125 Boy & Girl First Names That Go With the Last Name Davis




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If you carry the last name Davis, you’re indeed fortunate – you’re the bearer of a surname that pairs well with a wide array of names!

Worry not! There’s a plethora of beautiful names that complement the surname Davis perfectly and we’ve sifted through many of them for you.

Without further delay, here are some of the most harmonious first names for a boy or girl that go hand in hand with the last name Davis.

Top 50 Girl Names That Go With Davis

We’ve curated a list of the top 50 girl names that blend harmoniously with the surname Davis. Whether you’re looking for a name that exudes timeless elegance or you’re in the mood for something a bit more modern, our list has something for everyone.

The Classics

  1. Elizabeth Smith: Elizabeth is a Hebrew name meaning ‘God is my oath.’ It’s a timeless classic that denotes a strong and loyal character.
  2. Margaret Smith: Margaret is a Greek name that means ‘pearl.’ It’s an enduring name that brings to mind elegance and sophistication.
  3. Katherine Smith: Katherine is of Greek origin, meaning ‘pure.’ This classic name has a timeless appeal.
  4. Victoria Smith: Victoria is a Latin name meaning ‘victory.’ It’s a traditional name that conveys a sense of triumph and determination.
  5. Jane Smith: Jane is an English name derived from John, and it means ‘God is gracious.’ It’s a simple and classic name that never goes out of style.
  6. Charlotte Smith: Charlotte is a French name meaning ‘free woman.’ It’s a name associated with strong, independent individuals.
  7. Eleanor Smith: Eleanor is of Greek origin and means ‘shining light.’ It’s a traditional, regal name that has been borne by several queens throughout history.
  8. Alice Smith: Alice is a German name meaning ‘noble.’ It’s a classic name that denotes a sense of dignity and nobility.
  9. Beatrice Smith: Beatrice is a Latin name meaning ‘she who brings happiness.’ It’s a timeless name that conveys a sense of joy and positivity.
  10. Florence Smith: Florence is a Latin name meaning ‘flourishing’ or ‘prosperous.’ It’s a classic name that suggests a sense of prosperity and success.

The Trendy

  • Harper Davis
  • Ava Davis
  • Olivia Davis
  • Luna Davis
  • Ella Davis
  • Sophia Davis
  • Amelia Davis
  • Scarlett Davis
  • Hazel Davis
  • Violet Davis

The Uncommon

  • Elodie Davis
  • Seraphine Davis
  • Bryn Davis
  • Callista Davis
  • Isolde Davis
  • Wren Davis
  • Zara Davis
  • Faye Davis
  • Juniper Davis
  • Sage Davis

Modern & Inspired

  • Harper Davis
  • Phoenix Davis
  • Kennedy Davis
  • Aurora Davis
  • Brielle Davis
  • Haven Davis
  • Journey Davis
  • Skyler Davis
  • Nova Davis
  • Eden Davis

Culturally Diverse

  1. Aiko Smith: Aiko is a common name in Japan, and it means ‘child of love.’ This beautiful name adds an Eastern flair to the otherwise Western surname Smith.
  2. Luz Smith: Luz is a traditional Spanish name meaning ‘light.’ It gives a Latina touch to the surname Smith.
  3. Fatima Smith: Fatima is an Arabic name meaning ‘captivating.’ It brings a touch of Middle Eastern culture to the name Smith.
  4. Chiamaka Smith: Chiamaka is a Nigerian name from the Igbo tribe that means ‘God is beautiful.’ This unique name brings an African touch to the last name Smith.
  5. Anya Smith: Anya is a Russian variant of the name Anna, meaning ‘grace.’ It adds a Slavic influence to the name Smith.
  6. Rani Smith: Rani is a Hindi name that means ‘queen.’ This Indian name pairs exquisitely with the last name Smith.
  7. Chiara Smith: Chiara is an Italian name that means ‘light’ or ‘clear.’ It adds an Italian charm to the surname Smith.
  8. Saoirse Smith: Saoirse is an Irish name that means ‘freedom.’ It’s a unique choice that adds a Celtic touch to the common surname Smith.
  9. Noa Smith: Noa is a popular Hebrew name meaning ‘motion’ or ‘movement.’ It’s a simple, yet meaningful name that brings a Biblical touch to the surname Smith.
  10. Xia Smith: Xia is a Chinese name that means ‘glow of the sunrise.’ This Eastern name brings a lovely imagery to the Western surname Smith.

