What To Wear At The Hospital After Giving Birth




What To Wear At The Hospital After Giving Birth

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I remember having my first baby and sitting in the hospital wondering why on earth I had packed a pair of jeans and a cute sweater and not much else. Experience taught me with my following three children that comfort after giving birth is a must!

If you’re headed to the hospital soon for the arrival of your bundle of joy and are wondering what to put in your hospital bag, look no further.

Yes, the hospital will provide you with a gown but it’s hardly the most comfortable nor the most nice-looking apparel in the world, is it?

Labor/Delivery Gown

Labor/Delivery Gown

When you arrive at the hospital, you will be given a gown that you can wear while giving birth. Of course, you don’t have to wear this and there are so many gorgeous gowns out there. Just remember though that labor and delivery get very messy so you may end up having to throw your gown out.

But even after delivery, a gown is one of the most convenient items of clothing you could wear and I’d highly recommend packing at least one in your hospital bag for after the birth.

Latuza Women’s Bamboo Viscose Nursing Nightgown And Robe Set – Most Versatile Gown

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Not only does this super cute set come in a whole host of colors but it’s one of the most comfortable robes and gown combos I’ve seen anywhere. Made from super soft bamboo viscose, the set feels amazing on the skin and is breathable so if you’re feeling hot during labor (which you probably will), it’ll help with that.

I’m also loving how well this set works after birth thanks to the v neck design that’s just perfect for nursing.

What a feminine and stylish way to remain comfortable throughout what could be a pretty intense time.

Ekouaer Women’s Nursing/Delivery Gown – Most Comfortable Gown

[amazon box=”B07MWTYXNY”]

If you’re looking for a simple yet super comfortable gown for your hospital bag then I’ve no qualms in recommending this one from Ekouaer. The gown is made from a blend of rayon and Spandex so it’s soft and breathable, and there’s plenty of stretch to match your changing body.

But what really stands out about this robe is how easy access it is, and not just for breastfeeding, although it is perfect for nursing. It features snap buttons at the back and sides which makes it ideal for incision checks, epidurals, and much more. I love this because while giving birth and everything after is quite invasive of your privacy, a robe like this can help to preserve your modesty. Plus the hospital staff are sure to thank you!

Post Delivery Pyjamas

Post Delivery Pyjamas

The PJs you wear after giving birth need to be super comfortable and not restricting. A lot of sets come with adjustable waistbands so you can alter them to your changing body and so that they feel good.

It’s best to go for something breathable like cotton; go on treat yourself, you’ve just pushed a person out of your body, after all.

PJs with button fronts are ideal for breastfeeding moms and the good news is that there are tonnes of cute designs so you can still look glam!

Ekouaer Women’s Maternity Pajama Set – Best For Breastfeeding

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Not all postpartum moms who decide to breastfeed their babies want to wear a nursing gown. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have easy access when your baby is hungry. These stylish maternity PJs have an opening at the breast that’s discreet yet easy to use.

I’m personally in love with the array of bright colors because who said you couldn’t stay bang on trend when you’re in the hospital?

You can also choose between long pants or shorts which gives you excellent options depending on the weather and how you’re feeling after birth. What’s more, the material is 5% Spandex so there’s enough stretch that you’ll always feel comfortable.

Floerns Women’s Notch Collar Two Piece Pajama Set – Best For Use After Getting Home

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It’s all well and good buying a tonne of maternity clothes for your stay in the hospital but many women find they no longer use these after the first few weeks of returning home. However, these button-down PJs are ideal for wearing in the hospital and for months after returning home.

The button design is great for breastfeeding and if you need to have any checks or examinations while in the hospital.

The material looks as though it would be stiff cotton but it’s much stretchier than you’d imagine which makes it ideal for a postpartum period hospital stay. What’s more, the stylish and feminine design makes these PJs perfect for hospital photos with your bundle of joy.

What I would say, however, is that the waistband isn’t as thick as you might like. If you need additional support around this area then these might not be the ideal thing to wear after giving birth.

What To Wear On Your Feet

What To Wear On Your Feet

Where shoes are concerned, you’re going to want something comfortable and cozy for your stay in the hospital. A good pair of slippers and some thick socks are ideal for those days when you’re relaxing in bed.

You will also need a pair of shower shoes. These will protect your feet when using the shower but are also non-slip; the last thing you want after giving birth is a nasty fall.

Finally, I would suggest taking a comfortable pair of sneakers. You may wish to go for a short walk and they’ll be ideal for when it’s time to head home.

