101+ Brazilian Names for Boys: A Guide to Baby Names in Brazil




Brazilian Names for Boys

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When it comes to naming a baby, parents around the world often look to their culture and heritage for inspiration. If you’re Brazilian, or have Brazilian roots, you may be wondering what the most popular Brazilian baby names for boys are.

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Many popular Brazilian baby names have a religious connotation due to the country’s large Catholic population. Baby names and even Brazilian nicknames are derived from religion or have deep origins in Latin origin, Hebrew, and South European culture. Oftentimes, they’re a mix of Spanish and Portuguese origin as well as Native American influences, with a touch of modernity.

Brazilians frequently import them in their original form and even invent new ones to suit their preferences. Whether you have a connection to Brazil, admire its culture, or want to visit, we’ve produced a list of the best 100 Brazilian baby names for your

What are Typical Brazilian Baby Boy Names?

Names reflect the diversity of Brazil’s population and the importance of family in Brazilian culture. It is also common to use two given names, with the second name being a saint’s name. And it is common for children to have more than one middle name.

While having a first, middle, and surname is the standard in English-speaking countries, three or four middle names are extremely prevalent in Catholic countries, including Brazil.

Furthermore, some families prefer to give the child both the surname of their father’s family and the surname of their mother’s family.

Common Brazilian Boy Names

The 10 most common Brazilian names for baby boys based on the 2010 Population Censusaccording to Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística or the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) are:

Brazilian Boy Names with A


  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: This baby boy’s name means the one who is ready to be noble
  • Nickname: Fonsi, Poncho
  • Popularity: 4,948th most common first name in the world, with 211,112 people having it.The Portuguese variant of Afonso is Alonzo. It’s a great Brazilian name that’ll motivate your kid to be polite, courteous, independent, and confident. With the name Afonso, your boy will be well on his way to becoming the best man he can be.


  • Origin: French, Greek
  • Meaning: Warrior or Defensor of humanity
  • Nickname: Fonsi, Poncho
  • Popularity: 4,948th most common first name in the world, with 211,112 people having it.Alexandre is a fantastic boy name of Greek and French origin. You could motivate your boy to fight climate change or protect human rights.


  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Manly, brave
  • Nickname: Andy, Dre
  • Popularity: Number 314 in 2022Although Andre is one of the most popular boy names in Brazil, there is significant debate over its origins. Because Andre is a popular name in France, many people think of him as a French boy name. While Andre has the meaning of brave, it is a Portuguese form of Andrew, so you could also consider those meanings of manly and strong.

Brazilian Boy Names with B


  • Origin: Latin and Spanish
  • Meaning: “Ben” means blessed, Decent man, Kind man
  • Nickname: Beni, Benchu, Cicio, Benu
  • Popularity: 5,517th most popular nameBenicio is a lovely name that means blessed and decent man. While Benicio is a common name in Brazil, it has gained popularity in English-speaking countries because of Oscar-winning actor Benicio del Toro, who has appeared in films ranging from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Star Wars to the critically acclaimed Sicario.


  • Origin: Germanic
  • Meaning: Brave; brave like a bear
  • Nickname: Berni, Nardo, Berna
  • Popularity: Bernardo is the world’s 2,541st most popular name.Bernardo is a popular Brazilian boy at the moment, and means “strong, brave as a bear” in German name and has a powerful significance with a German origin. Bernardo could encourage your son to be strong enough to handle all of the hardships and obstacles he faces throughout his life.


  • Origin: Germanic
  • Meaning: Armour; brown; protection
  • Nickname: Brun, Uno
  • Popularity: Bruno is now the 1,916th most prevalent name in the world.The feminine form of Bruno is Bruna, however, both names have the same meaning. While brown may have an odd word meaning, it conjures up images of being tanned and health. Bruno is a joyful and adorable name from old German origin.

Brazilian Boy Names with C


  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Free man
  • Nickname: Cai, Los (See meaning of the name Carlos)
  • Popularity: Carlos is the world’s 250th most prevalent name.In Brazil, Portugal, and Spain, Carlos is a popular name. While Carlos has a wonderful meaning, it is also a unique variation of the regal name Charles of Italian origin. So, if you’re looking for a classic Brazilian boy name with a twist, Carlos can be a fantastic option.


