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Names That Mean Blood

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Blood is a powerful symbol. It’s the thing that makes us human, and it’s what gives us life. The word “blood” is a near-universal concept that can be found in many cultures around the world. In English, it’s a synonym for family ties and heritage.

That’s why names that mean blood are so appealing to us (as parents or gamers!)—they represent their ties to the world and their ability to survive.

There are many names that mean “blood.” These baby names are often associated with strength, power, and determination.

Girls’ Names that Mean Blood

Here is a list of female names that mean blood:



This Greenlandic girl’s name is derived from the Inuit language coagulated blood, which represents strength and courage.


The name Akeldama means “field of blood” in Aramaic. It’s the Aramaic name for a location in Jerusalem linked to Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus’ original twelve apostles.


Avik, also spelled Aviaq, is a Greenlandic feminine (previously unisex) name that means “family member, relative” and is derived from the stem avik “part (of the family),” which is made up of the words aak “blood” and the suffix vik “real.”


Ayuna is a Japanese name that means “bloody” or “red.”


From Norse mythology meaning “the one with the bloody hair”. The bloody hair is supposedly referring to red sea foam.



This name is an old English word for “red,” so it’s perfect for the red-blooded baby girl in your life.


January’s birthstone, garnet, is derived from the English word garnet, which means precious stone. The name comes from the Middle English word gernet, which means “dark red.”


Gwyar is a baby name of Welsh origin that means “bloodshed or spilled blood.” It’s a pretty name for a baby girl, and it has a nice meaning. In Arthurian legend, Gwyar is the name of a sorceress who turns King Arthur’s knights into beasts.


From Roman Mythology which is derived from fluo , fluere , “to flow,” is a form of Juno that retains the nourishing blood within the womb of women.



Ki is a shorter version of the word Chi with Chinese origin , which means “energy” or “blood.” Chi can be used for both baby girls and baby boys, and it’s a fairly popular name. Chi means “firstborn child” in Korean.


It means “blood relative” from Hebrew sheer “flesh, meat”, also “near kindred”. It is also the biblical variant of Sherah which appears briefly in some versions of the Old Testament.

Boys Names that Mean Blood

Here is a list of boy names that mean blood:


Ata means “father, ancestor” in Turkish, and kan means “blood.”


Berkan is of Turkish origin dealing with sanguinary subject matter. This baby name for boys can mean either “lineage or blood” or “He who is of strong blood”


Demirkan is baby boy name of Turkish origin that means “iron blood.” This is certainly an intriguing name that means blood.


Hebrew origin, Edom is a Biblical boy’s name of blood. This particular name can mean “red,” “earthy” “of blood” and also “red earth.”



Greek god of the Underworld associated with blood, death, and decay through his role in the underworld


This unique name is derived from the Old Norse word “odr,” which means “blood.”

Rubellus (red)

This name comes from Latin words meaning “red” and “little.” It would make an excellent choice for someone with red hair!



Caesiniejir is a bloody boy’s name derived from the Draconic language of “Dungeons & Dragons.” This particular name’s meaning breaks down as “forest blood” and might be chosen because the boy’s parents work around nature or he was delivered in the woods.


It’s of Latin origin meaning “clotted blood.” It was popular among the Roman aristocracy. Cruor is also the name of a demon in Dante’s Inferno, which may be why it’s fallen out of favor in recent years.


Arabic name meaning “heart’s blood and soul.”



Arabic origin This name is of Arabic origin means “blood brother.” Rakan is a popular name for baby boys in the Arabic-speaking countries.


Rhudir is a blood-red boy’s name of Indian origin. This one name can refer to either “blood,” the planet Mars, or even Rudra, a roaring god of storms and the hunt.


Hel is an Old Norse name meaning death, or realm of the dead. In Norse mythology, Hel, a giantess, is the daughter of Loki and Angrboða.


Rusty is an English boy’s name derived from blood. This particular name is rather obvious in its meaning as it simply means “a shade of bloody red.”



