75+ Beautiful Rustic Country Baby Girl Names




70+ Beautiful Rustic Country Girl Names and Their Meanings

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Here are our favorite country girl names for your baby girl whether you are looking for their first name or middle name.

Country Baby Names that Appeal to Country Lass



This country girl name means “cause of joy” or “father’s joy” in Hebrew. A favorite country girl name for the first child of a family. See Names that go with Abigail.


A beautiful country name, meaning “sparkling eyes”, that has a rustic touch and is rare too.



A beautiful country girl name derived from Basque aritz ona (“good oak”), from aritz (“oak”) and ona (“good”). See names like Arizona.


Charlotte is the feminine version of Charles and is a strong country girl name perfect for your little southern belle. It is a timeless classic and has been a popular country name for centuries. See Middle names that go with Charlotte.



Claire is a country girl name has French origins and means “bright, clear”. See meaning of the name Claire.


Cora is a feminine, country name that comes from the Greek word kore meaning “maiden or daughter”; a beautiful and elegant rustic girl name that would certainly suit your new baby girl. See meaning of the name Cora.



Carrie is a feminine name of German origin. Coming from the German name “Karl”, this name means “free man”. Carrie Underwood, who has taken country music in its stride, took the music industry by storm.


Daphne is a beautiful country girl’s name of Greek origin meaning “laurel”. See nicknames for Daphne.



Daisy is a sweet name for a country girl which means “the day’s eye” See Names that go with Daisy.


Faye can be used as a girl’s name and as a boy’s name and is of Middle English/Old French origin, meaning “loyalty; belief”. See meaning of the name Faye.



A cute cowgirl name from the Old German name, meaning strong spear.


A girl’s name is of Middle English origin relating to evergreen flowering plant. See meaning of the name Heather.



English girl name of Hebrew origin that means ‘Jehovah increases’


A traditional girl name that comes from Old German and means ‘home ruler; Feminine of Harry from Henry



Hope is primarily a female name of English origin that means “faith and positive expectation.” See Names that go with Hope.


This short and sweet country girl’s name means a Norse goddess from Old German origin



Derived from the name Louis, French form of “Ludwig” that means “famous warrior and Ella means “goddess or beautiful.”


Maisie is a sweet country girl name meaning pearls from a name of Scottish origin.



Sadie is a name derived from Sarah means “princess” and is of Hebrew origins. See names like Sadie.


A beautiful boyish girl name that means ‘told by God’ and is of Hebrew origin



Give your country baby this popular country baby girl name meaning “red.” See meaning of the name Scarlett.


Tilly is a powerful country baby girl name that means “battle mighty”

Quick List of Trending Country Baby Girl Names

The Most Popular Western Girl names come from country baby girl names of the south. This list of country names can be your little cowgirl’s first name or middle names.

The list is full of 100% unique, beautiful country girl names that are part of a trend that is gaining popularity but has been around longer than you may think.

Here are some old fashioned country girl names that are trending now.



Meaning: “Noble” and light” from Old French Adelais

First Recorded Birth: January 11th, 1829

Popularity: In 2020, the 64h most common name for females. See names like Alice.


Meaning: “Grace” from the Hebrew Hanna

First Recorded Birth: April 14th, 1863

Popularity: 230 ranked female name by popularity. See Names that go with Annie.



Meaning: “Beautiful and lovely one” of French origin

First Recorded Birth: October 24th, 1825

Popularity: 999 ranked female name by popularity.


Meaning: “Oath of God, or God is satisfaction” from the Hebrew name Elisheba

First Recorded Birth: January 26th, 1823

Popularity: In 2018, it’s the 1,128th most popular girls’ name in the United States. See Names that go with Betty.



Meaning: “Strong” of French origins

First Recorded Birth: December 21st, 1865

Popularity: In 2020, it is the 81st most common girl’s name. See names like Caroline.


Meaning: “she” or “her”; English name of ancient Germanic origins

First Recorded Birth: December 22nd, 1864

Popularity: Twelfth most popular girl name in the U.S



Meaning: Sweet as a Georgia peach, this baby name means “Farmer, earth-worker” from the Greek name Georgios, from the word georgos, ge, meaning “earth” and ergon, meaning “work”. See nicknames for Georgia.

First Recorded Birth: February 25th, 1867

Popularity: It attained its highest ranking of 176 in 2020.


Meaning: A country baby name from a place with a deep southern accent meaning “treeless plain” of Spanish origin. See meaning of the name Savannah.

First Recorded Birth: March 8th, 1867

Popularity: 39th most popular name for baby girls born in the United States in 2014



Meaning: “Friend” or “ally”; baby girl name of Native American origin. See meaning of the name Dakota.

First Recorded Birth: October 5th, 1874

Popularity: The 261st most popular female name


Meaning: “Birdlike, lively” of Latin origin

First Recorded Birth: February 22nd, 1870

Popularity: In both 2020 and 2021, Ava was the third most popular baby name.



