Country Boy Names That Will Make You Swoon




Country Boy Names That Will Make You Swoon

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Are you looking for the best country boy names you’ll love for your new little one that are both cute and rustic?

From country singers to Southern cities, country-inspired names are popular wherever you go. Here are my favorite authentic country baby boy names:

Cute Country Boy Names A-C



Shortened form of the Latin Augustinus which means “great, dignity, and majestic. See nicknames for Austin


Derivative of the name William, now a name in its own right and a cute country boy name that means resolute protector



A baby boy name of Old English origin, and the meaning of Blade is “knife, sword”.


Give your newborn a strong country boy name like Bobby that means, famed, bright, shining, originally a pet form for Robert.



The short form of Buckley or Buckelew and means male deer.


Derived from an old English surname meaning “small, natural stream of freshwater”. Brooks are good at public speaking, writing, singing and even acting.



A country baby name of Latin origin and means “bald”. It is derived from the French surname Cauvin, which was derived from chauve. See meaning of the name Calvin.


Among the list of gender-neutral names of English origins of country names, meaning “transporter of goods by cart.” See meaning of the name Carter.



From the Germanic root dal meaning valley, Carson means son of the marsh-dwellers. See Names that go with Carson.


A country name for boys of English, Latin origin meaning “hollow” a perfect baby name for little boys to make your heart sing.



Originated during the Middle Ages as a nickname for a hunter. Since then, it has been adopted as a first names for boys. See meaning of the name Chase.


From Old French chesnai ‘oak grove,’ a sweet southern name for someone who lived near or in an oak wood in English, Northern Irish, and French.



This country baby name comes from the Latin word clarus, which means “bright, clear” or “renowned.” Together with St Francis of Assisi, Saint Clare of Assisi created the Poor Clares Order.


Old English origin, and the meaning of Clifford is “slope” and cliff-side ford”.



Settlement on a hill, or from the headland estate


Derived from the Gaelic origin name Coady which means “helpful” or “deserving of honor”; a cute name for a boy who is always lending a helping hand or going above and beyond what is expected. See meaning of the name Cody.



It has origins in Old English and means “coal-black” or “charcoal.” It’s a strong, bold name that would suit a boy who is confident and outgoing. See Names that go with Cole.


Comes from the English word for a “young male horse”—your little boy will be equally as untamable as the southern wilderness. See names like Colt.



A unique name for a country boy. It is of French origin and means “raven.” Corbin is also the name of a small town in Kentucky. See meaning of the name Corbin.


Scottish origin name that means “warm and friendly.” It’s a popular choice for baby boys in the United States, especially in the South. See nicknames for Clyde.



Coy is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means quiet, still, and shy.


Creed is an American name for baby boy that means “doctrine” or “religious belief” from the Latin word “credo” cmes from the Latin.



A common English given name and surname of Anglo-Norman origin , this English country name of English and Old French origin means “courteous, polite”.

Rare Country Boy Names D-F


Davis is a boy’s name of British origin. It is a diminutive of the Hebrew name David, meaning “son of God” or “beloved.” See meaning of the name Davis.



Welsh name traditionally given to boys. It means “son of the sea” or “born from the ocean.” See Middle names that go with Dylan-boy.


This baby name is derived from any of the localities named Dutton in Cheshire and Lancashire. After the Old English words dun (hill) and tun (enclosure, village).



A name of Celtic origin that means “dark or black.” It is a popular country boy name for baby boys in the United States, where it ranks as the 557th most common name.


From the list of strong country boy names, Earl means “nobleman, warrior, prince,” and it is of Old English origin.



Traditionally a boy’s name, Ellison is a gender-neutral title of British origin and means “son of Ellis.”


This name derives from the Old English pre 7th Century word “æwell”, meaning “river source or spring”



Derived from Old English and means “gray-haired place.”


One popular choice from country baby boy names comes from the Old English word ford, which means a shallow place where water can cross. See Names that go with Ford.



The name Forrest is likely derived from a surname which was itself derived from the Middle English word “forest.” The word forest comes from the Latin word “forestis,” which meant “a place abounding in trees.”

Classic Country Boy Names G-L


Gage is an English surname with French roots that means “pledger or money lender” and dates back to the 14th century. See Names that go with Gage.



If you have a green thumb or love spending time outdoors, this might be the perfect name for your son. Garth means “keeper of the garden.”


Gunner is a cute country boy name of Scandinavian origin that means “brave warrior.” See meaning of the name Gunner.



