How to get baby poop stains out of clothes & cloth nappies?




How to get baby poop stains out of clothes & cloth nappies

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If you’ve found your way to this blog because you’re wondering how to get baby poop stains out of clothes, you aren’t alone! This is an incredibly common issue new mom and dad faces- baby clothes aren’t cheap, and maybe you don’t like to use stain remover on baby clothes.

In this handy guide, we’ll talk about the best ways to remove baby poop stains- which includes natural methods which are suitable for kids clothing and cloth nappies too.

How to clean yellow breastfed baby poop off clothes

How to clean yellow breastfed baby poop off clothes

Breastfed babies can have a particular talent for poosplosions, leaving yellow baby poop stains on their clothes, your clothes, and generally anywhere you lay them!

Step one is to use a wipe and hot water to wash most of the baby poop off the garment.

You can also hold the garment under running water (cold water) or run a cold rinse to try to remove the stain without setting it.

You pop everything in to the washing machine, but those stubborn poop stains remain after the wash. So, time to rethink that laundry routine mom!

In order to combat those yellow stains, pre treat the stain. You can use stain removers, or if you prefer natural stain removers, lemon juice, baking soda or scrubbing with rock salt might help.

Run a full wash cycle. using a full dose of laundry detergent. You can also add most stain removers to your main wash cycle to help remove stains.

If you’ve tried all this and still have no luck, you can try another wash on the highest temperature suitable for the garment. You might also consider hydrogen peroxide if you are really serious about getting rid of those baby poop stains.

Remember, provided that you used enough laundry detergent, even if baby poo stains persist, it doesn’t mean that the item is dirty- it’s just a stain, so don’t worry.

Finally, one of our top tips is to wet the stained area with a little warm water and pop the stained item out on to the line, you should find that direct sunlight is a great stain remover You might have extra success if you rub a little lemon juice on to the fabric beforehand too.

Now, there are some varied theories out there on the best stain remover and the best methods to remove baby poop stains, so let’s break down some of those theories below.


You can shake off any excess poo down the toilet, but do remember that exclusively breast-fed baby poop is water soluble so won’t cause an issue for your machine. Baby food stains and baby formula stains often need more work!

The thinking behind rinsing immediately in cold water is

a)Prevent stains by removing the food or poop immediately before it dries

b)cleaning at a cold temperature to avoid setting the stain

Poop Stain Removal Method #2 SCRUB WITH DISH SOAP

Mom might have success by scrubbing the stained area with dish detergent and a little water for a few minutes.

Again, this method is best when used to pre treat or removing stains while they are still new, before the garment has been washed. You can use a dish brush or toothbrush to scrub in the dish soap. For a minor stain you can rinse and see if that’s done the job. Alternatively, pop the garment in to the washing machine with the recommended amount of detergent.

Poop Stain Removal Method #3 PUT THE DAMP OUTFIT IN THE SUN TO DRY

We can’t always predict poop stains, so if your garment or cloth diapers have already been through the wash and come out with poop stains, consider giving them a quick soak in water and popping them out on the washing line. You can also spray on some lemon juice, though be sure to rinse the garment later to get that out before putting the cloth diapers or clothes on baby.

You might be surprised at just how powerful the sun can be to get poop stains out, but think about how the sun bleaches the dye out of your clothing when left out too long. A little baby poo suddenly seems fairly achievable!

Usually this can be done in indirect sunlight, or even when it’s a rainy or not particularly sunny day. Direct or Indirect, the sun can remove poop stains really well.

Poop Stains Removal Method #4- White Vinegar

For easy stain removal, Mix up to 1 tablespoon White Vinegar in a spray bottle with one cup of water. Spray the solution over stained baby clothes, let it settle.

After several minutes put the garment in to the washing machine with a regular dose of laundry detergent. This method is safe for kids clothes.

How do I remove poop stains from cloth nappies?

How do I remove poop stains from cloth nappies?

It can be tricky to work out how to get baby poop stains out of cloth nappies, but with some perseverance you can do it.

Start by removing all solids from the nappy. You might be inclined to soak the nappy as you would with stained clothing, but be aware that a soak might cause damage to the leg elastics or PUL.

Instead, place the soiled nappy into the washing machine for a cool water rinse. Next, run the main washing cycle, perhaps with a little extra detergent. After this wash, run the final rinse. When washed, remove the stained nappy from the washing machine and inspect- if the stain remains, scrub a little lemon juice in to the fabric (not on to PUL or elastic)

Hang the nappy on the line and let the sun work it’s magic! You’ll find that sunshine, along with repeated wash cycles, will remove poop stains eventually.

Do stains in cloth nappies mean that my nappies aren’t getting clean?

Not at all!

When it comes to cloth nappies, it’s important to remember that if you have a good wash routine, it is just a stain! Baby poop can leave pretty bad stains, and it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with your washing machine. If you’re eager to remove poop stains from your cloth diapers, we totally get it, but is IS worth pointing out that your baby probably doesn’t care about the stain!

If you have other reasons to believe that your washing routine isn’t quite right, check out our guide to washing cloth nappies.

How do I get rid of poop from carpets and clothes?

Oh the joys of life with kids and pets! While frustrating, this can be a fairly normal part of family life.

Always pre treat these stains, and be sure to check cleaning advice for the particular fabric before you begin- otherwise you may cause damage.

You may want to try sprinkling the carpet with some cold water, before sprinkling a little baking soda, which can be worked in with some hot water.

Leave for at least a few hours before vacuuming the area.

What do I do if I can’t get a stain out?

The reality is that, provided you have sufficiently cleaned the item (and, if you’ve followed the steps above, it’s hard to believe that you haven’t), a baby poop stain doesn’t actually do any harm, minus being aesthetically not great.

Cloth nappies are designed to catch poop, so hopefully you can learn to look past the stain. As for clothes, we get that this isn’t ideal. But perhaps you could continue to use stained vests etc for night time or days spent at home?

It certainly seems a waste to toss a garment for a harmless little stain!

How to get stains out of baby clothes and cloth nappies: In summary

Every new mom and dad finds themselves searching for a solution to stained baby clothes at some point or other, so don’t worry, you really aren’t alone!

Baby poop does have a tendency to stain, this does not mean that the clothes or nappies are dirty or need to be thrown out. We’ve included a list of stain removal options above, but if these fails, it’s likely that repeated washing will reduce and eventually remove poop stains altogether eventually.

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