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Bird Names for Girls

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Looking for a unique name for your baby girl? Why not consider a bird name? There are many beautiful and unique bird names to choose from. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best bird names for girls.

These names are unusual but adorable, and they will definitely make your daughter stand out from the crowd!

Bird Names for Your Gorgeous Baby Girls

Every bird, like any baby girl named after one of our feathered friends, has a distinct personality. If you’re looking for a name that will be timeless and memorable, consider one of these bird names for girls:



You can give your newborn girl real bird names, each with its own personality. Dove, a literal bird name, for example, is a sweet choice with mild overtones. You can always resort to meaning for that feathery feel if the obvious approach isn’t for you.


If you want something with hidden strength, try Daya, a Hebrew name for baby girl with recent celebrity ties and the fierce meaning of “bird of prey.”

Aderyn /ad EHR in/

Aderyn comes from a Welsh word that means “bird,” and it’s a lovely bird name for your little girl who deserves to be as free and adventurous as a bird. While it isn’t related with a particular species, it encompasses all of the lovely singing birds.

Araceli /ar ah SAY lee/ or /ar ah CHEL ee/


This name is derived from the Spanish word for “a little eagle,” and it’s also an alternate version of the name Cecilia.

Alouette /a lwèt/

Alouette is a French word that means “skylark,” a beautiful little bird that sings while soaring. As a result, Alouette is a sweet-sounding name for your darling little angel. It is also the name of a well-known French-language children’s song about plucking the feathers from a lark.

Ava /AH vah/


The short but memorable bird name Ava derived from the Latin word Avismeans “like a bird” in Hebrew, and “voice” in Persian. Overall, Ava is an elegant and glamorous name. Ava Gardner, the actress, is one of its renowned namesakes.

Birdie /bur dee/

Birdie is a German, English, and American name for baby girls. Birdie’s meaning is “bright, famous; small bird.”

Celandine /seh luhn dine/


Derived from a Greek word that means ‘swallow’, this is a beautiful choice for a little girl.

Chenoa /CHEE no uh/

Chenoa is a one-of-a-kind bird name. It’s the Native American translation of “white dove” or the “Bird of Peace.” If you want a unique name that is both beautiful and meaningful, a bird name like Chenoa is an excellent choice in this scenario.



Ciconia is the Latin word meaning “stork.” If your baby has lengthy legs, he’ll be called Ciconia, a nickname for a slender man with long legs.

Circe /surs/

Circe or Kirke in Greek word which most probably meantbird. Circe was a sorceress in Greek mythology who enticed Perseus by turning his warriors into pigs and back.

Corbin /KOR bin/


Corbin is a nickname that originated in England and was transformed to a surname. The moniker comes from the French word “corbeau,” which means “crow, raven,” and was used to describe a man with lustrous black hair or a boisterous voice.

Corvus /kor vuhs/

This Latin word means “crow,” but it’s also Severus Snape’s middle name, so it’s an obvious choice if you like Harry Potter books.

Daya /dai uh/


A Hebrew name, this means “bird of prey”. Daya is a girl’s name that means “compassionate.” Daia is another spelling variation for the same word. This name is one of the hottest celebrity baby names.

Dove /duv/

Dove is a female name of an American origin that means “bird of peace.” Paloma is another name for a gorgeous dove.



Derora is of Hebrew origin, and is a feminine form of Dror meaning “a bird, a swallow.”

Eileen /eye LEEN/

Eileen is an Irish female given a name that means “beautiful little bird”. See the meaning of the name Eileen

Einin /AY-neen/


This Irish name for girl from the word ean + the diminutive -in means “small bird.”

Evelyn /EH veh lin/, /EE veh lin/, /EV lin/

Evelyn is a gender-neutral name derived from Aveline, a feminine diminutive of Ava in French, or an Anglicization of the Irish Éibhleann. Evelyn can imply either ‘small bird’ or ‘beautiful bird.’ You can also go for Eileen if you want a variation of the name.

Gallina /gah yee nah/


Gallina from Greek means “quiet.” Also, Gallina is an Italian word that means “hen,” “chicken,” or “a female fowl.”

Gwylan /GWIL an/

Gwylan is a Welsh female given name that means “seagull.” Keep in mind that many names have distinct meanings in different nations and languages, so be sure the name you choose doesn’t have any negative connotations.

Jena /JEHN ah/

Jena is a name of Sanskrit and Arabic roots that means “endurance or little bird.”

Kanara /kah NAR ah/


Kanara is a Hebrew name, means “a canary, a little bird.”

Lark /lark/

The name Lark is of English origin, and its meaning is “songbird.” It is usually used in English-speaking countries.