Top 50 Boys Names That Go With Davis

Choosing the right first name to pair with a distinguished surname like Davis can seem like a daunting task. The key is to find a name that complements Davis’ strong yet refined sound, creating a balanced, memorable moniker. To help guide you in your search, we have compiled a list of the top 50 boys’ names that pair exceptionally well with the last name Davis. Whether you’re drawn to traditional classics or contemporary standouts, our selection provides a wide array of options to suit your taste.

The Classics

  1. William Smith: William is a Germanic name meaning ‘resolute protection.’ It’s a name that denotes strength and determination.
  2. James Smith: James is a Hebrew name meaning ‘supplanter.’ It’s a classic, timeless name with a rich history.
  3. Thomas Smith: Thomas is a Greek name meaning ‘twin.’ It’s a traditional name that has stood the test of time.
  4. Benjamin Smith: Benjamin is a Hebrew name meaning ‘son of the right hand.’ It denotes strength and favor.
  5. Edward Smith: Edward is an Old English name meaning ‘wealthy guardian.’ It’s a regal name that conveys a sense of nobility and strength.
  6. George Smith: George is a Greek name meaning ‘farmer.’ It’s a classic, enduring name associated with both a hard-working ethos and royalty.
  7. Robert Smith: Robert is a Germanic name meaning ‘bright fame.’ It’s a name that implies a person of renown and respect.
  8. Charles Smith: Charles is a German name meaning ‘free man.’ It’s a timeless name that suggests a person of independence and strength.
  9. Henry Smith: Henry is a German name meaning ‘home ruler.’ It’s a traditional name that conveys a sense of leadership and authority.
  10. Alexander Smith: Alexander is a Greek name meaning ‘defender of men.’ It’s a classic name that suggests bravery and strength.

The Trendy

  • Liam Davis
  • Noah Davis
  • Oliver Davis
  • Ethan Davis
  • Lucas Davis
  • Jackson Davis
  • Hudson Davis
  • Levi Davis
  • Owen Davis
  • Mason Davis

The Uncommon

  • Asa Davis
  • Soren Davis
  • Magnus Davis
  • Felix Davis
  • Leander Davis
  • Lysander Davis
  • Emeric Davis
  • Pax Davis
  • Quincy Davis
  • Wilder Davis

Modern & Inspired

  • Jaxon Davis
  • Kai Davis
  • Orion Davis
  • Parker Davis
  • River Davis
  • Sawyer Davis
  • Zephyr Davis
  • Ryker Davis
  • Bodhi Davis
  • Axel Davis

Culturally Diverse

  1. Kai Smith: Kai is a name with origins in various cultures. In Hawaiian, it means ‘sea’; in Japanese, it can mean ‘recovery’ or ‘shell’; and in Navajo, it translates to ‘willow tree.’ It’s a simple, yet exotic name that pairs nicely with Smith.
  2. Alejandro Smith: Alejandro is a Spanish variant of the name Alexander, which means ‘defender of men.’ It brings a Latin flair to the common surname Smith.
  3. Ravi Smith: Ravi is a traditional Indian name meaning ‘sun.’ It adds an exotic touch to the surname Smith, reminding us of the cultural richness of India.
  4. Jamal Smith: Jamal is an Arabic name, which means ‘beauty.’ This name brings a touch of the Middle East to the otherwise very Western surname Smith.
  5. Luca Smith: Luca is an Italian variant of Luke, meaning ‘bringer of light.’ It brings an Italian charm to the last name Smith.
  6. Tobias Smith: Tobias is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God is good.’ It provides a Biblical touch to the surname Smith.
  7. Takeshi Smith: Takeshi is a traditional Japanese name meaning ‘warrior.’ It infuses a strong, Eastern influence into the Western surname Smith.
  8. Ifeanyi Smith: Ifeanyi is a name from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria, meaning ‘nothing is impossible with God.’ It adds a unique African touch to the name Smith.
  9. Dmitri Smith: Dmitri is a popular Russian name meaning ‘devoted to,’ ‘dedicated to,’ or ‘follower of Demeter.’ It brings a Slavic flavor to the surname Smith.
  10. Liam Smith: Liam is an Irish boys name, which is a shorter form of William, meaning ‘resolute protection.’ It adds a hint of Irish heritage to the common surname Smith.