  • Origin: Latin claudus, Spanish
  • Meaning: Disabled, Crippled, and Lame
  • Nickname: Claud, Claude
  • Popularity: Claudio is the world’s 3,801st most popular name.Claudio is a charming Italian name that appears in two Shakespearean plays: Measure for Measure and Much Ado About Nothing. While the most frequently accepted meaning is “lame,” some etymologists believe the name may be related to the term for enclosure or clause, an additional meaning that may appeal to a child with a version of this otherwise lovely name.


  • Origin: Latin and Greek Origins
  • Meaning: Christian man, Follower of Christ
  • Nickname: Cris
  • Popularity: Cristiano ranks 5,485th all-time in popularity.Cristiano is a Portuguese and Brazilian variant of Christian, Christer, and Christopher. All of these variations have the same meaning as a Christian disciple. Cristiano is a great approach to tie your baby boy’s name to your religious views or to have a more unique version of Christopher.

Brazilian Boy Names with D


  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is my judge
  • Nickname: Danny, Daniel
  • Popularity: Danilo is the world’s 4,779th most prevalent name.Daniel is also known as Danilo in Brazil, and both variants have the same meaning. Daniel is a prophet and dream interpreter who appears frequently in the Bible. Danilo is a fantastic biblical name of Hebrew roots if you want to tie your new kid to your religious views, encourage him not to succumb to peer pressure and judgment, or simply want a more unique version of Daniel.


  • Origin: English, Hebrew, Spanish
  • Meaning: Supplanter, One who advises
  • Nickname: Ego, Didi, Yeyo, Dego (See nicknames for Diego)
  • Popularity: 611th most common name in the world.Diego is an excellent Spanish name for encouraging your boy to value intelligence and to be the voice of reason. Diego could urge your kid to have a measured attitude to life and keep his peers grounded since the name means “one who advises.”


  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Holy name that means God, Belonging to the Lord
  • Nickname: Mingo, Domi
  • Popularity: 43,563rd most common name in the worldDomingos from Spanish is a baby boy’s name that means “born on a Sunday.” A rhythmic option here, as heard in Hispanic cultures. It is a variation of the name Dominic.

Brazilian Boy Names with E


  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Great Spearman, protector of the good, One who protects his wealth with a spear
  • Nickname: Eddie, Ed, Eddy (See nicknames for Edgar)
  • Popularity: 482nd most popular name of all timeWhile Edgar has English origins and means “lucky and powerful,” it has become one of the most popular Brazilian boy names. This is a powerful name that may motivate your son to protect himself and others from the severe problems of today’s world.



It is the Portuguese variation of the English name , and it means guardian of wealth.

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Wealthy Guardian
  • Nickname: Edward, Eddie, Ed, Edu (See meaning of the name Eduardo)
  • Popularity: 634th most popular name of all timeThe Brazilian form of Edward is Eduardo. Edward has a similar connotation to Eduardo, but it also meant guardian in old English. Either of these interpretations might be a fantastic source of inspiration for your son as a young man. If you want your son to have a pet name, you may use Ed or Eddie, as you did with Edward.


  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Biblical name meaning God is with us
  • Nickname: Manny, Manuel, Eman (See Names that go with Emanuel)
  • Popularity: 1,020th most popular name of all timeEmanuel is a Biblical male name that is perfect for tying your son’s name to your religious views. With the meaning “God is with us,” naming your child Emanuel can help you connect him to your religious beliefs and can also give your child the charming moniker Manny.

Brazilian Boy Names with F


  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: A Freeman
  • Nickname: Cisco, Paco, Pancho, Chico, Frank
  • Popularity: 528th most popular name of all timeAlthough Francisco is a popular baby name in Portuguese and Spanish-speaking nations, it has ancient Latin origin. Francisco is a name that appears throughout European history. However, because the arty city of San Francisco shares the name, it is often linked with a cool attitude.


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Friend of horses as in reference to someone who loves war.
  • Nickname: Pipe, Phillip
  • Popularity: 1,408th most popular name of all timeFelipe is the Spanish and Portuguese version of the name Phillip, and both names have the same meaning. Felipe is an excellent name for anyone who enjoys riding or wants a name with regal implications. Phillip of France and Phillip of Spain are only two examples of royal family members named Phillip. If you like the name Phillip but want something a little different for your son, consider Felipe.


