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Greetings, Thomas family!

You’re indeed blessed with a wonderful, timeless, and robust surname. Selecting a fitting first name to pair with it should be effortless, correct?

Fear not, we’re here to assist.

In the rich tapestry of baby names, few carry resonance and historical depth like the name Thomas. With its Aramaic name “taoma,” meaning “twin,” it has become a popular name across regions, including West Virginia and South Dakota. Not only a beloved choice for a boy’s middle name, but Thomas has also graced several saints, founding fathers, and famous people named Thomas, including the illustrious Tom Selleck, known in his own right as a symbol of a certain era of TV series, famous artists like Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks and Dave Thomas, founding father of Wendy’s.

Here are some of the finest boy and girl baby name/s that impeccably match with the last name Thomas.

Top 50 Girl Names That Go With Thomas

In the wonderful world of baby naming, the quest for the perfect harmonious combination is a journey cherished by many expectant parents. As you explore our curated selection of the “Top 50 Girl Names That Go With Thomas,” you’ll discover a treasure trove of names that echo grace, elegance, and timeless charm.

Famous People Named Thomas

  • Thomas Aquinas (1225–1274), Italian philosopher and theologian
  • Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States

The Classics

  • Abigail Thomas
  • Amelia Thomas
  • Catherine Thomas
  • Elizabeth Thomas
  • Margaret Thomas
  • Rose Thomas
  • Victoria Thomas
  • Emily Thomas
  • Laura Thomas
  • Sarah Thomas

The Trendy

  • Harper Thomas
  • Willow Thomas
  • Luna Thomas
  • Ava Thomas
  • Olivia Thomas
  • Piper Thomas
  • Mila Thomas
  • Hazel Thomas
  • Everly Thomas
  • Isla Thomas

The Uncommon

  • Seraphina Thomas
  • Juniper Thomas
  • Elodie Thomas
  • Odessa Thomas
  • Tamsin Thomas
  • Rowan Thomas
  • Bellamy Thomas
  • Leonie Thomas
  • Fable Thomas
  • Zinnia Thomas

Modern & Inspired

  • Luna Thomas
  • Indie Thomas
  • Skyler Thomas
  • Sage Thomas
  • Wren Thomas
  • Nova Thomas
  • Phoenix Thomas
  • Aspen Thomas
  • Echo Thomas
  • Lyric Thomas

Culturally Diverse

  • Aaliyah Thomas
  • Mei Thomas (Asian Origin)
  • Ines Thomas (European Origin)
  • Kairi Thomas (Japanese Origin)
  • Nia Thomas (Welsh Origin)
  • Amara Thomas (African Origin)
  • Soraya Thomas (Persian Origin)
  • Layla Thomas (Arabic Origin)
  • Siobhan Thomas (Irish Origin)
  • Lucia Thomas (Italian Origin)

Top 50 Boys Names That Go With Thomas

This curated list spans the spectrum from classic to culturally diverse boy names, all fitting harmoniously with the timeless quality of Thomas as a middle name.

Whether you are looking for more baby names that share the robust history that Thomas brings or one that represents a fresh, new generation of handsome boy names, this list promises a perfect pairing that will stand the test of time. Join us as we unravel a list that brings together the old and the new, a symphony of names that harmonize wonderfully like the name, Thomas.

The Classics

  • Alexander Thomas
  • Benjamin Thomas
  • Charles Thomas
  • Daniel Thomas
  • Edward Thomas
  • Frederick Thomas
  • George Thomas
  • Henry Thomas
  • Isaac Thomas
  • James Thomas

The Trendy

  • Aiden Thomas
  • Ethan Thomas
  • Liam Thomas
  • Mason Thomas
  • Noah Thomas
  • Oliver Thomas
  • Jackson Thomas
  • Logan Thomas
  • Harper Thomas
  • Hudson Thomas

The Uncommon

  • Percival Thomas
  • Zephyr Thomas
  • Lachlan Thomas
  • Orion Thomas
  • Caspian Thomas
  • Evander Thomas
  • Leander Thomas
  • Adler Thomas
  • Quillan Thomas
  • Baxter Thomas

Modern & Inspired

  • Archer Thomas
  • Maverick Thomas
  • River Thomas
  • Skyler Thomas
  • Zion Thomas
  • Phoenix Thomas
  • Blaze Thomas
  • Wilder Thomas
  • Neo Thomas
  • Jett Thomas