25 Unisex Names That Go With The Name Davis

Avery Davis

Riley Davis

Jordan Davis

Casey Davis

Alexis Davis

Taylor Davis

Morgan Davis

Skyler Davis

Cameron Davis

Drew Davis

Parker Davis

Bailey Davis

Quinn Davis

Ariel Davis

Jesse Davis

Charlie Davis

Emerson Davis

Elliot Davis

Finley Davis

Robin Davis

Rowan Davis

Aubrey Davis

Reese Davis

Sidney Davis

Jamie Davis

My top choices that pair with Davis have to be Sophia Davis for a girl and Ethan Davis for a boy. Davis is an incredibly adaptable last name that can suit both elegant and sturdy first names. Sophia exudes grace and femininity, while Ethan implies strength and traditional charm, both resonating beautifully with the last name Davis.

Considerations for Name Pairing Davis

When choosing a first name to go with the surname Davis, one essential aspect to consider is the balance between the first and last name. Davis, being a two-syllable name, can pair well with a wide range of first names. Short, snappy names like Ava or Kai provide a crisp, quick-to-pronounce option, while longer, more elaborate names such as Elizabeth or Alexander offer an elegant, traditional feel. The rhythm and flow between the first and last name can make all the difference in achieving a pleasing sound.

Another factor to keep in mind is the name’s meaning and cultural significance. Choosing a name with a particular meaning can add a layer of personal significance to your child’s identity. Similarly, opting for a name with cultural or ancestral ties can honor your family’s heritage. Ultimately, the name should feel special and relevant to you and your family, resonating with your values and hopes for your child.

Meaning of the last name Davis

The last name Davis is of Welsh origin and is derived from the name “Dafydd,” which translates to “David” in English. This name has biblical roots, with David being a significant figure in the Old Testament, known as a shepherd, a poet, and a king. The meaning of David is “beloved,” which lends a warm sentiment to the surname Davis.

Today, the name Davis is common globally, particularly in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Many renowned figures bear the Davis surname, such as the talented actress Viola Davis, the jazz musician Miles Davis, and the influential civil rights activist Angela Davis. This surname carries a sense of versatility, reflecting a wide range of accomplishments and backgrounds.


What should I consider when choosing a first name to go with the last name Davis?

The primary aspects to consider when choosing a first name to pair with Davis are the balance and rhythm of the entire name, the cultural or personal significance of the name, and how the name might be received in various contexts (for example, how it might be pronounced or interpreted in different countries if your child will be travelling or working internationally).

Should I choose a short or long first name to go with Davis?

Both short and long first names can work well with the last name Davis. Short names like Ava or Kai provide a quick, punchy sound, while longer names like Alexander or Isabella bring a more traditional, sophisticated feel. The key is to ensure the first name and surname flow well together.

Does the origin or meaning of the first name have to match with the surname Davis?

Not necessarily. While some people might prefer to choose a first name that shares Welsh origins or biblical ties with the surname Davis, this is entirely a matter of personal preference. A name’s meaning can add depth to your child’s identity, but it’s also important to choose a name that resonates with you on a personal level, regardless of its origin or meaning.

Can I choose a unisex name to go with Davis?

Absolutely! Davis is a very versatile surname that pairs well with names of all genders. Unisex names like Riley, Jordan, or Taylor can be great choices and are becoming increasingly popular. The most important thing is that you love the name and it feels right for your child.

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