a fluffy bottom as standard in their designs (cloth nappies are more widespread in Scandinavian nations).

This is referred to as a cut for cloth. Most Scandinavian brands are also made from organic cotton.

Most parents find that clothes from high street brands can vary widely in size, some will give a great fit over nappies whilst others you will have to go up to the next size.

What is a cloth bum mum?

A mom of a newborn or toddler who wears real nappies as opposed to single-use nappies!

Cut for Cloth Brands

There are a lot of different brands which now make wider fitting clothes, we’ve listed a few here but do check out the other brands to find the best clothes for you!


Confusing, Frugi clothing company was originally called Cut for Cloth clothing before being rebranded as Frugi. This is an organic cotton clothes brand based in Cornwall. Ethically made bright colourful clothes.


Piccalilly is a British baby and kidswear brand that designs organic baby garments and organic children’s apparel for newborns to children aged 10 years and older. Our firm favourite and some beautiful clothes for an older child are included in their collection.


Maxomorra is a GOTS-certified Swedish firm that creates apparel for little people.

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