Culturally Diverse

  • Kieran Thomas (Irish Origin)
  • Ravi Thomas (Indian Origin)
  • Hiro Thomas (Japanese Origin)
  • Dante Thomas (Italian Origin)
  • Rafael Thomas (Spanish Origin)
  • Leif Thomas (Scandinavian Origin)
  • Mateo Thomas (Latin Origin)
  • Yuri Thomas (Russian Origin)
  • Jamal Thomas (Arabic Origin)
  • Jengo Thomas (African Origin)

25 Unisex Names That Go With The Name Thomas

  • Alex Thomas
  • Avery Thomas
  • Bailey Thomas
  • Charlie Thomas
  • Devin Thomas
  • Finley Thomas
  • Harper Thomas
  • Jordan Thomas
  • Kelly Thomas
  • Lee Thomas
  • Morgan Thomas
  • Quinn Thomas
  • Riley Thomas
  • Sydney Thomas
  • Taylor Thomas
  • Jamie Thomas
  • Casey Thomas
  • Jesse Thomas
  • Robin Thomas
  • Dakota Thomas
  • Peyton Thomas
  • Skyler Thomas
  • Rowan Thomas
  • Reese Thomas
  • Kennedy Thomas

When it comes to matching with Thomas, my favorite selections would be Harper Thomas and Alexander Thomas. For a gender-neutral option, Harper has a modern, sophisticated vibe that syncs effortlessly with the classic tone of Thomas. On the other hand, Alexander offers a regal, time-honored appeal that fits seamlessly with the enduring strength of Thomas for a boy’s name. Thomas, as a surname, holds the charm of adaptability, lending itself beautifully to both short and elongated baby names, making it an ideal partner to a broad range of name styles.

Considerations for Name Pairing Thomas

When choosing a baby name to pair with the surname Thomas, it’s important to consider the rhythm and flow of the full name. Thomas is a two-syllable surname with emphasis typically placed on the first syllable. A name of one, two, or three syllables often pairs well, creating a pleasing cadence when spoken aloud. Names like Ava, Liam, or Alexander sound particularly harmonious with the middle name Thomas.

Another factor to consider is the individual and combined meanings of the names. Its variations are abundant, with one being the Aramaic name “Taoma,” adding a rich layer to its Greek Testament roots. When choosing a name, one might select a name that complements this meaning or offers an interesting contrast. For instance, a name like Eamon, meaning “guardian” or “protector,” could complement the familial association of Thomas, while a name like Seraphina, meaning “ardent” or “fiery,” offers an intriguing counterpoint.

Meaning of the last name Thomas

The last name Thomas hails from biblical and Aramaic origins, stemming from the personal name “Thomas,” which means “twin.” In the Christian tradition, it is best known as the name of Saint Thomas the Apostle, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, famous for initially doubting Jesus’ resurrection. Therefore, the name Thomas carries connotations of faith, belief, and fraternity.

Numerous notable figures bear the surname Thomas, ranging from accomplished athletes like Isiah Thomas to renowned creatives like Dylan Thomas, the famed Welsh poet. It’s not just a name; it’s an enduring legacy, seamlessly intertwining with the narratives of Rhode Island to the popular TV series, encapsulating a rich spectrum of stories and histories.


What should I consider when choosing a first name that matches Thomas?

When selecting a first name to pair with Thomas, consider the rhythm and balance of the full name. Thomas is a two-syllable name, so a name of one, two, or three syllables often pairs well. Also, consider the meaning of the name. Since Thomas means “twin,” you might choose a name that complements or provides an interesting contrast to this meaning.

Are there any particular types of names that go well with Thomas?

Thomas is a versatile surname that pairs well with a wide variety of names. Classic names, modern names, and even unique or culturally diverse names can all sound good to Thomas. Ultimately, the choice will come down to your personal taste and any cultural or familial traditions you wish to honor.

Should I consider the initials when choosing a first name to go with Thomas?

Yes, considering the initials of the full name can be helpful. Ensure the initials do not spell out anything inappropriate or undesirable. For example, if the first name you’re considering starts with ‘A’, the initials will be ‘AT’, which is harmless. But some other combinations might require a rethink or the use of a middle name to change the initials.

Can unisex names pair well with the surname Thomas?

Absolutely! Unisex names can definitely pair well with the surname Thomas. Names like Jordan, Taylor, or Riley can work well and add a modern, versatile touch to the traditional surname.

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