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In case you go to any mall or search on an online platform, you’ll find that they’ve readily available clothing which are of various sizes. Out of all these size ranges, 4T and 4 are sizes for kids’ outfits that features the same weight range yet different height range.

Sizing is typically pretty straightforward, but it gets a little bit tricky as soon as your kid is 4 years old. Kids’ sizes changes at this age. Because they have a quick growth rate at this age. Thus, often parents choose to buy 5 or 5T size instead of buying 4 or 4T size.

But are these 4 and 4T sizes mean? Are they similar or different? Let’s find in detail about 4 and 4T sizes in this article below…

Meaning Of Size 4 & 4T

Just a Little Bit

4T size refers to clothing in toddler sizes. It is a system used in the US for baby clothes, and the digit refers to the suggested age of the kid i.e. 2T size is for 2-year-olds, thus 4T size is for 4-year old kids.

It is a fairly straightforward system, however, the exact size for the 4T clothing can differ by store and brand, and also these aren’t exclusively age-dependent. And this makes things slightly more confusing.

The size 4 is refer to clothes that are for slightly older children above 3 years. This age, at which a kid fits clothes in a precise classification varies based on its weight and height.

On the other hand, the 4T size refers to measures of the clothes used by kids who are quite younger than 3 years old kids. Kids who wear 4t size clothing are defined to be wearing diapers, and clothing for this age group is made to fit diapers.

Generally, 4T size is for toddlers who weigh 30-35lbs and 40-45 inches tall. These are moderate numbers for a 4-year-old, however, in case your toddler is bigger and smaller than these measures, consider either dropping to 3T size or going up to 5T size or you can also consider having a regular 4 sizes for your kid.

Specific Models of 4 vs 4T Size For Same Weight Range Toddlers

Hip Measurements

In more stores, there is not very much difference between 4T & 4 sizes. There are of quite a similar size range. Both sizes fit average-sized same weight range 4-year-olds.

However, for a more suitable comparison of these two, 4T is for toddlers of 4-year-old who still wear diapers. On the other hand, regular 4 size is for kids who do not need diapers anymore. Moreover, the 4T size comes with an adjustable waist, zippers, and buttons.

Is 4 Size The Same As 4T Sizes?

Slightly Bigger

To some extent, 4T and regular 4 sizes are nearly the same sizes. You can even explain it as 4T size being the negligibly smaller model of the regular 4 sizes.

Smaller kids or those kids who are still wearing diapers typically wear the 4T size clothes.

It is also convenient to know thatthe 4T size clothing normally comes with adjustable waists (mostly made using elastic material) to adjust little kids still wearing diapers. 

Non-diaper-wearing or bigger kids usually wear regular 4 size clothes. The difference in size is normally just some inches for height and a little weight difference.

Regular 4 size clothes normally have buttons and zipsthat help to make the clothing fit more snuggly as there is no need to leave extra room for diapers. As not all kids grow at a similar rate, you may find your kid wearing the 4T size until they are almost 5-years-old. 

Differences Between 4 And 4T Size

Extra Growing Room Versus

The 4T size is for kids who wear diapers and the regular 4 size is for kids, usually for children ages 5.

However, there is not much difference in 4T and 4 sizes but there are a few negligible differences. The regular 4 size is a little longer or larger than the 4T size.

Moreover, a regular 4 or 5 sizes are mainly for potty-trained children. On the other hand, the 4T size has extra room to fit the diapers.

Another difference is that the regular 4 sizes are for kids who are above three years or a little older while the 4T size is for kids who are younger than 2-years-old.

Moreover, the 4T size clothes are shorter than regular size 4 since they’re made for kids who are less than 36 months or slightly older than 36 months.

Summary of Size 4 vs 4T

Regular 4 size clothes are generally smaller clothes but somewhat larger than the 4T size because these clothes are mainly made for kids above 24 months.

Additionally, they come with a waist that isn’t adjustable, however, such clothes are bearing longer sleeves and also long pants at the same time.

On the other hand, 4T sized clothes are made for younger kids who are less than 2-years-old. They come with an adjustable waist as well as significantly shorter sleeves & pants.

What Is The Exact Difference Between 4T vs 4 Sized Clothes?

The exact difference between 4 and 4T clothes sizes relies heavily on the brand and store you are shopping for. However, typically, regular 4 sized clothes will be a little bit larger as compared to 4T size— around 1-2″ longer for pants, as well as wide enough to adjust 1 to 2 more pounds of weight. So, if your kid needs a tiny bit larger clothing sizes then go for regular 4 sixes.


A good practice to understand where your toddler fits in with their measures is to measure your kid accurately. Finally what I can say is that the 4T size is smaller than the 4 sizes.

In case you have a little child that is undersized for their age, then 4T is the perfect size you are going to need for your kid. The 4T size allows little kids to wear clothing that does not look baggy. As most styles are made using elastic bands as well as adjustable waists, there are also bonus features for diaper wearer kids. 

It is also necessary to keep in mind that some brands and stores have such a little difference between 4 & 4T sizes that you will barely notice the contrast. In short, 4T vs 4 does not have to be difficult to understand. With correct measurements, you will easily be capable of fitting your growing kid into the perfect size! 

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