The Amazing Egg White Remedy for Diaper Rash




Egg White Remedy for Diaper Rash

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No parent wants to see their baby suffer from rashes.

This is why it’s important to find remedies for diaper rash that work, and many parents only want to use natural remedies understandably.

One of the best things you can do is turn to eggs!

Egg whites are an excellent remedy for diaper rash because they have soothing properties and provide relief to your baby’s irritated skin. However, they should not be used on a child with a yeast rash, sensitive skin or an allergy to eggs.

Affiliate Disclaimer: As an Affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Benefits of the egg whites for treating diaper rash

Benefits of the egg whites for treating diaper rash

Egg whites are an excellent choice for treating diaper rash because they have properties that will help to heal your baby’s skin.

The egg white forms a natural barrier on the baby’s skin.

Some of the benefits of using this egg white remedy for diaper rash:

Soothes discomfort and irritation caused by diaper rash

The natural proteins in egg white work as a moisturizer on irritated skin.

They also act as an anti-inflammatory, which will help to reduce any pain or discomfort that your baby is feeling because of their rash.

Conditions the skin

Conditions the skin

When you treat diaper rash with egg whites it helps to restore natural pH levels in your child’s skin and make it less acidic.

It’s important for babies to have balanced skin pH levels because this will help to prevent future outbreaks of diaper rash.

Helps to get rid of bacteria

The proteins in egg whites also work as a natural antibiotic, which means that they can kill any harmful bacteria that may be causing the nappy rash.

This is helpful because it can speed up the healing process.

Are egg whites good for bad nappy rash?

Are egg whites good for bad nappy rash

Yes, they can help even bad diaper rash. Egg whites are a very effective remedy for treating nappy rash because of the proteins that they contain.

These proteins have properties that can help to soothe and moisturize your baby’s bottom, while also helping to get rid of any harmful bacteria or viruses in their system which may be causing their rash.

Using a raw egg has many natural benefits.

Using egg white is better than using some creams when it comes to cloth diapers, as they will not cause any repelling issues on the diapers.

You might also want to look at natural baby wipes as commercial baby wipes often contain alcohol which can sting a young child, use sensitive baby wipes if your child has diaper rash.

Also be careful what toiletries you are putting in the baby’s bathwater, as again this can cause reactions and make a happy rash worse.

How to treat diaper rash with an egg white remedy

How to treat diaper rash with an egg white remedy

It’s important to treat nappy rash as soon as you notice it.

The longer the skin is exposed to feces and urine, then the more irritated it will become.

You can begin treating your baby by bathing them in warm water with a small amount of mild soap or baby wash with a soft washcloth.

Make sure that they are totally clean before applying any treatment because their skin will be more sensitive at this time.

After you have bathed your child, apply an egg white remedy to their bottom.

Make sure to only use a fresh egg.

To make the mixture, simply beat one egg white until it is frothy and then apply it directly to the rash using a cotton ball or pad.

Leave the egg white to air dry completely before you put on the diaper. This will cause a barrier between the contents of the diaper and the diaper rash, allowing it to heal.

If you are using this remedy in conjunction with other treatments, then repeat the process every twelve hours.

When NOT to Use Egg Whites on Baby’s Rash

When NOT to Use Egg Whites on Baby’s Rash

It is not always advisable to use egg whites on nappy rash.

Yeast Infection

The one thing you don’t want to do is use an egg white if your baby has a yeast infection.

The proteins in the egg whites will actually feed the yeast and make things worse.

If you are not sure whether or not your child has a yeast infection, then it’s always best to err on the side of caution and use something else.

If your child has a yeast infection, it’s important to treat this as soon as possible. You will have to use a yeast cream on them, and you might also need an anti-fungal medication from your doctor too.

Egg Allergy

Egg white is also not a suitable home remedy for everyone as some people are allergic to eggs, so it’s important that you test it on your babies skin first on a small patch first.

This will ensure that there aren’t any adverse reactions or allergies which may occur.

Fungal Infection

If you’re child has a fungal infection, then you will need to use an anti-fungal cream in order to clear it up.

Egg whites are not going to be effective in this case, and could actually make the infection worse. For more information on the different types of diaper rash, read our detailed guide.

Sensitive Skin

If your child has very sensitive skin, then egg whites might not be the best choice for them either.

You need to use something that is more gentle, as using this could actually cause some irritation and make things worse than they already are.