Latin name meaning “blood” and would make a unique and powerful choice for your son or daughter.


This is an ancient Turkish name which translates as blood head.


Yakut is a baby name of Arabic origin meaning “red gem, ruby, or garnet” which connotes “protecting blood.” Yakut is variant of Yaqoot of Arabic origin and has the exact same meaning and pronunciation. The name Yakut is perfect for your boy with brave blood from his ancestors.


What Name Means Blood in Different Language?

Blood is an incredibly powerful concept, and it’s one that can be found in many different languages.

Look at some of the most popular names that mean “blood” in German, Japanese, Italian, African, and Greek origin.

Baby Names of Greek Origin


Haimon is a Greek name that means “bloody.” This specific name means “bloody” and was also the name of Creon and Eurydice’s son in Greek mythology.


This baby name of Greek origin from the word “aithôn” denotes the color “red-brown” which makes it a great choice for parents who want their child to stand out in a crowd.



Greek form of Aramaic meaning “field of blood.” This name is said to represent the spilling of innocent blood, and it is often used as a symbol of mourning.


The goddess of blood in Greek mythology. A Greek name that was borne by the god of medicine and healing in Greek mythology.


In Greek mythology, it is the ethereal fluid that is the blood of the gods and/or immortals. Your child might just be the one to make it popular.

Baby Names of German Origin

We’ve a detailed article on German boys names if you want a full German tour, but here are some great German blood names.


A German word that means blood. In a German phrase: blood and soil —signifying a mystical bond between Germans and their land that is why it is also the name of a river in Germany that is said to be stained red with the blood of those who have been killed in battle.



A Welsh name that means “white blood.” It’s a pretty name for a baby girl, and it has a strong, the perfect name for a child who is born in the winter, or for a child who has snow-white hair.

Rufus (red)

This name comes from Germanic words meaning “red” or “blond.” It’s also the name of one of Caesar Augustus’ grandsons


Baby Names of Japanese Origin

Chinatsu (Japan)

unisex name of blood and Japanese origin. This name means “blood summer” and might suit a child delivered during a fraught summer season.


Bloody Japanese name for boy and girls. This name can be translated as “blood shadow.”


Japanese boy’s name dealing with the blood. Specifically, this name means “blood autumn” and would be a fine name for a child born around October, the month of Halloween.


From Japanese (tsugu) meaning “second, Asia”, (tsugu) meaning “paternal blood, offspring”,(tsugu) meaning “to connect, inherit”



Tokito is a Japanese boy’s name that is concerned with consumption. This particular name can mean “bloody,” “red” or “vermillion.”

Baby Names of Italian Origin


Vendetta is a popular Italian name that has both male and female meaning that translates as “blood feud.”


It is of Latin origin, and the name comes from the root word “ruber,” which means “red.”


The Latinized form that comes from the word sanguis, meaning “blood or bloody” and from the Latin word, sanguine meaning “relating to, or containing blood”


The name Boon is of Old Italian origin meaning “Blood blessing or Good”.


Bleda is a Latin name that means “bloody.” It is derived from the word sanguis meaning blood, The name was borne by a 5th-century king of the Huns. It can also be used as a given name.


Baby Names of African Origin


Ayankasa of African origin is derived from the Yoruba language and means “to give blood.”


Oni, which is a Nigerian name meaning “blood.” Derived from African-Yoruba origins. The name’s meaning is one born in a sacred place.


The meaning of the name Jira is of African origin, “related by blood“.


Djimon is an African name for boys and girls that deals with blood. This specific name means “strong blood.”


Conclusion: Powerful Blood Names You Should Add to Your List

With the popularity of baby name books and websites, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer number of choices available, especially unisex names. If you’re looking for a name with a powerful meaning, consider blood names.

In many cultures, blood names are given to baby girls in order to protect them from harm. In other cultures, blood names are given to baby boys as a way of honoring their ancestors.

So if you’re looking for a name that will give your child a strong start in life, be sure to add some blood names to your list. If you like this post, you might also want to check chemistry baby names and their meaning.

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