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Most parents wonder when their child should start bathing themselves. It can be a tough decision, especially since there are different schools of thought on the matter.

The Importance of Teaching Your Kids Bathe Alone

One of the main concerns parents have is that their child will not be able to clean themselves properly. This is a valid concern, as children often have a hard time reaching all parts of their bodies.

However, there are a few things you can do to help them out. First, make sure you choose the right soap for your child. Look for one that is gentle and unscented. You also want to make sure the soap doesn’t dry out their skin.

Second, teach your child how to wash their hair properly. Show them how to lather up and rinse thoroughly. Third, help your child scrub their back so they don’t miss any spots.


Now that we’ve gone over the dos of bathing children, let’s discuss the don’ts. First, don’t leave your child unattended in the bathtub. It only takes a few seconds for an accident to happen.

Second, don’t use scalding hot water when bathing your child. This can cause serious burns. Third, don’t use harsh chemicals or soaps on your child’s skin. These can be very irritating, especially to young children.

It Not Just About Cleaning

Start bathing from toddler years suction cup

Bath time consists of much more than only keeping your baby clean. It is essential that parents not just teach their babies to wash themselves.

Also, it is about teaching your babies to be responsible as well as picking up their things from the tub after bath. 

Simply put, children must learn responsibility as soon as it comes to cleaning up after their bath as well as putting dirty clothes in the place they belong.

Several parents whine about the disasters their kids leave behind on the shower floor, shower wall, bathroom door, etc. after every single bath time. That is why it is important to teach good habits at an early age. Teach them shower safety and to put things in the place where they belong as well as leave things in the order they were before.

Teaching kids to be liable for their usage of water is essential. Water is a critical natural resource that’s becoming further scarce. Teaching your kids not to waste water and to be careful is a significant lesson in taking care of our environment.

When Can Children Shower or Bathe Alone?

There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer to this question. It ultimately depends on the child and their maturity level. You know your child best, so you’ll be the best judge of when they’re ready to start showering or bathing alone.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision:

– Is your child able to follow instructions?

– Are they old enough to understand the dangers of hot water and sharp objects?

– Can they reach all parts of their body when showering or bathing?

– Do they know how to properly use soap and shampoo?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then your child is probably ready to start showering or bathing alone. However, it’s always a good idea to supervise them the first few times, just to be safe.

Some children ask you to leave them alone at an early age as 5-6; others relish having parent’s company until they initiate approaching puberty, which is closer to 9-10. However, showering alone can be difficult due to drowning risks.

Due to this, experts recommend waiting until your baby is at least 8-years old before letting your baby dunk in the tub unattended.

As soon as your baby is ready to shower or bathe alone, purchase a nonslip mat as well as remind your baby that this’s a grown-up right and that goofing around as well as playing games in the tub is very risky and may lead him to get severely hurt.

Teaching Your Children to Bathe Themselves

Things To Know About Children Bathing Together

Before you start teaching your kids how to bathe alone, ensure you have towels, all toys, loofahs, washes, and washcloths readily available to your kid’s reach.  

Supervision in bathing is still incredibly significant for a few months even after you successfully teach your kids to bathe alone. Here is how to teach them…

Gather all the essential bathing items such as shampoo, soap, towel, and clothes. FOr your kid’s convenience, you can give your kid a basket to carry those items to and from the bathtub.

Teach them how to take off their clothes before taking shower.

Now it is time to step into their bathing area. Teach your baby that he or she needs to sit inside the bathtub or stand under the shower

After that, you teach your kid how to get themselves wet to start bathing.

Once your baby learns how to wet themselves, teach them how to apply soap and shampoo. Teach your baby how to do his or her own hair washing

It is now time for scrubbing. Teach your young ones to rub themselves to clean dead skin cells from the body

Once your baby is done with rubbing teach him or her to rinse off properly

Teach them to dry themselves using a towel. After completing the bathing process, teach them to take all the essentials from the bathtub and put things in place.

Do not forget to supervise them for a few months before they completely learn to take bathe alone.

Things You Need To Do Even After Your Kid Learn To Bathe Alone

Following the above-mentioned steps, it is certain that your baby will learn how to bathe alone. But do not forget to supervise them doing the following things.

Here is a list of basic things you need to do for your kid to that they can bathe along and also make sure your kid gradually learns these too.

Basic Things You Need To Do

  • Place a clean towel in a certain location near the bathtub or shower
  • Check the water temperature before your kid steps into the bathtub or shower
  • Adjust the heat if the water gets too hot or too cool suddenly
  • Keep soap and shampoo near your kid’s reach
  • In case your kid is not sure how much shampoo and conditioner is needed for their hair, you need to supervise your baby there.
  • After your kid steps out of the shower, check if he or she has thoroughly rinsed his or her body
  • Let the bathtub drain properly or turn off the shower (as per the means your kid uses to take bathe)
  • Check and dry your kid’s body thoroughly if needed
  • Hang the damp towel in a particular place so that your kid learns where to hand them


Try to keep in mind that this phase is quite normal and a maximum of kids go through the same at some point. They may cry and do not want to do it themselves. But you need to teach them gradually.

Keep reminding them that it’s important to keep them clean. In case they aren’t mature enough to manage it, they aren’t ready to shower alone. If that is the case then try to bathe them or supervise the shower until they start showing interest in bathing all by themselves.

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