Meaning: “Nobility” from Germanithe c element “adel”

First Recorded Birth: June 24th, 1864

Popularity: In 2020, it broke into the top 200 for the first time, peaking at 184


Meaning: “Ruler of elves” of English origin. See first name for middle name Avery-Boy.

First Recorded Birth: August 14th, 1866

Popularity: 19th most popular girls name in 2020



Meaning: “Noble” of Scottish origin. See first name for middle name Allison.

First Recorded Birth: July 20th, 1870

Popularity: 80th most popular girls name in 2020


Meaning: ” To open” of French origin

First Recorded Birth: April 22nd, 1874

Popularity: Rank #1646 on the baby names popularity charts in the U.S. in 2020



Meaning: “Favored grace” of French origin, a combination of the Latin baby name Anna and the French word ‘belle’. See meaning of the name Annabelle.

First Recorded Birth: December 9th, 1870

Popularity: Annabelle has climbed an astonishing 850 spots on the American list of most favored girls’ names


Meaning: “Bitter, grace and immortal” of Italian, Greek, or African origin

First Recorded Birth: December 18th, 1877

Popularity: 142nd most popular girls name in 2020



Meaning: “Beloved” a nickname from the French word aimé

First Recorded Birth: November 25th, 1869

Popularity: In 2018, it ranked the 1,224th Most Popular Girls Name in the United States.


Meaning: “Old friend” from Old English word Ealdwine

First Recorded Birth: October 2nd, 1864

Popularity: 5803rd most popular girls name in 2020



Meaning: “Divinely beautiful” from the Old Norse word “ “Ástríðr”; same meaning as Nancy. See meaning of the name Astrid.

First Recorded Birth: May 16th, 1874

Popularity: Astrid rocketed into the top 20 in 2021


Meaning: “Power and ruler of elves” from a Norman French form of the Germanic name Alberic. See Names that go with Aubrey.

First Recorded Birth: July 21st, 1872

Popularity: 56th most popular girls name in 2020


Meaning: “Beloved” or “well-loved” derived from the Latin word “amare”

First Recorded Birth: January 27th, 1868

Popularity: Ranked 216 female name by popularity


Meaning: “Deep red precious stone” from the Latin word “ruber”. See meaning of the name Ruby.

First Recorded Birth: August 4th, 1864

Popularity: Ranked 74 female name by popularity


Meaning: “Olive or olive tree” from the Latin word oliva. See names like Olivia.

First Recorded Birth: October 11th, 1869

Popularity: Number-one name for baby girls in the U.S. in 2019 and 2020


Meaning: “Holly tree” from the Old English words holen or holegn. See Names that go with Holly.

First Recorded Birth: September 12th, 1872

Popularity: Ranks just in British Top 50


Meaning: “Small brown songbird” of British origin

First Recorded Birth: February 20th, 1875

Popularity: 360th most popular girls name in 2020


Meaning: “Plain or field” from Scottish Gaelic blàr. See meaning of the name Blair.

First Recorded Birth: August 22nd, 1872

Popularity: 333rd most popular girls name in 2020


Meaning: “Lord” of Greek origin. See meaning of the name Kiara.

First Recorded Birth: March 5th, 1925

Popularity: 464th most popular girl’s name in 2020


Meaning: “Fortification” of French origin “bailiff”. See first name for middle name Bailey.

First Recorded Birth: April 27th, 1872

Popularity: 171st most popular girls name in 2020


Meaning: “Bright”, “clear” or “radiant” from the Greek name Phoibe from phoibos. See meaning of the name Phoebe.

First Recorded Birth: September 20th, 1865

Popularity: 256 ranked girl name by popularity


Meaning: “Woman of the race” of Germanic or Celtic origin Kenowefa. See meaning of the name Genevieve.

First Recorded Birth: February 20th, 1869

Popularity: 169 ranked baby girl name by popularity


Meaning: “Blond warrior” of Scottish, Irish origin meaning “fair-haired hero”. See names like Finley-boy.

First Recorded Birth: November 25th, 1871

Popularity: Ranked 202 as a girl’s name in 2020


Meaning: “Night or play” of Arabic, Hindi, or Persian origin. See Names that go with Lila.

First Recorded Birth: December 23rd, 1865

Popularity: 226 ranked baby names by popularity

Leanne/Leeann/Leann (Lee)

Meaning: “To twine around” English and French origins

First Recorded Birth: September 23rd, 1881

Popularity: 2942nd most popular girls name in 2020

Lizzie (Liz)

Meaning: “God’s promise” related to the Hebrew name Elizabeth

First Recorded Birth: March 2nd, 1867

Popularity: 2660th most popular girls name in 2020

Lucy/Lucille (Luce, Luci, Lucey, Lucee, Lucia)

Meaning: “Light” from Latin word lux, English feminine form of Lucius. See Middle names that go with Lucy.

First Recorded Birth: November 6th, 1863

Popularity: 49th most popular girls name in 2020

Luna (Lou, Lu, Luni)

Meaning: “Moon” of Italian origin. See meaning of the name Luna.

