Which is Better for Your Toddler: Diapers vs Pull-Ups?




Which is Better for Your Toddler Diapers vs Pull-Ups

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Making the decision to start potty training your toddler can be a daunting task. There are so many different opinions on what is the best way to do it, and which type of product to use – diapers or pull-ups?

In this guide, we will break down the pros and cons of each option and help you decide which one is better for your toddler!

diapers vs pull ups

Start Potty Training

When your child turns into a toddler as well as gets one step closer to learning potty training, you might wonder what’s the matter with diapers and pull-ups and also you may wonder when to start introducing pull-ups to your baby?

Diapering your baby takes up plenty of your budget, time, and space during the initial few years. It is assessed that in the 1st year only your baby will use about 3,000 diapers! Thats some cost, even if you have used cheaper diapers.

Thus, the question pops “should you switch to pull-up diapers? Do pull-ups work like regular disposable diapers? We’ve done a guide to when kids stop wearing diapers here.

Here, we are going to discuss the major differences between diapers and pull-ups and will help you determine whether you should switch to pull-ups or stick to the regular diaper. And if you switch then when. Know it all…

Ready to Start the Potty Training Journey

The first thing to consider is whether they are showing signs of readiness. Some common signs that your toddler may be ready for potty training include:

-Asking to be changed when they are wet or dirty

-Showing an interest in the toilet or potty chair

-Trying to remove their own diaper

-Staying dry for longer periods of time

If your toddler is showing any or all of these signs, then they may be ready to start potty training! The next step is to decide which type of product – diapers or pull-ups – is best for your toddler. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each option:

What Is a Pull-Up Diaper?

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Pull-ups are big kid underwear or disposable training pants for toddlers, older babies, and young children too for their actively potty training.

A kid steps into 2 leg holes as well as pull them up simply like underpants, thus the name. They’re generally disposable and come with a looser fit as compared to a regular diaper. They even come in a wide range of size options to fit your baby. They absorb urine and are usually made of the same material as diapers.

When you start to begin potty training your kid, you can choose this over a normal diaper. Once your kids are completely potty trained you can stop using pull ups.

pampers easy ups

When you start the potty training process, you need to decide if you will continue with normal diapers or

When Should I Start Using Pull Ups?

If you’re unsure whether your toddler is ready for pull-ups, there are a few things you can look for. Generally, toddlers who are ready for pull-ups are those who:

* Can stay dry for at least two hours at a time

* Are aware when they need to go to the bathroom

* Have some control over their bladder and bowels

* Are able to communicate that they need to go to the bathroom

* Can take off their own clothes (with some help, if necessary)

If your toddler meets all of these criteria, then he or she is probably ready to start using pull-ups. If not, don’t worry – there’s no rush. Every child is different and will be ready for pull-ups at his or her own pace.

What Are the Differences Between Pull-Ups vs Diapers?

diapers vs. pull-ups debate
Differences Between Pull-Ups vs Diapers

Pull-ups and regular diapers essentially do the exact job. The major difference between Pull-ups and regular diapers is their technique.

Pull-ups come with an elastic waistband as well as leg bands to make it easier for toddlers and older babies to pull them up & down like normal underwear or underpants.

Pull-ups even come in a variety of designs and color options which make them appear like underwear. Several parents switch to these pull-up diapers as soon as they think their kid is willing to start potty training since they find it easy from diaper to potty.

These are the differences that make pull-ups different from diapers…


When your baby is very active or you are potty training your stubborn kid who runs away during diaper changing time, then you will find it more manageable to do standing changes of diaper using a pull-up diaper instead of using a regular diaper.

Since pull-ups do not have tabs, these can make things easier to handle a fidgety kid on the changing table as you can easily tear them at the sides. 


Pull-up diapers are generally less bulky and lighter as compared to regular diapers. As soon as your kid starts moving, he or she might be more relaxed being playful in their relaxing pull-ups.

Nevertheless, conventional diapers have tabs that let you fit them perfectly as well as in the back they’re also cut higher. A more secure fit and more heightened back may even be more relaxed for younger kids. 

Skin Sensitivity Issue

A wet diaper often leads to chafing as well as diaper rash. Alternatively, some kids with sensitive skin may find the elastic system in pull-ups annoying. 

Diapers are often made with harsh chemicals that can irritate your young toddlers skin.

If your toddler is allergic to latex, then pull-ups are not an option as they usually contain latex in the elastic band. You can buy reusables which do the same job and don’t feel uncomfortable.