  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Daring, Adventurous, Fearless to achieve peace
  • Nickname: Ferdie, Nando, Nan, Ferd
  • Popularity: 663rd most popular name of all timeFernando is of Spanish origin with a commanding meaning. Your son’s name Fernando may motivate him to be courageous while yet seeking serenity. Fernando has deep ties to Catholicism, as a number of popes and leaders have been named Fernando. If you like ABBA, the name Fernando will bring a grin to your face.

Brazilian Boy Names with G


  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Hero of God; God is my strength, messenger of God
  • Nickname: Abe, Gab, Riel, Gabs, Briel, Gabe, Gabri
  • Popularity: 191st most popular name of all timeGabriel is of Hebrew origin , although it is a rather common name in Portuguese-speaking nations due to its Christian and Catholic setting. God’s messenger Gabriel came to Mary to inform her that she would bear God’s son. Gabriel is a wonderful name choice if you’re seeking for a powerful name with Hebrew origin that connects your boy to your religious views.


  • Origin: Latin and French
  • Meaning: Bright pledge or promise
  • Nickname: Bert, Gil
  • Popularity: 1,489th most popular name of all timeDerived from the Latin adjective “gilber”, meaning “bright,” Gilberto beautifully captures the promise of new life in springtime and the glow of the harvest moon in autumn. Gilberto is a popular option among parents today, demonstrating that this timeless Brazilian boy name holds as much potential as it does.


  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Mercy of God, God is gracious
  • Nickname: Gian, Gianni, Gio, Nanni, Vanni
  • Popularity: 807th most popular name of all timeGiovanni is an Italian boy’s name that means “God is gracious.” Geovani and Giovani are two different spellings of the same name.

Brazilian Boy Names with H


  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Prince or Lord of home, Home ruler or leader
  • Nickname: Henri, Henry, Rique, Rikki, Ique
  • Popularity: 16,952nd most popular name of all timeHenrique is a masculine name from German name Haimric, which means “house leader.” Henry’s Portuguese form is Henrique. It was once a patronymic that meant Henrique’s son. Enriquez is the Spanish counterpart, and D’Enrico is the Italian equivalent.


  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Powerful name means Sun
  • Nickname: Lio
  • Popularity: 23,823rd most popular name of all timeA new baby may infuse your house and family with light and warmth. Helio is a lovely name for someone who wants to communicate this sentiment. Helio as a name for your baby boy can convey that he is a brilliant light in your life and inspire him to have a warm and caring attitude.


  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Timekeeper
  • Nickname: Lacho, Hory, Chacho, Oracito, Horas
  • Popularity: 4,309th most popular name of all timeHoratio is a unique Brazilian name with a strong meaning. It is of Germanic origin and its Latinized form “hora” meaning “hour, time.” The name Horatio has been used occasionally in literature and film, but it is not a popular name in the English-speaking world. However, it has recently begun to gain popularity in Latin America.

Brazilian Boy Names with I


  • Origin: Norse
  • Meaning: Warrior, archer
  • Nickname: Igorek
  • Popularity: Igor ranks 13,377th among all names.Igor is a popular boy name for babies born during the month of October, which is when Brazil celebrates its national day. The name was introduced into Scandinavia by Viking settlers and became popular during the Middle Ages around the 13th century. Whether you’re looking for a unique Brazilian baby name or simply want to know more about this interesting name, Igor is definitely worth considering.


  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God’s fighter or Prince of God
  • Nickname: Issy, Izzy
  • Popularity: 874th most popular name of all timeIsrael is mostly known as a Jewish name that means God’s warrior or God’s Prince. Israel is a Hebrew boy and girl name that means “he who strives with God.” Though the Puritans employed it in the sixteenth century, the establishment of the contemporary Jewish state in 1948 turned Israel from a traditional favorite to a Jewish icon.


  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God will hear
  • Nickname: Isma, Mael
  • Popularity: 1,241st most popular name of all timeMany parents believe that their new baby is an answer to a prayer, and the name Ismael will help you express this sentiment. Choosing the name Ismael for your son will not only connect him to your religious values, but will also reassure him that God will hear and answer his prayers.


  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: God is my salvation
  • Nickname: Yezzy
  • Popularity: 2,046th most popular name of all timeIsaias is a Hebrew, Spanish, and Latin boy’s name that means “Salvation of the Lord.” The shorter Isai is also widely used in the Hispanic population. For religious parents, Isaiah is a favorite choice.

