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As soon as you go shopping for your kids’ clothing, you need to get the suitable sizes because children tend to grow fast. There are distinct sizes for children, based on their age (counted in months).

There are several sizes available for kids. But today, we are going to discuss the similarity and the difference between 24 months vs 2T sizes.

The main difference between 24 months vs 2T clothes is that 24 months baby clothes size is for smaller babies who are between the age group of 18-24 months while 2T size is for kids between the age group of 2 to 3 years.

This is quite hard to distinguish the difference between 24 months vs 2T because both mean 2-years-old baby clothes size.

There comes the question if both are for 2-years old then why there are different sizes available in the baby section? Let’s find out in detail below…

Is 2T Size The Same As The 24 Months Clothes Size?

To answer this I must say it depends on several things. Generally, 2T size is the very next size bigger than 24 months baby clothes size.

Nevertheless, for a few brands, 24 months’ clothing size has the exact measurements as the 2T size clothing. 

Several baby clothes brands will label 24-months clothes as 18 to 24 months.

The purpose is that infants will begin wearing this size around 18 months as well as up to 24-month. Thus, the size 24-month isn’t similar to a 2T size although a 24-month old infant is technically 2-years-old. 

Are you still confused? Do not worry we have explained everything in detail below to make things easy to understand for you.

Let’s now look at the detailed explanation of 2T clothes and 24-months clothes for babies.

The Main Differences Between Kids Clothing

Next time you are at the mart, pull 2T and 24-month clothes off the rack to closely take a glance at the differences in the sizes. You’ll likely notice the following differences in the clothes:

24-Months’ clothes are a bit smaller in length. This permits a baby to creep without getting entangled in the clothes.

24 Months clothes come with a rounder fit since they leave more room to fit a diaper. You’ll also perhaps see snaps in the leg area for easy access to diapers.

2T clothing generally doesn’t come with diaper snaps.

2T clothes are slimmer and come with long pant legs and sleeves. Thus, 2T size is better for kids who no longer wear bulky diapers and walk upright.

As long as the style is concerned, 2T size mimics adult clothing, however, in a smaller size. On the other hand, the 24-month size is still babyish looking in style. Below is a detailed explanation to figure out the basic differences between 24-months vs 2T clothes.


24 Months Size:

Has more room in the derriere to adjust diapers better

2T Size:

Has slimmer fit


24 Months Size:

These are rounder and smaller bodies. To use 24-months clothing, your baby’s weight and height should be less than the 2T counterparts.

2T Size:

Suitable for growing toddlers, particularly as they get bigger and initiate to lose their cute chunky baby rolls.


24 Months Size:

Geared better toward baby-like style. Cute patterns, ruffles, animals, etc. Soft, comfortable, fabric that infants can easily sleep in and move around.

2T Size:

More kid style, further “cool” looking dresses.


24 Months Size:

24-months are bulkier than 2T size. They’re created mainly for crawling babies to let them move without any hassle.

2T Size:

2T is made keeping toddlers in mind who can walk upright as well as will not support a crawling baby. Thus, the 2T size is a closer fit than the 24-months size. 


24 Months Size:

Made more for babies who still wear diapers.

2T Size:

Made for toddlers who are potty trained.

2t Vs. 24-Months Sizes, Which Toddler Clothing Sizes To Choose?

Easy Diaper Access

We already have discussed “Is 2t same as the 24 months size?”. Yet it can a little bit tricky to shop for your 1.5-2.5 years old child.

Therefore, we have given advice and tips to make the procedure less stressful for you:

Know Your Kid’s Parameters

Child Menu Bulky Diaper

The most suitable way of purchasing fitting clothes for your kids is to know your child’s exact height and weight. These 2 aspects are the most significant.

A sales attendant will be capable of recommending choices for you depending on these details.

In case you’re purchasing baby clothes for someone’s kid as a gift, it’s still better to ask for the measurements or size.

Consider The Baby’s Ability To Walk

Children’s Department Toddler Size

Among the major differences between 24 months and 2T is the verity that the 2T size will fit kids who stopped creeping.

Even in case, your kid is 2-years-old but still crawls mostly, it’s better to purchase 24-months size of clothes for your baby.

Consider Whether Your Baby Wear Diapers Or Not

Potty Training Hold Clothes

In case your kid still is not potty trained and needs diapers, 2T clothes won’t be for your kid.

It’ll be much more challenging to change it as well as will only bring distress for both the parents and baby.

Hold Baby Clothes Up To Your Kid

Mom Life Same Measurements

In case you don’t know your baby’s exact height and weight, you will better hold up children’s clothes to your kid.

This method doesn’t offer 100% assurance, but it’s better than purchasing blindly.

Depending on the baby gap kids of the same age need different cloth sizes. Clothe size differs depending on clothing brands too. So, choose accordingly. Don’t just buy blindly.


To conclude, whether size 24-months is distinct from 2T size or not relies on the brand of clothing.

Typically, the 24-months size is made offering an extra room in the clothes’ buttocks area to fit bulky diapers, on the other hand, 2T size is made for toddlers who do not need diapers anymore and can walk.

Do not just go for clothes labeled sizing chart, choose as per your baby’s requirement to get the best fit for your kid. Even a same size child may need a different size of clothes as per their requirement. Always keep your baby’s comfort in mind. Happy shopping!

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