23 Other Uses for Diaper Rash Cream

23 Other Uses for Diaper Rash Cream

Over-the-counter diaper rash ointment is made up of mostly petrolatum and zinc oxide.

Petrolatum helps form a barrier to protect the baby’s skin from moisture as well as limit irritation from the diaper.

Zinc oxide helps dry up irritation and scalding from acid or ammonia in the urine or stool. It’s no wonder it’s a great multi-purpose healing cream, just a thin layer can prevent diaper rash and work wonders!

Many parents have found this miracle cream is also a great solution for other common problems around their home and out and about.

The only way to find out if the diaper rash ointments will work for you is to try it.

  1. For Hemorrhoids
  2. For Cracked Heels
  3. As Skin Protectant
  4. As Baby Massage Lotion
  5. As a Stretch Mark Cream
  6. As Baby Sunblock
  7. As Lip Balm
  8. As an Eye Makeup Remover
  9. As Hand Moisturizer
  10. For Dry Skin
  11. For Extra Sensitive Skin
  12. For Chaffing 
  13. For Insect Bites
  14. For Minor Burns
  15. Minor scrapes 
  16. Zit zapper 
  17. Razor burn
  18. Sunburn relief 
  19. Make Your Own Lip Gloss
  20. To Treat Itchy Skin
  21. Dog Rashes and Patches
  22. Elbow and Foot Softener
  23. Chapped Cheeks

Diaper rash creams can vary wildly though, so not all of these will be suitable for all types of diaper cream.

For example, you will need a barrier type cream for hair dye whilst some other types of diaper cream creates a mess. If you are looking for natural remedies for diaper rashes we have a detailed guide.

If you use cloth diapers its more likely that one’s diaper rash ointment doesn’t include petroleum jelly type so it your diaper rash ointments might not work for all fo the below.

Best Selling Diaper Rash Creams

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For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid cream has an ingredient called Pramoxine that helps reduce itching caused by hemorrhoids.

Since diaper cream already contains this ingredient, it’s a great alternative.

Just grab the diaper cream instead of the hemorrhoid cream next time you have painful hemorrhoid and put a thin layer on.

For Cracked Heels

For Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are no fun, but if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to fix them then try diaper rash cream!

You really are getting two products in one here! It works the same way as petroleum jelly does on lips, except this is for your heels.

Just apply it to the dry, cracked areas of your feet and let it soak in overnight. It’s much cheaper than the fancy-schmancy foot creams you buy at department stores.

As Skin Protectant

When diaper rash cream is applied liberally to non-broken skin it can act as a protective barrier from wetness. This is great for diaper changes on the go when you’re nowhere near a sink, or for camping trips where showers aren’t available! It’s also perfect to keep in your bag during travel if your child doesn’t need it for diaper rash prevention.

As Baby Massage Lotion

Just as you would use baby lotion, you can also replace it with diaper rash cream. In fact, it works better since it already contains zinc oxide. The only problem with using it as a massage lotion is that most kids don’t enjoy being touched so they’ll squirm and move around.

As a Stretch Mark Cream

As a Stretch Mark Cream

There’s no research that shows diaper rash cream can prevent stretch marks, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence from parents who have used it on their pregnant bellies.

In fact, I’m using it right now to prevent any marks from forming during this pregnancy! It works by providing a barrier between your skin and the fabric in your clothes.

As Baby Sunblock

If your baby is still in diapers, you’re not allowed to use sunscreen on them since it can absorb into the skin. Diaper rash cream works as a great alternative that contains zinc oxide which helps prevent damage from the sun’s UV rays. I honestly don’t recommend putting it on babies for this purpose since they are so young and squirming around, but it can help older kids when you’re outside for an extended period of time.

As Lip Balm

Lips are very delicate, so they need special protection to prevent chapping or dry patches. Your baby might not like having her lips touched with anything (mine actually pulls away), but diaper rash cream is the perfect solution! Just make sure it doesn’t have any added fragrances, oils, or other chemicals that might be harmful to your baby’s skin.

As an Eye Makeup Remover

As an Eye Makeup Remover

If you’re looking for a natural way to remove eye makeup then try using a little diaper rash cream.

The ingredients won’t irritate your eyes and will break up the toughest waterproof mascara! Just don’t get it in the eyes…

As Hand Moisturizer

If your hands are dry and cracked, you can use diaper rash cream to moisturize them. It’s safe for babies so it’s definitely safe for adults too! You need to make sure that the product does not have any added chemicals or fragrances since you’ll be touching your eyes, nose, etc.

For Heat Rash

For Heat Rash

Heat rash is caused by the trapped sweat underneath clothing.

