Best Tall Bassinets – My Top 6 Picks




Best Tall Bassinets - My Top 6 Picks

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If you have a bed reminiscent of the ‘Princess and the Pea’ story (think 100 mattresses), then you might have some issues with finding the right height bassinet.

Affiliate Disclaimer: As an Affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

There are a few different pathways you can take to fix the issue – the first option is to improvise with your DIY capability, and extenders, rails, booster packages, and other such fussy whatnot. The second option you could take to fix the issue of your tall bed is purchasing a suitably tall bassinet to ensure both you and baby have a great sleep

Though it may take a little extra time to find the right one, and it may even cost a little more straight out of the gate – it’ll actually save you both time and money, in the long run, as you will have to faff around with unnecessary DIY.

All the products on this list have been tested by leading experts to ensure that it meets all the necessary safety standards.

Finding the perfect bassinet to tick all of your boxes can be a little difficult – taking comfort, safety and height into the equations can mean that you have difficulty finding suitable options, especially if you aren’t super familiar with all the ins and outs of the bassinet and baby care market. You need to decide if you want a rocking bassinet or non rocking, and then if a drop down or not.

Luckily for you, we have written this handy guide to let you know what our favorite picks are for finding the perfect tall bassinet. Read on to learn about all of our favorite options that you will find on the market today!

1. Mika Micky Baby Bassinet

[amazon fields=”B08WQ5N9ZL” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This bassinet is tall, and has the option to easily adjust the height, making it easy to co-sleep regardless of how tall your bed is. Available on Amazon, it is also pretty affordable.

It comes in two attractive neutral colors – a warm sand, or a light gray, and is made from high quality materials, including a steel frame, durable mesh fabric, and plastic castor feet.

This bassinet is also safe for use up to 6 months, which means that you don’t need to worry about any potential risks associated with using a bassinet past the age of six months.

The detachable sides to the bassinet mean that there is easy access to your baby all night long, and you can co sleep peacefully.

The side securely zips back on, though – meaning it is dually great for co-sleeping and standing alone. The bassinet also features a removable and washable mattress pad, which makes cleaning a breeze.

You can remove the mattress to wash and ensure a high level of hygiene, but it is still comfortable while they’re sleeping, helping to support your child’s joints. Lovely range of matching bassinet fitted sheets available.

Our Favorite Features

  • Seven height settings, with a minimum height of 66 cm. 
  • Travel bag for compact, easy movement. 
  • Tiltable, which can help with your baby’s airflow, or congestion. 
  • Suitable both as a secure next-to-bed bassinet and a stand-alone cot, suitable for travel.

2. Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet

[amazon fields=”B07B7KY47P” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This tall bassinet is a great option for bedside sleeping – being able to easily move away from your baby when needed, but still having them close by should you need them. This bassinet is available on Amazon and has been built to last, using heavy-duty, durable materials.

This bassinet has 5 height increments, which means it can be adjusted to fit most bed heights – we recommend beds up to the 27-inch mark (if you have a bed that is taller than this, then we recommend that you look at a few of the other options that we have included on this list).

It also has a mesh cover that allows air circulation. The practical and simple design is easy to construct and meets all the necessary safety certifications and CPSC standards. 

Our Favorite Features

  • A range of height levels, making it a great fit for most beds. It is adjustable in small increments of one inch, meaning it is really flexible, and you can get the perfect fit, so that it is level with your bed. 
  • The compact Z structure means when not in use it can be folded away seamlessly, saving you tons of space. 
  • The built to last nature of this product – the hard wearing materials and hardy structure means you can use it for all of your kids, or pass it on in the knowledge that it will be working in the same reliable way. 

3. The Baby Delight Bedside Me Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper

[amazon fields=”B07FYN5FS9″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This is a stylish and functional bassinet that would make an ideal addition to any nursery or bedroom.

Its compact size means it takes little room, and its sturdy frame ensures it will provide years of service, whilst still remaining lightweight. It comes with a handy carry case too, so you can take it wherever you go.

This is one of the most comfortable bassinets/bedside sleepers on the market, and it stands out because of its features.

In particular, its tall height – standing three inches taller than the Simmons Kid By the Bed Sleeper, both at its highest point and its lowest point. 

Even though it is very tall, it has an adjustable height to fit almost any size of bed, and there is a sliding side panel to make it easier for babies to get into the bassinet.

It also has a secure, anchored connection to the adults’ bed, which makes it safe for your child to use. And you don’t have to worry about their safety.

Our Favorite Features

  • The exceptional height will fit even the tallest of beds!
  • It is really light and portable, meaning it is both easy to move from room to room in your house, or you can take it traveling (trip to see the grandparents, anyone?). 
  • The super secure straps attach the bassinet to the bed, tethering it very strongly, so you don’t have to worry about anything coming unstuck. 
  • The collapsible Z shaped design allows you to conserve space when the bassinet is not in use, and store it away after your baby has outgrown it – in anticipation of a younger sibling!