Brazilian Boy Names with J


  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Addition of the Lord or God multiplies
  • Nickname: Pepe, Joe
  • Popularity: 94th most popular name in 2020, 105th most popular name of all timeJose is Joseph’s Portuguese and Spanish equivalent. It is a popular name choice in various nations because of the significant Catholic presence. Although Joseph was a pivotal figure in the Bible as Jesus’ stepfather, the name Jose has a powerful spiritual connotation. By giving your son the name Jose, you can show him that God will support the positive changes he makes in his life, multiplying the seeds he sows.


  • Origin: English, Greek
  • Meaning: Farmer
  • Nickname: JoJo, JoJi, Jory, Geor, Geo
  • Popularity: 540th most popular name of all timeJorge is the Brazilian version of George, but the two words are pronounced differently. If you want to emphasize your connection to nature, Jorge is an excellent name choice. With the basic meaning of farmer, you might inspire your boy to connect to the environment, nurturing, feeding his family, and nourishing others by naming him Jorge.


  • Origin: Hebrew, Spanish
  • Meaning: Graced by God
  • Nickname: Juany, Ju, Juju
  • Popularity: 4,808th most popular name in 2010In Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries, Juan is a common name and a variation of João. Juan exemplifies God’s love and grace for your son through the meaning bestowed by God. This is a beautiful way to honor your little miracle while also encouraging him to keep his faith.

Brazilian Boy Names with K


  • Origin: Brazilian
  • Meaning: Water bird
  • Nickname: Kaike, Kayk, Kiki
  • Popularity: 48,219th most popular name of all timeKaique is a sweet-sounding indigenous Brazilian name. Kaique is a great name if you want something different and charming. These birds from South America are not only brilliant and beautiful, but they also have an enthusiastic and fun personalities. All of these are wonderful qualities to instill in your son.


  • Origin: Brazilian
  • Meaning: Kind man, eagle
  • Nickname: Kai
  • Popularity: most popular name of all timeThis name is a unique Brazilian boy name. Whether you want your son to be an academic or an athlete, a great businessman or a generous philanthropist, one common attribute will almost certainly be kindness. Brazilian baby name Kaue is an excellent choice to motivate your son to become a compassionate man with its simple message.


  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: From a profession, one who hangs the posters
  • Nickname: Kleb
  • Popularity: 35, 550th most popular name of all timeHistorically, Kléber was the first Parisian theater director to print posters on paper rather than on the walls. Thus it is a profession that requires hanging posters.

Brazilian Boy Names with L


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Lion-man
  • Nickname: Leo, Lee, Andy, Andro, Dro, Andi, Andie
  • Popularity: Leandro is the 2,974th most popular name in the history of the world.For good reason, lions are known as the kings of the forest. They are connected with bravery, strength, and power. Naming your youngster is an excellent method to encourage him to emulate these good qualities. Leandro is a good name choice if you want your boy to have the courage of a lion.


  • Origin: Old German
  • Meaning: Brave as a lion
  • Nickname: Leo, Lenny
  • Popularity: 86th most popular name in 2020, 802nd most popular name of all timeLeonardo is a lion-related name with a slightly different meaning. By naming your son Leonardo, you may encourage the qualities of bravery, strength, and courage. You can use the adorable nickname Leo, just like Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio.


  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Bringer of light
  • Nickname: Lou, Louie, Luca, Luke
  • Popularity: 276th most popular name of all time, 8th most popular name in 2020Lucas is derived from the Greek name Loukas. Lucas is also considered to imply “guy from Lucania,” a historical province of southern Italy whose name means “white or light.” Lucas means “bearer of light” with Latin origin, so this makes sense.


  • Origin: Old French origin
  • Meaning: Famous warrior
  • Nickname: Lou, Louie,
  • Popularity: 215th most popular name of all time, 38th most popular name in 2020Luiz is another variant of Luke, Lucas.


  • Origin: Ancient Greek origin
  • Meaning: Clear Voice / Musical
  • Nickname: Ligee
  • Popularity: 296th most popular name of all time, 78th most popular name in 2020Whilst this version has a Brazilian origin it comes from the original greek name Ligieio.

Brazilian Boy Names with M


  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is with us
  • Nickname: Mann, Manu
  • Popularity: 400th most popular name of all timeManuel comes from the Latin Immanuel, which means “God with us.” Manuel is a prevalent name in many Portuguese-speaking nations and locations as a result of this. Manuel is an excellent method to link your son with your spiritual views while also surrounding him with God’s blessing and affection.