Luscinia is a tiny passerine bird or perching birds or song birds that includes nightingales and their relatives. “Luscinius”in Latin word means “nightingales”.

Linette /li net/

Linette is a Welsh name referring to a small songbird that means “Beautiful girl is like the linnet bird.”



Mavis is a baby girl’s name of French origin that means “songbird” or “song thrush” in Old French. It is a speckled songbird with a distinctive loud call. Isn’t it perfect for a kid?

Merlen /mer len/

Merlen is a unique but cool name derived from Muriel, an old French word meaning “blackbird.”

Nascha /nas cha/

Nascha is among the names that mean ‘owl’. The name, with Native American origins, is very powerful—a lovely name for a baby girl.



Nesta represents the intricate nests built by birds and is generally a gender-neutral Welsh name that means “pure.” Agnes is Welsh nickname, but also a Spanish version for Nestor, a wise ruler. He was a Greek legend who aided the Greeks in their victory in the Trojan War.

Palila /pa li la/

Palila is one of the most beautiful Hawaiian names that means “bird.” It’s a lovely pick because it’s close to Lila and Leila.

Philomela /fuh luh meh luh/

In Greek mythology, Philomela was an Athenian princess who was turned into a nightingale, which is combination of the Greek words for song and love.

Phoebe /FEE bee/


Phoebe is a Greek girl’s name from Moon Goddess in Greek mythology . Phoebe means “sparkling,” “bright one,” or “the radiant one”. If you’re looking for a well-known and fortunate name for your baby girl, this is a terrific option.

Phoenix /FEE niks/

Phoenix is a gender-neutral with Greek origin that translates as Purple-Red. In Egyptian and Greek mythology, the phoenix is a legendary beautiful bird that rises from the ashes. The immortal bird’s modern name stems from Latin and was popularized by the French.

Raven /RAY ven/


Raven, the bird name that was once a source of pride for both African-American and Wiccan parents, is now a superhero name. Raven is more usually used as a feminine name in the United States and the United Kingdom than as a masculine name.

Rhea /REE a/ or /REY a/

Rhea, also known as “nandus” or South American ostriches, are a large and flightless bird with no keel on their sternum bone native to South America and distantly related to ostriches and emus. Rhea was the mother of Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, and Demeter in Greek mythology.

Rosella /ruh zeh luhz/


Rosella is a gorgeous baby name derived from Rosellas, which are colorful Australian parrots. Rosellas and other broad-tailed parrots have a feature called Platycercus, which means “broad-tailed” or “flat-tailed.” It’s also the name of an Australian flower.

Suzume /su-zum-e/

Suzume is predominantly a girl’s baby name from a Japanese that means Sparrow.

Swan /swahn/


Swan is a girl’s name or nickname for someone who embodies the qualities of purity and excellence associated with swans. A symbol of beauty and grace, this name is also the name of a river in England and a city in Minnesota.

Teal /teel/

Teal is a gender-neutral name for a bluish-green shade that corresponds to the Eurasian teal, a duck with similar characteristics, and makes a great middle name.

Tori /taw ree/


Tori is a Japanese name for a baby girl. This name, which means “bird,” will remind infants of their ability to fly through life.

Usoa / YSOWAH/

Another one of the bird names for girls that mean ‘dove’. Usoa’s name comes from Basque origins and makes for an individualistic name for a baby girl.

Vireo / ve-ri-o/


The beautiful Vireo is a beautiful green- bird that are chiefly olivaceous and grayish in color. It belongs to the songbird with a soothing chirp.

Yonina /yo nee nah/

The name Yonina is another one of the cute and feminine bird names of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is “Little Dove.”

Zipporah /ZIP or a/, /zip OR a/


The name Zipporah is another baby name for girls from the Hebrew word “Zipporah,” which means “bird.”

Zitkala /Zit – KA – Lah/

The name Zitkala, from red bird species means “little bird” in Native American and is most commonly used as the name for baby girls.

Unique Inspiration from Latin Word

Bird names are typically suited for both genders and can be used as unique first names or significant middle names.