First Recorded Birth: December 14th, 1867

Popularity: 14th most popular for girls in 2020


Meaning: “To trust”; an English virtue name that was popularized by Puritans. See Names that go with Faith.

First Recorded Birth: November 10th, 1873

Popularity: Ranked 148 in 2022


Meaning: “High tower” and “woman from Magdala” of Greek and English origin. See Names that go with Madeline.

First Recorded Birth: June 6th, 1868

Popularity: Highly popular in Australia and the UK, Canada, and Scotland, which spot 48 in 2020


Meaning: “Willow tree” from the Old English word “welig”. See first name for middle name Willow.

First Recorded Birth: September 5th, 1873

Popularity: 48th most popular baby girl name

Country Baby Girl Names for your Little Cowgirl

Traditional baby girl names with a country flair are becoming popular. Country names bring to mind warm, rural communities and farmlands—they conjure up images of life-long values and lasting family traditions.

Family ties are strong in the countryside, and neighbors cherish one other, as they have been for generations. All of these values and meanings may be found in country songs and ballads, as well as in the meanings of country names.

This list has tons of strong and beautiful names for girls inspired by all things with country charm.


A beautiful baby girl name that means “land of meadows” of Hebrew origin


This country chic girl name means ‘ash meadow’ and comes from Old English origin


A country baby name about season which comes from Latin and Old French and means ‘harvest time of plenty’. See Names that go with Autumn.


American baby girl name and middle name meaning ‘broad hill waterfall’


This is a cute country girl name meaning ‘meadow flower’ and comes from Old English origin


This isn’t just the largest city in Texas, it would also make a cute baby name! It means ‘from the Dales’ or ‘valley meadows’. See Names that go with Dallas-boy.


This country baby name is a unisex English baby name that means’ ‘small valley ‘or’ meadow’.


This unique and uncommon girl name has English, German and French roots meaning ‘to burn’, ‘ashes’, or ‘to glow’. See meaning of the name Ember.


This cute baby name means ‘heather meadow’ and comes from Old English. See Names that go with Hadley.


This cute outlaw country baby name is derived from Old English and means ‘hare meadow’


English baby girl name means ‘rock hill’ or ‘army hil’. See meaning of the name Harlow


Both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of English origin that means ‘high meadow’


This cute unisex name means ‘Hugh’s town’ or ‘settlement on the hill’ and comes from Old English and Irish origins


This Native American cool cowgirl name means ‘people of the south wind’


Sounds like an old fashioned country girl name, it means ‘red flower’ or ‘to swell’ and is an English name derived from Latin origin. See names like Poppy.


A girl name from an English place meaning ‘willow grove’ or ‘willow town’ See meaning of the name Shelby.


A baby girl’s name of English origin, meaning ‘bright meadow’


A lovely girl name that has Latin roots and means ‘forest’. See names like Sylvia.

This country baby girl names will surely give you some good ideas on southern names for your beautiful girl.

Tips for Choosing a Great Country Girl Name

If you’re looking for a name that evokes the spirit of the great outdoors, you can’t go wrong with a country-girl name. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect one.

1. Don’t go too trendy.

If you choose a girl name that’s very popular, your baby girl will be forever called by her full name.

2. Think about what you love about the country you’re naming her after.

If you’re looking for the perfect country girl name, ask yourself. Do you like its food? Its people? The way it looks? What about its history or culture?

3. Family Names

You might also want to pay tribute to a family member or pass down a family name or initial so consider that too. It gives an extra special meaning to pass down special traditions.

First and middle names in the south often stem from family naming traditions and have a cute southern country charm about them.

4. Don’t forget to consider nicknames!

If you have an idea in mind for country baby names, it’s important to think about how it could be shortened or used as a nickname – make sure it sounds good too. This can help you avoid the awkward moment when your child is old enough to tell you that they hate their name.

If none of these ideas seem quite right for your baby girl but you still want something related to her heritage, look up other cultures within that same region and see if anything piques your interest there instead!

A lot of great country names have been taken over time, so if there’s something specific that has always stood out to you but hasn’t been used yet (or hasn’t been used in years), then why not give it a try?

Takeaway: Country Names for Your Little Girl with Rustic Charm

This is a huge list of popular and cute country girl names with their meanings along with their origin. We’ve also done a list of country boy names, check out boy names here,.

The list highlights the many sources for ideas for rustic country girl names, which is why country baby girl names are so popular. All of the endearment and warmth that these names have to offer your little girl! They are simple yet meaningful and sweet country baby names.

Every rustic country girl deserves a stunning name that reflects the spirit she embodies. Hopefully with this article, you were able to uncover a name for your own little princess. 

This article was written by: Jess Davis – full-time writer, self-confessed name fanatic and the mother of 2 beautiful children.

When she’s not writing, she can be found obsessing over baby names or playing with her kids. Jess has extensive knowledge of baby names and loves helping others find the perfect name for their child.

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