  • Origin: Portuguese and Spanish
  • Meaning: Warrior from Mars, the god of war
  • Nickname: Cocco, Marco, Marc
  • Popularity: 1,038th most popular name of all timeMarcos has two connotations, both of which are quite strong. Whether you envision your boy as a protector of the land, liberties, or other people, or as someone who explores the seas and oceans, giving him the Spanish name Marcos will provide him a strong foundation in life.


  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Borderland or frontier
  • Nickname: Mar, Marky
  • Popularity: 21,099th most popular name of all timeMarcio is an Italian name from the Roman fertility deity Mars, after whom Marcos is named.” Marcio is also an Old French boy’s name with the meaning “borderland or frontier.”

Brazilian Boy Names with N


  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Son of a champion
  • Nickname: Nelly, Nels, Nelss, Sonny
  • Popularity: 785th most popular name of all timeNelson starts with Britain’s Anglo-Saxon tribes. It comes from a patronymic name derived from the given name “Nell,” or “Niall” in Irish. Nelson is a reasonably common surname in various parts of the world, but it has a very profound meaning as a first name. Nelson may motivate your son to follow in your footsteps and strive to be a champion in his chosen field.


  • Origin: Brazilian
  • Meaning: Grandson
  • Nickname: Net, Nets
  • Popularity: 17,216th most popular name in 2010In Brazilian Portuguese, Neto literally means grandson. While it is most commonly used for boys having the same name as their grandfather, it can also be a gesture to honor him. Neto could be a suitable choice if your father or father-in-law has an old-fashioned masculine name or if it is inappropriate for your child.


  • Origin: Brazilian
  • Meaning: Famous man from the north
  • Nickname: Norb, Norbie, or Bert
  • Popularity: 4,036th most popular name of all timeNaming your youngster Norberto could be an excellent strategy to encourage him to pursue fame. The name Nortbero, which means “a distinguished man from the north,” may inspire your kid to achieve success. Berto is a lovely nickname that can also be used as a pet name.

Brazilian Boy Names with O


  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Eight son
  • Nickname: Esavio, Eusavio, Favio, Ottavio, Tavio
  • Popularity: 2,499th most popular name of all timeThe masculine form of Octavia is Octávio, which simply means eighth. Because having eight or more children is uncommon in modern families, the name Octávio has lost favor. If the number eight holds special meaning for you, such as a fortunate number or a specific day, Octávio might be an excellent name choice.


  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Spear of God
  • Nickname: Ozzie, Oz, Ossy
  • Popularity: 376th most popular name of all timeOscar’s meaning is “spear of the gods.” Oscar is derived from the Gaelic elements ‘os’ for deer and ‘cara’ for ‘loved’ or ‘friend.’ The name was first recorded in Irish Gaelic as Oscur, which later gained the meaning “deer buddy.”


  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Glorious land
  • Nickname: Orly, Lander, Land
  • Popularity: 1,063rd most popular name of all timeIf you want your child to share the same name as a significant person in the world, Orlando is an excellent choice. If you have memories or ties to the city of Orlando in Florida, you could name your son Orlando.

Brazilian Boy Names with P


  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Short man
  • Nickname: Po/Po-Po, Pauly
  • Popularity: 4,191st most popular name of all timePaulo is the Portuguese version of the Latin name Paul, but it is also used in other countries, notably Italy. While humility is frequently ignored as a positive attribute, it is frequently linked to a generous attitude and likeability. The name Paulo is an excellent choice, or used in conjunction with other names like Henrique, Victor, Ricardo, Roberto, Sérgio, and César.


  • Origin: Spanish and French
  • Meaning: Eagle, free
  • Nickname: Pac
  • Popularity: 22,578th most popular name of all timePaco is predominantly a Spanish male given name that means “free.” With the name Paco, you can foster these qualities in your baby boy. The eagle is an outstanding symbol and a perfect base for your son’s name if you want to inspire him to have honor, grace, tenacity, and courage.