4. The RONBEI Bedside Bassinet and Sleeper

[amazon fields=”B07XDW2LTH” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Ronbei is a very tall bassinet –  standing at a tall 31 inches, making it much taller than most bassinets.  It has nine levels of height adjustments, making it really flexible, and suitable for all heights of beds.

The side panels and the sheets are removable and washable, and you can even use them separately if you want to. Overall, it is a really classic bassinet design, with a tall twist. 

It comes with high-quality materials, so you can use them not only in the bassinet, but also in your baby’s crib once they have outgrown their bedside sleeper.

The bassinet comes in two colors – light and dark gray, so it is a fairly timeless, classy looking sleeper. The materials that RONBEI has used in this bedside sleeper are built with durability in mind. 

Our Favorite Features

  • The frame of this bassinet is incredibly sturdy, and the quality materials that were used exceed all the necessary safety standards. 
  • There are nine levels of adjustability for height – so you should be able to use this bassinet regardless of how tall your bed is. 
  • All the fabrics and the mattress are removable, and washable. 
  • There is an attachable baby mobile, so you can hang a toy to keep your baby entertained. There is also a soothing station, with a music box, as well. 

Do note – there are some reviews reporting that the bassinet has a tendency to tilt to one side. It isn’t a super common issue (RONBEI products have been designed to be incredibly stable), but there have been a few cases.

You can always replace any kind of faulty unit, for any reason, especially if you use Amazon to make your purchases, as they have a thorough return policy. 

5. Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper

[amazon fields=”B07G7CM9GB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This ultra stylish bassinet wins points for being very sturdy, and it is a great all round tall bassinet sleeper. In particular, it is a great fit for beds that are up to 31 inches in height. 

Like a few others on this list, it can work really well as a stand-alone cot, or as a bassinet that is attached to the side of the bed.

This even has an extra tall bassinet option which goes up to 35 inches!

The mattress is waterproof, and the bed sheet is totally machine washable – meaning you can keep your baby fresh and clean regardless of any middle of the night ‘incidents’.

The bassinet is totally adjustable to different levels of height adjustment, which makes it really versatile.

It has a soft padded headboard, and the mattress is covered with a thick layer of foam, which means your baby will stay comfortable throughout the night.

There are also a set of storage pockets around the outside of the bassinet, so you can keep any kind of essentials for you and baby, such as water bottles, wet wipes and diapers, close to hand. 

Overall, we think this is a great bassinet for both parents and babies alike. It looks good, it is easy to assemble, and it is extremely sturdy. We love its versatility and affordability, and we would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a tall bassinet.

Our Favorite Features

  • The strong but flexible frame means that you can rely on the bassinet to keep your baby safe, whilst still letting you sway them to sleep. 
  • The bassinet can be used in two modes – stand-alone or as an attached bassinet for side sleeping. 
  • A very generous sleeping area, with a whopping 35 inches, so your baby likely won’t outgrow it before graduating to the crib. 

6. The HALO BassiNest Glide Sleeper and Bedside Bassinet

[amazon fields=”B072N1JRNC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The HALO bassinet is a great choice for parents who need a bassinet that is both practical and affordable. It is made from durable plastic, and measures just over 24 inches in height at its lowest, to 34 inches at its highest.

This bassinet’s mattress comes with two layers of padding, and the mattress is completely removable, the sheet is machine washable, and everything else is wipeable. 

There are six levels of height adjustability, so you can choose exactly where you want your baby to sleep. There is also a handy storage pocket under the bassinet, which is perfect for keeping things like bottles, toys, blankets etc., out of reach of little hands. 

This bassinet easily tucks under your bed, or can be raised up to your level, so your baby can co sleep whilst still having their own space.

The bassinet is also fully waterproof, making it ideal for when your baby starts sleeping through the night – and may be a little more prone to diaper leaks. We absolutely love the HALO bassinet. It is very sturdy, and it is also very easy to clean.

Our Favorite Features

  • The lightweight bassinet easily glides across your flooring when untethered, with only a gentle push. This feature will be really helpful when you are in those first few exhausting weeks – helping to aid your recovery. 
  • The mattress is incredibly comfy, and the pillow is super supportive. All the bedding is washable too – the removable mattress cover is machine washable, and the entire bassinet is wipeable. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, Bassinets are wonderful devices that allow you to see your baby sleeping peacefully while he/she is still young – keeping them close, safe, and in sight whilst eliminating the risks of sharing a sleeping space.

You should be able to choose a bassinet that fits the size of your bed – regardless of how tall your bed is!

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