Using a barrier between your skin and your clothes can help prevent it from coming back after you’ve washed everything.

Diaper rash cream provides the perfect protection since it’s all-natural, prevents chafing and helps keep skin soft with its moisturizing ingredients.

For Dry Skin

If you have very dry skin, applying diaper rash cream to the areas of your body that are most affected can help your skin retain moisture. You want to look for a product that doesn’t contain any oils or fragrances since these ingredients can actually strip skin of moisture.

For Extra Sensitive Skin

Just like with dry skin, using diaper cream on your extra sensitive skin can help moisturize the areas that are most affected. Plus, it works by creating a protective barrier so you don’t have to worry about hurting your skin even more by scratching at the dry patches.

For Chaffing 

If your skin is chafing from dryness or a reaction to something you’re applying on your skin, then using diaper rash cream can help provide a barrier. It won’t irritate the area in any way and can actually heal some of the redness or irritation that’s already there!

For Insect Bites

Applying diaper rash cream to insect bites can help reduce the itching and redness immediately. Plus, it will also moisturize the area so you won’t have any dry patches that could cause more itching or discomfort!

For Minor Burns

Minor burns are one of my favorite things to use diaper rash cream for since it’s an all-natural way to heal the pain and discomfort. It provides immediate relief from the burn and can help heal the damage done by the heat.*Note: Diaper rash cream is not for open wounds or major burns that are caused by something like the sun. You need to see a doctor in that case since it can become serious.

Minor scrapes and cuts

I always keep diaper rash cream in my first aid kit since it’s a lifesaving alternative to over the counter antibacterial creams. It provides relief from pain and can also help heal up most minor scrapes and cuts that you might have!

Zit zapper 

While diaper rash cream isn’t necessarily marketed as an acne treatment, it can actually help get rid of that annoying blemish when you apply it directly to the affected area. Just make sure you don’t go overboard since overusing products with salicylic acid (a chemical found in diaper rash cream) can actually give your skin more blemishes!

Razor burn/razor bumps

If you’re looking for a natural way to prevent shave bumps then you can use diaper rash cream. It helps moisturize the skin and creates a protective layer that won’t let your razor irritate your skin!

Sunburn relief 

If you got a little too much sun over the weekend then applying diaper rash cream can help soothe your skin and provide relief from the pain. It’s a natural alternative to aloe vera gel since it moisturizes in a way that helps reduce some of those red, painful bumps!

DIY Lip Gloss

If you have very dry lips, using diaper rash cream as a DIY lip gloss can help keep your lips moisturized and soft. Just make sure to apply it at night since the ingredients can sometimes irritate your skin if applied during the day!

Itching relief

I don’t know about you, but when my skin itches then I immediately reach for anything and everything that’s nearby to stop the itching. Diaper rash cream can work as one of those remedies since it creates a protective layer on your skin while also moisturizing in a way that helps keep skin soft and hydrated.

Prevents Hair Dye Stains on Hair Line

If you’re afraid of accidentally staining your clothing while dyeing your hair then using diaper rash cream can help! Just apply some on the area of skin where you plan on applying the dye and it will create a protective shield so the color won’t sink into your skin.

Soothes Suntanned Skin

Whether you got too much sun over the weekend or you just love being out in the sun, diaper rash cream can help soothe your skin and provide relief from the pain. Just make sure to use it at night since applying anything with sunscreen during the day can actually irritate your skin (and do more damage than good)!

To Treat Dog Rashes

If your dog has a skin irritation then you can use diaper rash cream to help soothe their skin and provide relief from the pain. Just make sure to only apply it once or twice a day since overuse can cause more harm than good!

Elbow Softener

If you have rough elbows then applying diaper rash cream can help keep them soft and moisturized. It creates a protective layer on your skin while also moisturizing in a way that helps reduce some of those dry, cracked spots!

Prevents Split Ends

Split ends are one of the worst things ever since it exposes more hair to breakage.You can help prevent split ends by using diaper rash cream every time you dry your hair! Just rub some on before drying and it will create a protective shield that prevents heat damage.

Take Away on 23 Alternative Uses for Diaper Cream!

There you have it: 23 alternative uses for diaper cream! While most of us only think about using this product when our baby has a rash, there are actually tons of other ways that we can put it to good use. From preventing hair dye stains to soothing sunburned skin, diaper rash cream can do it all.

So the next time you’re feeling frustrated with an ailment or just want to give your beauty routine a boost, reach for the diaper cream instead of the pharmacy!

This article was written by: Gian MIller – Full-Time Writer, Baby Whisperer & Dad of 3.

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