Can Cherries Cause Diaper Rash?




Can Cherries Cause Diaper Rash

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Like most citrus fruits, cherries get a bad press when it comes to diaper rash. However, we look into this and see if they really are the cause, and if you should continue to give them to your baby.

The jury is very mixed on this with some saying yes, some saying no. Overall like most fruits, they are fine in moderation.

The skin on cherries has a natural pH of 3.5, which makes it very acidic and could lead to diaper rash. However, this is not always the case.

For example, if they are eaten or used in a product with other ingredients, like starchy based foods this may tone down the acid. But if given as part of a very acidic diet, then yep, rash can occur.

Diaper rash is often caused by moisture, chaffing from cloth diapers and other irritants found in your baby’s environment.

Are cherries healthy for babies?

Yes. Cherries are full of flavor, contain a lot of fiber to help with digestion and a modest amount of helpful nutrients. Carotenoids, for example, are antioxidants that convert to vitamin A in the body to promote healthy cells and vision.

There’s also some vitamin C, which is needed to nourish cells and establish a strong immune system in growing kids. Just keep in mind that cherries can cause belly bloating and gas, as well as a laxative impact, so don’t allow babies to consume too many of them.

When are babies allowed to eat cherries?

Acidic foods like cherries can be offered as soon as the baby is ready to start solid foods, which is usually about 6-8 months. However, you may want to wait until closer to 9 months to serve solid foods on their own.

Cherries must be pitted and quartered to avoid choking hazards, making them difficult for babies to pick up on their own. The juice easily stains hands, faces, and nearly any surface it comes into contact with.

Keep in mind that when introducing new foods to your baby, start by offering a small amount for the first few servings. Be careful since certain foods tend to cause changes to your baby’s body which could lead to reactions and symptoms like loose stools, inflamed skin, diaper rashes, eczema and more.

If there is no adverse reaction, gradually increase the amount served over future meals.

Can eating cherries cause diaper rash?

Yes. Cherries are considered very acidic, which can be difficult on a baby’s digestive system. Citrus fruits and juices are generally good in a baby’s diet. However, acidic foods like cherries can also cause a host of issues like an allergic reaction or a diaper rash, too much causes acidic poop which causes rash and can be very painful.

In some cases, a baby might be sensitive to the protein found in these foods.

Don’t feed your baby too much of the following citrus foods which cause diaper rashesoranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and juices made from any type of citrus. Even foods with a lower dose of acid like cantaloupe can cause diaper rash.

Other foods to avoid include strawberries (strawberries also cause diaper rash), tomatoes (includes foods that are tomato-based), apple juice, banana and fruits that are considered acidic.

Remember that a baby has sensitive skin and if she already has a diaper rash, allowing her to eat a fruit or food she is sensitive to might make this condition worse.

Many parents should be cautious when giving their babies certain foods because eating these solid foods could lead to allergies and diaper rashes.

Moms should look out for the symptoms of an allergy like eczema, diarrhea, pain, worsening diaper rash and hives. If diarrhea or the diaper rash or pain gets worse or anything life-threatening, consult your doctor or a medical professional right away.


There can be many causes of diaper rash, but do cherries cause diaper rash too? For the answer to this question, you’ll need to look at your baby’s diet. If she has a reactive digestive system and eats fruit that is acidic like cherries, there could be an issue like a diaper rash.

If your baby has a diaper rash, don’t panic. It is important to determine what caused the diaper rash in your baby or even what type of diaper rash it is. Look at the diet of your baby and try to eliminate foods to see if the diaper rash gets better. If the diaper rash doesn’t get better even after treatment and a change in the diet of your baby, it is time to consult your doctor.

Be cautious when introducing new foods because it can lead to sensitivities or other issues like eczema or diarrhea if it doesn’t agree with your child’s body chemistry. Keep a food diary to make sure you can keep track of what your little one is eating.

Remember that just because one type of food may not work for her does not mean all fruits are off-limits – cherries can also present problems depending on how much they eat. They are known to make the stool of a baby acidic which could then lead to a diaper rash.

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