Maximum brands deliver traditional diapers varying from size 1 to size 6 (From newborns to babies more than 35 pounds). For older toddlers you might struggle to get diapers large enough to fit.

While pull-ups range in sizes for more aged babies and also toddlers, starting from size 4 to 5T (for 12-18 months to bigger kids who are more than 50 pounds). The pull-up size diapers are great to potty train your kid.

If you have an active baby, you need to get the right size! Look at the corresponding weight recommendations for each brand.


diapers vs. pull-ups debate

Both diapers and pull-ups are made using multiple layers of absorbent materials for liquid absorption. Also, they both contain an outer layer (waterproof one).

The absorbent material, however, can feel dry so it can be harder for your child’s body to connect the dots with potty training, though this does depend on the actual style of the pull ups.

However, most parents especially the ones who have utilized both, often claim that pull-ups are comparatively less absorbent than traditional diapers, and thus pull-ups are more inclined to leaking.

Price Difference

Typically, pull-ups are expensive as compared to diapers, based on the brand. Nevertheless, some parents see the convenience of utilizing pull-ups with enthusiastic kids worth the added cost.

And as your kid can pull them on & off as soon as they go to the bathroom, you may see that you need to use fewer pull-up diapers in a day as compared to the amount you would have spent on diapers with kids who are still potty training. Thus, your cost a day on pull-up diapers isn’t way more than diapers.

Assist With Potty Training

Assist With Potty Training

Several parents utilize pull-ups together with potty training techniques they find work best for their kids. Because children can pull on & off a pull-up diaper and they appear like underwear, many parents feel that pull-up diapers give their kids a sense of freedom and control while potty training.

Pull-ups let kids feel some wetness and they start getting the concept of what senses they need to pay close attention to as soon as it is time to utilize the potty. Nevertheless, some parents choose to use traditional underwear rather than pull-up training pants.

The benefits of pull ups over regular underwear is that they can deal with messy accidents easily. Before your child is fully potty trained, training underwear

This is because accidents are way much more uncomfortable and noticeable in regular underwear that kids will learn quickly to go to the toilet as soon as it is needed to avoid getting such a wet feeling.

Pull ups and diapers have a waterproof outer layer which are the most obvious difference to regular underwear. Whilst younger kids love wearing underwear and feel more grown up with it, depending on your child’s personality, if they typically pee and it leaks it can have an upsetting feeling for your child.

What Are the Benefits of Using Pull Ups?

There are a few benefits of using pull-ups that parents often find appealing. First of all, they’re usually more comfortable than diapers – many toddlers dislike the feeling of being wet and will appreciate the extra dryness that pull-ups provide.

Additionally, pull-ups can help your toddler feel more independent and grown-up – after all, “big kids” wear pull-ups, not diapers!

Finally, Pull-Ups often come in fun designs and characters that toddlers enjoy, which can make the potty-training process a little more fun.

Advantages of Diapers:

-They are cheaper than pull-ups

-They are easy to use – you just put them on and take them off

-They can be disposed of quickly and easily

Disadvantages of Diapers:

-They can be bulky and uncomfortable for your toddler to wear

-They can leak if they are not put on correctly

-They can be difficult to change if your toddler is squirming around

-They do not allow your child to feel the wetness so potty training may take much longer

-Older kids will be aware they are wearing diapers and may be embarrassed at diaper change time. This can be a big deal for some kids.

Advantages of Pull-ups:

-They are more comfortable for your toddler to wear than diapers

-They are easy to put on and take off

-They have an absorbent layer that helps to prevent leaks

Disadvantages of Pull-ups:

-They are more expensive than diapers

-They can be bulky and uncomfortable for your toddler to wear

-They can leak if they are not put on correctly

Bottom Line

So, which one is better in the diapers vs pull-ups debate, we must say it entirely depends on your kid only. You may decide to utilize pull-up diapers from the time your baby can walk. Also, you can use pull-up if you see it is next to impossible for you to change your diaper on a changing table because your baby wriggles and roll very much on the diaper changing table.

If money is concerned then you may choose traditional diapers over pull-ups. Whether you choose diapers because they are better for preventing leakage, or you choose pull-ups for your kid’s potty training, you know best what works perfectly and also is the most satisfactory for you & your kid. 

So, Which Is Better for Your Toddler – Diapers or Pull-ups?

The answer may depend on your individual toddler and what they are most comfortable with. If you are still unsure, you can always try both types of products and see which one works better for your toddler! If the switch makes sense, go for it!

Of course you can always go cold turkey, and go straight to underwear.

Whichever option you choose, potty training is a big milestone for both you and your toddler – so congratulations in advance!

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