  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Rock
  • Nickname: Pepe, Pete, Petey
  • Popularity: 712th most popular name of all timeThe seventh most popular Brazilian baby name, Pedro is the Spanish variation of Peter that means “rock.” The name Pedro is derived via the Latin word “petra”. Peter was Jesus’ rock because he was someone he could count on. Pedro might urge your son to be someone’s rock, offering support and always being there when needed, which is a highly admirable attribute.

Brazilian Boy Names with R


  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Cured by God, God has healed
  • Nickname: Rafe, Raf/Raff, Rafa
  • Popularity: 756th most popular name of all timeRafael from the Hebrew name Refael, is one of the seven archangels who deliver the saints’ requests. The meaning of the name Rafael is quite appropriate, as many prayers are for relief from suffering and sickness. The traditional name Rafael is an excellent approach to tie your son to your faith or express your faith.


  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Reborn
  • Nickname: Ren , Renado , Renard
  • Popularity: 5,363rd most popular name of all timeThis boy name is derived from the Latin name “Renatus,” which means “born again.” It is used in Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. It’s a lovely name for expressing that your child has an older soul. Renato is a lovely name to give your son if you believe in reincarnation or want to connect him with loved ones who have passed away.


  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: Ruler of judgment
  • Nickname: Ronald, Aldo
  • Popularity: 3,666th most popular name of all timeThe boy’s name Ronaldo is derived from the Old German name Ronald. The name Ronaldo means “ruler’s adviser.” Ronaldo is a native Brazilian name for boys that may motivate your son to become a ruler and a good and fair man.

Brazilian Boy Names with S


  • Origin: Spanish, Mexican
  • Meaning: Savior
  • Nickname: Chava, Voro or Salvo
  • Popularity: 1,064th most popular name of all timeSalvador is a spiritual name with Spanish origin means “Savior” in English. Although the term “savior” is frequently connected with Christianity, it can imply different things to different individuals. By giving your child the name Salvador, you might encourage him to be a savior for anybody in danger or distress, always working to help those around him.


  • Origin: Spanish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Supplanter
  • Nickname: Santi, San, Sandy
  • Popularity: 71st most popular name in 2020, 838th most popular name of all time.Santiago is of Hebrew and Spanish origin. It is one of the Twelve Disciples was Saint James. In Portugal and Spain, the name Santiago is associated with the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage routes, which ultimately lead to Santiago de Compostela. Santiago is a biblical name that would be a terrific boy name, whether you want a more unique version of James, want to motivate him to go on a pilgrimage around the world, or just want to connect him to your religious views.


  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: One who was prayed for
  • Nickname: Saulo , Saul , Saud
  • Popularity: 15,304th most popular name of all timeThe name Saulo is an alternate form of Saul with Hebrew roots. It is an excellent approach to show your joy at becoming parents to your son. You might emphasize that your little one is the answer to your prayers and a blessing in your life with its lovely meaning of one who was prayed for.

Brazilian Boy Names with T


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Blossom, One who thrives
  • Nickname: Ales
  • Popularity: 39,306th most popular name of all timeFloral names are traditionally feminine, but with the name Thales, you can use gorgeous flowers as inspiration for your son’s name. Thales has a lovely meaning that could inspire your son to grow into a strong, loving, and attractive man.


  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Holder of the heel, May God protect
  • Nickname: Chago, Chano, Vego, Ti, Iago, Go, Ago, Tigo
  • Popularity: 2,222nd most popular name of all timeThe name Thiago is a boy’s name with Portuguese influence. It is the equivalent of the names Jacob and James. It is the archaic spelling of the name Tiago, which is now predominantly used in Brazil; the contemporary spelling is largely used in Portugal. Its success has been aided by high-profile soccer players such as Thiago Silva.


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Supreme God, gift of God
  • Nickname: Thyme, Ted
  • Popularity: 1,723rd most popular name of all timeTheo is a Brazilian boy name that has a different meaning from Theodore, despite its popularity as a nickname. You can connect your son to your religious views and worship God by calling him, Theo.

Brazilian Boy Names with U


  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Wounded in the thigh, Wrathful, hater
  • Nickname: Uli, Lyssus, Lesus, Ulises, Lisses
  • Popularity: 9,683rd most popular name of all timeThe boy name Ulisses is of Latin and Greek origin and is most often used as a boy’s name. It comes from the Latin word “ulixes,” which means “wrathful” or “hater.” It’s the Latinized version of Odysseus, the Greek name that gave rise to the word “Odyssey,” which means “epic voyage” or “adventure.”


