1T Size vs 12 months – Clothing Sizes Explained

1T Size vs 12 months

Whether you are soon to become a parent for the first time or you are already a parent, selecting the right baby clothing can be quite challenging.

Let us be honest with you, even with a baby clothes size chart to instruct you, still, it can be a guessing game because sizes differ from brand to brand.

Although shopping for toddler clothes is fun but it is also very frustrating and confusing.

What’s the Difference Between 1T and 12 month?

For your infant, you can buy 1T size clothes.

However, often people get confused between 1T size and 12-month size. No matter what, you need to choose clothes for infants by month sizes, average height, weight, etc. It means to buy clothes as per your child’s age by months.

However, as size overlaps quickly, it is better to buy slightly bigger instead of buying the perfect size i.e. exact size.

So, let’s now take a glance at a few straightforward guidelines that will assist in making your baby clothing shopping run as smooth as butter and save your time.

What Does It Mean By 1T In Baby Clothes?

age waist

Since the ‘T sizes’ means clothes for toddlers, this size works best for babies who are starting to walk. This’s because the 1T size clothing is prepared for infants who’re no longer wearing diapers, and can walk.

1T size is for 12-months babies. However, 1T and 12-months baby clothes come with just different fit.

You can use the 1T size when your baby no longer fits in the 12month size cause the size is too small on the other hand, the 18-month size is too big.

1T in baby clothes, is the very next size larger fit size from the size 12-months clothes. It’s a great option for children who are between the 12-18-month size range.

Generally, clothing companies who sell baby clothing (both girls’ clothing and boys’ clothing) in 1T size are helping parents whose kids are not completely relaxed in 12 or 18-month clothes.

Is 1T Size Bigger Than Size 12 months Clothes?

infant by month sizes

Yes, 1T is slightly bigger than 12-month clothes. The main difference between the 1T size and the 12 months size is the way it is made and the slimmer fit.

For instance, in case the 12-month-old isn’t walking yet it is best to buy 12 months it is easier to put a shirt off the baby’s shoulder and also down whereas 1T size isn’t made that way.

What Does The 12-Month Size Baby Clothing Mean?

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The 12-month size baby clothing is developed for babies around 1-year-old i.e. 12-months who aren’t walking yet and still crawling.

Typically, this size perfectly fits infants who weigh around 20 to 24 lbs with an average height of 28-30 inches.

You must ensure that your baby fits perfectly into an item of 12-month clothing depending on their measurements instead of choosing based on their age.

This is because sizes differ so much for infants. In case you dress your infant in well-fitting dresses, they’ll be more relaxed, they’ll be capable of moving more easily as well as they’ll typically be more joyful.

Is 1T Size The Same As The 12 Months Size?

No, 1T size is certainly not the same as the 12 months size clothes. The 1T size is slightly larger as well as, the way 1T is designed, it suits babies who have learned how to walk.

Also, there are a few different features available on 1T size clothing, for example, longer legs.

One more key thing that we need to mention here is that it is much more expected to see 12-month size clothing than it’s to see the 1T size, clothing, especially as the latter, isn’t prevalent in other nations, for example, the UK.

Top Guidance for Purchasing Baby Clothes

Purchasing Baby Clothes

Use the following 6 guidelines as soon as you decide to purchase clothes for your babies.

These tips will surely help you avoid being stranded with costly garments that your little one is going to wear like 1 to 2 times hardly.

Several people enjoy buying baby clothing as presents, however, they generally purchase small-size clothes that will not fit for long.

However, let’s now know how you can save some extra money on your baby’s clothes.

Choose One Size Bigger Than Actual Size

Babies at this age, generally grow very quickly. So, it is always better to buy at least 1 size up for your kiddo. Maximum 6-month-old kids can wear clothing size 9 to 12 months, One-year-old babies can wear size 2, etc.

dressing baby

So, it is better to buy a 1T size instead of buying a 12-months size. Especially if your baby learns to walk before completing 1 year.

However, do not buy 2-3 sizes up for your kids because this can lead to some other problems.

When you pick too big clothes. your baby will look baggy and there is a high chance that your kid may fall and get hurt.

Buy Off-Season Clothes

Try to buy clothes off-season. This will help you to grab some extra discounts on expensive baby clothes. On-season, you may have to pay at least 20-30% for the same clothing.

18–24 months

Do Not Choose Too Big Clothes

In need to keep in mind that too big clothes may cause your baby to get stuck in clothes and may fall on the floor. You may fold their sleeves and legs but that won’t help in 1-year-old kiddo.

This is because your 1-year-old kid just learned to walk so he or she will keep on running here and there. So, those folding won’t help to prevent them from getting stuck and falling.

Do Not Buy Too Small Clothing

You should not buy even too-small clothing for your kid. If your baby’s clothing is too tight then it will make your baby uncomfortable. And that is not what any parent would ever want.

Shop From Secondhand Babywear Stores

Shop From Secondhand Babywear Stores

Babies grow quickly and thus their clothes are outgrown before the clothes are worn out. So, there are secondhand babywear shops that have a huge collection of such little cute dresses.

You can buy from there. It will cost you less and after use, if the dress is not worn out yet, you can even resell them.

Good Deals Are Available Online

Keep an eye on the online platform where you can get huge discounts on off-season clothes for your baby.


The only difference between a 1T size and the 12 months size clothing is the way it is made and also the size. For instance, in case your 12-month-old baby isn’t walking yet it is better to get 12 months size clothing.

On the other hand, if your kid has learned walking then go for 1T size. Moreover, a 1T size is for a kid who is not fit in the 12-month size anymore.

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