Dearfoams Mama Bear Slippers – Most Comfortable For In Your Hospital Room

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During your hospital stay, the most important thing is to stay comfortable but when your postpartum clothes are also super cute, that’s a real bonus! Whether this is your first or second baby, you’ll want to feel like the proud mama you are and these logoed slippers are perfect for making you feel that way.

Of course, they’re also ideal for chilling out during your recovery as the memory foam insoles mold to the shape of your feet offering a luxurious feel. The outsole is textured rubber with excellent grip so you’re supported as you start moving around.

I also love that these have an open back and plenty of space for the ankles which is essential if you’ve been suffering from swollen feet; your tootsies won’t feel restricted.

Joomra Pillow Slippers – Perfect For The Shower

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You’re naturally going to feel a little unsteady on your feet after birth whether you had a C-section or gave birth vaginally. So, it’s important to choose shower shoes that give you good grip and keep you steady.

These ones from Joomra are perfect since they are super stable on both the outsole and the inner material will keep your feet from sliding around inside the shoe.

They’re lightweight being made from foam so are easy to slide on and off without having to over-exert yourself. Plus that thick, squishy foam feels amazing under your feet; who’d blame you if you spent more time in the shower than anywhere else?

What’s really impressive is how well you can get the Joomra shower shoes to fit. If the sizing is a little off, simply pop your foot inside after applying heat to the shoe from your hairdryer and watch as the material molds to the shape of your foot!

SQT Women’s Running Shoes – Best Shoes To Wear Home

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Something that a lot of women wonder about is what outfit for going home they should put in their hospital bags. Quite simple, comfort is key and that includes what you wear on your feet.

These sneakers may be advertised as running shoes, and I’m sure you’re not going to be running a marathon any time soon, but with optimum comfort features, they’re perfect as part of your wear-home outfit.

The shoes boast cloud-like support with just the right degree of firmness to keep your feet feeling as though you’re walking on air. But even before you go home, they make an excellent choice for short walks around the hospital grounds as you start moving around more.

The air cushion means that these sneakers are brilliant at absorbing shock. If you’re in pain then these are great to wear after giving birth since it won’t feel as though each step is sending shockwaves up your body.

Nursing Tops

Did you know that more than 80% of new moms in the USA decide to breastfeed their newborn babies? But if you don’t have a nice selection of nursing tops then it’s nothing but a pain every time your little one is hungry.

Bearsland 3 Pack Nursing Tops – Best Value For Money

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What’s the point in spending a small fortune on designer nursing tops when you can get 3 for under $40? Not to mention that these tops are incredibly stylish and since each pack contains three tops, you’ve got a few great options for various occasions. You can wear these maternity tops in the hospital during the day just as easily as you can after you return home.

Each nursing top is designed for easy breastfeeding access with a discreet opening at the breast. While the tops are a little clingier than you might have expected, sizing up does help. What’s more, with 6.9% Spandex, they’re pretty stretchy.

BRLido Nursing Tank Tops – Best Nursing Top With Built-In Bra

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Sometimes, no matter what you try, it’s just unpleasant to wear a maternity bra underneath your top. For easy access when breastfeeding, a top with a built-in bra is perfect. Not only does it offer you excellent support but there’s somewhere to place nursing pads for those leaky milk moments; let’s face it, we’ve all been there!

These nursing tanks from BRLido are ideal as a basic underlayer for your going-home outfit as they’re strappy and breathable. The tops are flattering to your postpartum body as they’re made from stretchy material that will change as your body does.

Comfortable Pants

While your tummy won’t be as large as it was a couple of days ago, you’re still not going to get back into your beloved jeans just yet. And even if you could, you’d probably find them hugely uncomfortable.

That’s why a pair of comfortable and loose-fitting pants are essential. If you have given birth via C-section then it’s important to choose high-waisted pants that won’t rub on your wound. Maternity clothes are ideal as the stomach section is designed to go over your tummy. Some people prefer wearing a pair of stretchy pants that change with their body during the first postpartum days.

You can choose from either jogging bottoms, or if you prefer, there are some brilliant maternity leggings that offer superior comfort and are easy to wear.

Motherhood Maternity Leggings – Most Stretchy Pants

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people like stretchy pants, and these leggings are great for wearing around the hospital. That said, any new mom is going to love wearing these once they return home as they’re uber comfortable and go with any outfit so you can ensure your style stays up to date.