  • Origin: Indigenous Brazilian
  • Meaning: Lord of the spear
  • Nickname: Bira, Jara, Ubi
  • Popularity: 14,440 Brazilian uses this name from 1930- 2010Ubirajara is a very unusual indigenous Brazilian boy name. You can motivate your son to be a strong and brave child and a man with a warrior spirit by naming him Ubirajara. While Ubirajara is a long name, it can be abbreviated to Ubi or Jara for a shorter nickname.


  • Origin: Indigenous Brazilian
  • Meaning: Strong spear, Hard Wood
  • Nickname: Ubi
  • Popularity: 10, 591 Brazilian uses this name from 1930- 2010The name Ubiratan is of Brazilian origin derived from two words in the Brazilian language: “Ubi” means strong or hard, while “ratan” refers to a type of wood found in Brazil. Together, these words suggest that Ubiratan is a strong and powerful individual. This name is often given to Brazilian baby boy, as it reflects the qualities that are traditionally associated with masculinity.

Brazilian Boy Names with V


  • Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Conquering or the one who wins
  • Nickname: Vin, Vince, Vinny, Vinnie, Cenzo
  • Popularity: 1,755th most popular name of all timeThis name is of Italian origin and is a variant of English name Vincent, yet both names carry the same connotation of conquest and victory. This is a beautiful way to honor your son’s name. It can motivate him to take on new tasks and overcome whatever barriers he encounters throughout his life.


  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Courageous, healthy, and strong
  • Nickname: Vale, Val
  • Popularity: 98,663rd most popular name of all timeValentim is a variant of Valentine, a more common surname. Valentim is a unique Brazilian boy name with Latin origin that connotates being healthy and robust, a terrific first name.


  • Origin: Roman
  • Meaning: Winemaker
  • Nickname: Vinny, Vini, Vini, Zinx, Vinni, Vinix
  • Popularity: 21,332nd most popular name of all timeFrom Ancient Roman origin, the name means of winemaker. By naming your son Vinicius, you could encourage your son to be creative, cultured, and respected. Wine not only has significance in the Bible, but wine trading opened up philosophy and religion between cultures across Europe.

Brazilian Boy Names with Y


  • Origin: Latin and Hebrew
  • Meaning: Holder of the heel
  • Nickname: Gallo
  • Popularity: 25,427th most popular name of all timeYago is an archaic Spanish spelling of James, Spain’s patron saint. The meaning of the name Yago may be perplexing to many people. The heel is regarded as the weak spot in the Bible and history. The Achilles heel is the source of his demise in Greek mythology, whereas Jacob is born gripping his sibling Esau’s heel in the Bible. This clarifies the meaning of the phrase “holder of the heel.”


  • Origin: Brazilian
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Nickname: Yan
  • Popularity: 11,954th most popular name of all timeThe Brazilian form of Jan or Han is Yan, however all forms have the same meaning. Yan is a distinctive boy name while also surrounding him with God’s love and kindness by naming him Yan. This will not only welcome him into your faith and beliefs, but it will also serve as a daily reminder to him that God’s grace is with him in everything he does and goes.


  • Origin: Russian
  • Meaning: Small farmer
  • Nickname: Yur
  • Popularity: 3,940th most popular name of all timeYuri is a popular boy name in several cultures around the world, including Russia and Japan. However, the meanings can be quite different. Yuri is a Brazilian boy name that means “little farmer.” While this may seem like an unusual name choice for your boy, Yuri may motivate him to nurture, flourish, and connect with nature. Your son may feed his family while also focusing on growth and prosperity as a small farmer.

Brazilian Boy Names with Z


  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Promised land, highest point
  • Nickname: Zy, Ion
  • Popularity: 1,197th most popular name of all timeThe boy name Zion is of Hebrew origin meaning “highest point.” A zion was a fortress in the heart of Jerusalem, which explains why it means “highest point.” Today, it’s known as the biblical phrase for the Promised Land; Zionism refers to the campaign to construct a Jewish state.


  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Remembered by God, the Lord recalled
  • Nickname: Zac, Zach, Zack, Zak
  • Popularity: 11,480th most popular name of all timeZacarias is a biblical boy name for boys that is similar to Zachariah in Hebrew origin. “The Lord recalled,” says Zacarias. Zachariah is a Spanish and Portuguese form of this name.