  1. ColumbaAnother dove baby name from Latin word predominantly used as a male name with girls’ name with a modern sound , a huge hit in England, Scotland, and as well as in Ireland.
  2. LaralineLaraline is the Latin word for ‘seagull’ and is a rarer choice for a bird baby name.
  3. MynaThe common myna bird sometimes spelled mynah, is a bird in the family Sturnidae, native to Asia. Myna is a sharp, cunning bird, which meant any kid given this name will agree so it’s a popular baby name for girls and other attractive females. The word “Mainā” comes from the Sanskrit word “madana,” which means “joyous” or “pleasant.”
  4. PetrelPetrel is the nickname for baby girls who are named after the sea bird, a shearwater that is related to and flies much like shearwaters.
  5. VeeryThe veery is a songbird that you can find in the eastern and central United States. The name Veery implies that you are an interesting person. As you mature, your shyness subsides.
  6. NydiaNydia is a Latin name that is predominantly used in Italian-speaking nations. Nydia is a female name of the Latin word ‘nidus.’ The word Nydia means ‘house, nest, or sanctuary.’
  7. OrioleThe name oriole derives from the Latin oriolus, which means “golden one.” Oriole is one of the Latin names for girls derived from birds that means “golden” since it is the name of a golden-colored bird.
  8. ManuManu is a Polynesian baby name that means “bird of the night.” It is also a Sanskrit name that means ‘man.’

Unexpected Bird Names for Girls


Shortened form of Adelheid or Adelaide, a charming name inspired from the Adelie penguin. Adelie, which means “nobility,” has a French flavor and is pronounced “AD-del-ee” (rather than “Ah-deh-LEE”) if you want something a little more unique.


Chick has its origins in old Anglo-Saxon culture. It was a nickname for someone who strode haughtily or looked like a rooster or fowl in some way. The name is derived from the Old English word chike, which means chicken, according to further study. Diminutive form of Charles


This name was inspired by the grey plover, a serene and lovely arctic bird. Grey has a regal vibe to it and would make an excellent name for a little boy or girl.


Ibis has sacred importance, as does the glossy ibis bird species. The ibis was the sacred symbol of the Egyptian god Toth. And this magnificent long-necked bird can demonstrate why. If you adore history or want a name that seems like it belongs in another time period, Ibis is the name for you!


Kanara is a Hebrew name meaning “little bird” or “canary”. People who are named Kanara are often called Chana. A perfect fitting nickname for your little girl.


Myrleen, a French word for blackbird is “merle.” Myrleen is a beautiful bird and is enjoyable to watch.

French Bird Names for Baby Girls

  1. BayaMeaning: Weaver-birdBaya is a French girl’s name with the meaning “Weaver-bird.” This name is perfect for a creative and hardworking person.
  2. CelandineMeaning: Swallow BirdCelandine is an anglicized variant of the Greek word “chelidon”, which means swallow.
  3. HilaMeaning: Praise; Appreciation; Name of a Bird; Sparrow-hawkHila or Hilla (Hebrew origin) is a biblical name for girls that means “halo,” and is a cognate of the Arabic Hala given name. In Israel, it was one of the most popular girl’s names in 2012.
  4. MagpieMeaning: PieIn French, the magpie is known as pie. Someone who talks obnoxiously is like a Magpie, a long-tailed crow with vividly marked (or green) plumage and a noisy voice.
  5. MerleMeaning: Rebelliousness; BlackbirdMerle is an English 19th-century bird name that means “blackbird.”
  6. AleanMeaning: Shining; Bright One; BirdAlean is a name that has its origins in France, where it is typically given to girls. Alean exudes strength, beauty, and elegance, making it an ideal pick for any young lady who wants to combine these qualities into her own personality.
  7. AvianMeaning: Relating to Bird; Like Birds in the SkyAvian is largely a female name of French origin, meaning “bird-like.” Avian evokes feelings of lightness and freedom, making it an ideal choice for parents seeking a name with a light, bird-like vibe.
  8. AviceMeaning: Believed to have been introduced during the Norman Conquest; BirdThe name Avice is generally a female French name that means “bird family.” Outside of England, this name was uncommon. Avice’s meaning is ‘refuge in combat.’
  9. AvilaMeaning: Bird; Strength; Desired; Sun Rays, FearlessAvila is a French name derived from the Germanic root avi, which could mean “desired” or be related to the Latin word Avis (Avis), which means “bird.”
  10. CalenMeaning: The Sparrow-hawkCalen is a girl’s name with Old French and Greek roots, and its meaning is “pure.” Calen is a nickname for Caitlin, an Old French, and Greek name.

Takeaway: Completely Unique Names of Birds Worth Considering

Birds have been a source of inspiration for many great minds out there, and one such subject of inspiration is names derived from birds. These names are very rare nowadays, but there are still those who prefer the rare and unusual.

It’s always cool to give your baby a name that’s completely unique. That way she can be her own person and have something that other people don’t have. Start browsing some of the bird names on this list, and see if you find a few that you like for your baby girl.

We have recovered a huge list of baby bird names inspired by the origin, meaning and popularity those birds are known for. If you are looking for a unique name for your little princess, you might find one from this blog post.

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