Hank is a German origin name for boys. This well-known name translates to “home ruler,” which makes sense given its lengthy history in culture. See Names that go with Hank.


Holt iboys’s one of the best country boys names of Old English origin, which means “woods, forest”.



Houston means “Hugh’s town; habitation on the hill” and is of Irish, Gaelic, and Old English origin. Houston, Texas is the location.


Huck is the short form of Huckleberry. This name is synonymous with Mark Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn”. It’s a playful and one-syllable country boy name to give your boy.



Jackson is a predominantly English baby name for boys that meaning “son of Jack/John.” See meaning of the name Jackson.


It is a strong and powerful name that has many different meanings such as “healer”, “variant of Jason”, and “the lord is my salvation”. Jace is a unique name because it can be spelled in many different ways such as Jase, Jacey, Jas, or even Jayce. See Middle names that go with Jace.



If you are considering country boy names, choose the name Jed. It is a Hebrew name that means “beloved of God.”


Jameson is pronounced JAY-ma-sun as a boy’s name. The name Jameson comes from Old English and means “son of James.” See meaning of the name Jameson.


A patronymic surname and a variant of Geoffrey ; this baby name comes from gawia, meaning “territory” and frid, meaning “peace.”


Jenner is of English origin which means ‘designer’ or ‘engineer’ derived from the Old French word ‘engigneor’ or ‘enginior’


Kaine is a strong name that is perfect for a boy who loves the outdoors. This name has both German and Irish origins, and it means “spear” or “little battler.”


A boy’s name of British and Scottish origins meaning “son of Lawrence.” Lawrence dates back to the Ancient Roman era and means “from Laurentium,” a city renowned for its beautiful laurel trees. See meaning of the name Lawson.


If you’re looking for a unique country boy name, consider Levi. The name Levi comes from the Hebrew word “leviyah,” which means “joined in harmony.” It’s a strong, masculine name with a beautiful meaning. See meaning of the name Levi.


A great option is a country-themed name that means “light-giving” See meaning of the name Luke.

Tough Country Boy Names M-S


Marshall is a boy’s name of French origin. It is an occupational surname that translates to “caretaker of horses”. See meaning of the name Marshall.


Of Old French origin, the meaning of Montgomery is “Gomeric’s hill”, one of the class country names for boys.


This name has Old English roots and means “son of Ode.” It has a certain charm that makes it perfect for a country boy.


Old English origin, and the meaning of Preston is “priest’s town”.


Ridge is an old English word meaning a “continuous elevated mountain crest”.


Ryker is a German-derived male name means “rich” from the original surname “Riker,” this country boy name is all about originality and well-wishes. See meaning of the name Ridge.


This Irish baby name means “courageous” or ” valiant,” making it perfect for a boy who isn’t afraid to take risks. See Names that go with Riley.


This cute country boy name comes from the occupation of a woodcutter, boy’s a perfect for a baby boy who will one day grow up to be a man of the land. See meaning of the name Sawyer-boy.


Sterling is a country boy name of English origin meaning “genuine, of high quality”. See Names that go with Sterling.


Stetson means strong, rugged country person of the Old English Stot/Stott—a nickname for a cattle dealer or a wild, young person.

Popular Country Boy Names T-Z


Taylor, a very strong traditional country name that has been very popular in the South and West, is a great country boy name that means “cloth cutter” from the Old French word tailleor. See meaning of the name Taylor.


Teddy is a cool country boy name that means “rich guardian,” “brave people,” or “God’s gift.” See meaning of the name Teddy.


The country boy name Tex is a gender-neutral American baby name that means “from Texas.”


Wade is an appealing name often used as middle name for boys, meaning “able to go; river ford” which originates from Old English and Scandinavian languages.


Famous people named Wayne include Wayne Rooney, Wayne Gretzky, and Wayne Knight. See meaning of the name Wade.


Comes from a town in the west, and it has a solid sound that makes it perfect for a baby boy. It’s also a name that parents can feel good about because it has a positive meaning.

Takeaway on Unique Country Boy Names for Your Little Cowboy

These are our favorite country baby names whether you use them as a first or middle name (see our middle names baby names guide here), they should make the perfect option for your Southern Baby, or at least get your creative juices flowing.

So, if you want to give your son a strong name with Southern heritage, and country charm to show of your Southern roots or just to remind you of happy childhood memories, we hope this list gave you plenty of Southern Boy Names to choose from and plenty of inspiration! And if you love Southern Boy names, check out our Southern Double Names for double the fun!

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