  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: One who multiplies
  • Nickname: Zec
  • Popularity: 910 Brazilian boys uses this name from 1930-2010Zeca from the Hebrew origins names were “Yehôsêph,” which means “Yehowah has added, he will enlarge, God will increase, may he add,” and “yâsaph,” which means “to add, increase, do again, do again.”

Boys’ Names Inspired by Famous Brazilians

There are countless Brazilian baby boys names inspired by famous Brazilians, from soccer players to entertainers. Some of the most popular names include Neymar da Silva Santos, named after the famous soccer player, and Bruno, which pays homage to the poet Mario de Andrade.

  1. Adriano (Soccer Player)
  2. Alexandre (Fashion designer)
  3. António (Soccer Player) (See middle names that go with Antonio)
  4. Ayrton (Formula One driver)
  5. Bob (Professional skateboarder)
  6. Dani (Soccer Player)
  7. Djalma (Soccer Player)
  8. Cláudio (Soccer Player)
  9. Edson (Soccer Player)
  10. Edvaldo (Soccer Player)
  11. Gabriel (Soccer Player) (See names like Gabriel)
  12. Givanildo (Soccer Player)
  13. Gérson (Soccer Player)
  14. Gusttavo (Singer, Songwriter)
  15. Jair (Soccer Player)
  16. José (Soccer Player)
  17. Leônidas (Soccer Player)
  18. Marcelo (Soccer Player)
  19. Neymar (Brazilian footballer)
  20. Nílton (Soccer Player)
  21. Paulo (Author of books such as The Alchemist and The Pilgrimage)
  22. Pelé (Soccer Player)
  23. Phillipe (Soccer Player)
  24. Ramires (Soccer Player)
  25. Ricardo (Soccer Player)
  26. Rivaldo (Soccer Player)
  27. Robson (Soccer Player)
  28. Romário (Soccer Player)
  29. Sócrates (Soccer Player)
  30. Thiago (Soccer Player) (See the meaning of the name Thiago)
  31. Rodrigo (Actor)
  32. Marco (Actor)
  33. Jesus (Model)
  34. Evandro (Actor)
  35. Lino (Actor)
  36. Thomaz (Actor)
  37. Lucas (Actor)
  38. Thiago (Actor)
  39. Henri (Actor)
  40. Sergio (Actor)

Brazilian Boy Names with Latin Origin

Latin names are a popular choice for Brazilian boys. If you’re looking for a Brazilian boy name with Latin origins, you have plenty of choices.

  1. Adriano
  2. Afrânio
  3. Augusto
  4. Caio
  5. Celestino
  6. Celso
  7. Cláudio
  8. Dante (See names like Dante)
  9. Fabio
  10. Flavio
  11. Francisco
  12. Gaspar
  13. Horacio
  14. Idario
  15. Juscelino
  16. Marcelino
  17. Marcelo
  18. Martino
  19. Maurício
  20. Maximino

Brazilian Boy Names with Spanish Origin

Brazilian boy names of Spanish origin are widely used throughout the country. Whether you are looking for a traditional name or something more unique, there is a wide variety of choices to suit your individual tastes.

  1. Adhémar
  2. Adriano
  3. Adolfo
  4. Alfredo
  5. Anastacio
  6. Arminio
  7. Arnaldo
  8. Eduardo (See Names that go with Eduardo)
  9. Leonel
  10. Naolin
  11. Ramon
  12. Manfredo
  13. Marcio
  14. Naolin
  15. Ovídio

Takeaway on Brazilian Boys Names

Brazilian names for boys are unique and come from a variety of origins as the country’s culture and history, many having Spanish roots or are a variant of a Portuguese name. You can choose a name that is inspired by Brazilian culture, or one of Latin or Spanish origin.

Some of the most popular Brazilian names for boys are inspired by famous figures from the country’s past. Some names are of Portuguese origin, while others have indigenous roots to pay homage to Brazilian family values. Other parents choose to name their sons after saints or biblical figures, others opt for more modern names.

Brazilian male names reflect the growing diversity of Brazil, as well as the increasing global interconnectedness of its people. As a result, Brazilian baby boys today may have names that come from all over the world.

Whatever you choose, whatever the origin, these names are sure to honor your Brazilian heritage, and your son will be sure to stand out among the crowd. Our list unique Brazilian boy names will surely catch the eye and your child’s name will be remembered.

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