The leggings have a patented stretchy panel that’s designed to grow with you during pregnancy and in those postpartum days. You can also choose whether to wear them over or under your bump. If you’ve had surgery then the height of these leggings will go well over your wound so will prevent chafing.

A lot of people have commented on just how stretchy the Motherhood Maternity pants are so while they might look small, there’s a lot of give in them!

Alina Mae Palazzo Pants – Best For Lounging

[amazong box=”B08K8L2MP7″]

If you aren’t overstruck by the idea of lazing around your hospital room wearing nursing pajamas all day then you might prefer a pair of lounge pants. Not only are these ones some of the most comfortable clothes in the review, they also feature a beautiful floral pattern so you can stay looking like the hot mama you are.

I think these pants are perfect for those who have given birth vaginally as the waistband is lower. If you’ve has a caesarian section then you might be better off wearing high-waisted pants.

One of the things that really makes the Alina Mae pants stand out from the crowd is how well-made they are. While they are designed to be worn right up to your due date and shortly after, I wouldn’t blame you if you added them to your regular wardrobe because they will stand the test of time!

Postpartum Underwear

Your body has been through a lot so the last thing you want is uncomfortable undergarments rubbing on C-section scars or sore nipples.

For moms that have chosen to breastfeed, a good nursing bra is a must but you’ll also want comfortable, breathable underwear that’s large enough to keep your sanitary pad secure.

Kindred Bravely High Waist Postpartum Underwear

[amazon box=”B09JVXCB78″]

When you think about postpartum panties, you might think of granny panties and that’s not the style that any of us want, even after giving birth. But of course, you’ll need comfortable underwear especially if you’re recovering from surgery and that’s why I love these high-waisted panties from Kindred Bravely.

They’re designed to be worn after birth without rubbing on your scar and providing you with a soft feel against the skin.

With a 100% cotton gusset, the underwear is breathable but the stretchy body of the panties are ideal for your changing body. Large enough to comfortably wear thick sanitary pads but with enough feminie style to make you feel good; these offer a great balance between everything you need.

KUNINDOME Seamless Maternity Shapewear – Best For The Postpartum Body

[amazon box=”B086Z3WFFW”]

You cannot expect to magically go back to how you were pre-pregnancy but I know just how difficult it can be to adjust to your new body after giving birth. It took me a long time to come to terms with how I had changed and I only wish I’d had this maternity shapewear underwear while I got used to the new me.

Not only is it really comfortable and stretchy but it does an amazing job at creating a nice silhouette that is ideal for when you wear maternity clothes on top or to wear after giving birth. That’s what I call versatile.

Completely seamless, the underwear is super discreet and with long legs, it prevents the thighs from chafing which is something that a lot of women suffer with during pregnancy and after birth.

Kindred Bravely French Terry Nursing Bra – Best For Night Feeds

[amazon box=”B01NCJ9A7Q”]

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to wear an uncomfortable bra during the night. But during pregnancy and after giving birth, you are in desperate need of support as you produce milk and your breasts get heavier. But this soft, supportive bra from Kindred Bravely gives you everything you need and won’t dig in while you’re trying to get some much-needed rest.

The bra easily pulls to one side to allow you to feed your baby without a fuss and the lightweight material keeps you cool and comfy all night long.

I love that this nursing bra comes in a great choice of colors so you can match it with your own clothes or with your postpartum pajamas and still look and feel amazing.

HOFISH 3 Pack Full Bust Seamless Nursing Bras – Best For Larger Breasts

[amazon box=”B01EFNPF20″]

If you have naturally larger breasts, once your body starts making milk, you’re going to need even more support. These bras are perfect for ladies of all sizes but for those of us with larger chests, they provide the ultimate support you’ve been looking for without feeling as though you’re wearing a corset.

The nursing bras are made from soft material that’s incredibly stretchy so the cups properly mold to your shape. What’s more, being made from nylon, these bras are very breathable so if you suffer from night sweats, they’re ideal.


A lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that they’ll just kick back in a hospital gown after giving birth. While you can do this, you’ll probably soon realize that you don’t want to. Why? Because hospital gowns are not as comfortable or convenient as your own maternity clothing.

With so many different items such as maternity shirts and robes, tops and bras for nursing, comfortable pants, and underwear designed for the mom-to-be, there’s no end to what you can take in your hospital bag.

I’d recommend taking a selection of clothes as what you’ll wear will be different during actual labor than when you’ve got your baby in your arms and are relaxing in your hospital bed. And don’t forget to pack an outfit for going home that’s comfortable and stylish.

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