Other treatments for preventing or treating diaper rash 

Other treatments for preventing or treating diaper rash 

Nappy free time is important. Change your baby regularly, after every two hours if not sooner. Allow the skin room to breathe and heal in between changes of nappies or clothing.

There are a number of home remedies that you can use in conjunction with the egg white treatment for treating your baby’s nappy rash.

You may also want to try using a dab of coconut oil, or even some natural vegetable oils such as sweet almond and grape seed.

Corn starch

This type of powder is another one that you can use on your child’s bottom because it will absorb excess moisture in their nappy area.

In addition to this, cornstarch also has properties that can help to treat diaper rash.

Tea tree oil

This type of essential oil is very useful for treating a variety of different skin conditions, and it’s often recommended as an effective treatment for nappy rash.

It will kill off any harmful bacteria on your child’s bottom, meaning that they shouldn’t experience any further bouts of diaper rash. Be very careful when applying any type of essential oils to babies skin, and read and follow the instructions very carefully.

Coconut oil

Using a dab of coconut oil can help to seal in moisture and prevent any further irritation from occurring.

It’s very soothing for your baby, which is why it’s so effective at treating bad nappy rash. It also acts as a barrier cream that helps the skin stay dryer.

Organic Coconut Oil for Babies

Aloe Vera Gel or Cream

This plant has been used to treat skin conditions for thousands of years and is a very effective on most types of diaper rash.

Our favorite aloe vera products for diaper rash are:

Organic Aloe Vera Gel

  • 100% natural and made from 99.75% organic Aloe Vera
  • Soothes and hydrates dry, itchy, and irritated skin
  • Absorbs into your skin and hair rapidly without any oily or sticky residue.
  • No color, fragrance, water, alcohol, parabens or petrochemicals added

Vitamin E cream

This type of anti-oxidant cream is often used to treat a variety of skin conditions, and it can be helpful in healing diaper rash.

Apply it directly to the affected area for best results.

Oatmeal Bath

Adding oatmeal to your child’s bath can help to soothe the skin and relieve any itching that they may be experiencing.

It also helps to get rid of any dry skin cells on the surface of the rash, which will allow the egg white remedy to work more effectively. See more about the benefits of oatmeal baths.

Breast Milk

If you are breastfeeding, then your breast milk can also be used to treat diaper rash.

It has natural healing properties that will not only help to relieve any discomfort but it will also speed up the healing process by promoting new skin growth and reducing inflammation in the affected area.

Whilst some people believe this to be an old wives tale, it really does help!

Baking soda

This is another type of powder that can be helpful in absorbing moisture and preventing your child’s skin from becoming irritated.

You can either add it to their bathwater or apply it directly to their bottom as needed.

Our favorite diaper rash treatment is

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Ointment

  • 40% Zinc Oxide
  • Fast working
  • Seals out wetness
  • Free from dyes, preservatives, parabens and talc
  • Suitable from birth

Mint Leaves

Placing a few mint leaves on your baby’s rash can help to soothe the skin and provide some relief from the discomfort.

It’s a natural anti-inflammatory, which will help to reduce any swelling that may be occurring.

When using any type of home remedy to treat diaper rash, always make sure that you test it on a small patch of skin first to ensure that your child doesn’t have an allergic reaction to it.

Petroleum jelly

This type of cream works very well for reducing any itching that your child might be experiencing from their rash.

It’s important to keep it away from the eyes, so make sure that you apply it only to the affected area. However, these are not considered natural remedies which may be important to you.

Take Away

Though egg whites are a natural way to treat diaper rash, it is not always advisable to use them.

You should test the remedy on your own skin before using it on your baby, as some people may be allergic to eggs.

If your child has a yeast infection, an anti-fungal cream will be necessary for treatment.

Egg whites might also not be suitable for children with very sensitive skin.

What is diaper rash?

Diaper rash is a common condition that affects most babies at one point or another.

Diarrhea and yeast infections are two of the leading causes for diaper rash, so if your child has had any issues with these types of illnesses lately then you should be on guard to look out for this problem.

The main symptoms of diaper rash are red, irritated or broken skin around the diaper area. The rash may also be itchy and/or swollen.

What causes diaper rash?

Diaper rashes are caused by a variety of different things, but the most common culprits are wetness and contact with feces or urine.

Yeast infections can also cause diaper rash, as well as some common skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. We discuss below how the egg white remedy should not be used with a yeast diaper rash.

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