Baby Names I Love But Won’t Be Using

Baby Names I Love But Won't Be Using

There are a lot of different opinions on what is the best name for your baby. Everyone has their taste in baby names. What one person loves, the other might hate.

People have some really weird ideas about naming their kid’s names. In this day and age, when parents want to name their children after icons like YouTube stars or Instagram models it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Considering what to name your baby is a big decision. What you name your child will be with them for their entire life, so it’s important to choose wisely. It’s important to pick a name for your baby that fits you and your family, so don’t feel rushed to settle on a first name or middle name.

Baby Girl Names That I Won’t Be Using

Baby Girl Names That I Won’t Be Using

Baby girl names are so important! After all, this is the name that your daughter will have for her entire life. It’s only natural to want to find the perfect name for her.

With so many choices, it can be hard to decide on a beautiful name for your new baby girl.

However, there are names that I definitely won’t be using for my daughter and won’t recommend to my friends and family as well for the following reasons:

  • Name that another teacher or any of your friends’ children has used for their child.
  • Name that is so popular or common that they will be one of three or more in their class with the same name.
  • Names that end in “-ie” or “-y” sounds. These names may be fine for a puppy, but they’re a bit too childish for a human being
  • Names that have pronunciation issues

In addition, some names are overly trendy or unique. While I understand the appeal of having a unique name, I prefer something that will stand out, unique but not too out there.

Here’s a list of some of the trendy girl names which sound like a nickname that I won’t be using:

  1. Goldie
  2. Scout
  3. Tanner
  4. Pollie/Polly
  5. Sunny
  6. Ozzy
  7. Pippa
  8. Lottie
  9. Winnie
  10. Aberdeen

Baby Boy Names That I Won’t Be Using

  1. Dashell
  2. Kallen
  3. Tryver
  4. Elton
  5. Jonny
  6. Rowan (See names that go with Rowan)
  7. Eddie
  8. Orion
  9. Devan
  10. Bulletproof

What Names Cannot be Used?

In many cultures, baby names are chosen to reflect certain qualities or traits that the parents hope their child will possess. However, there are also a number of names that are considered to be bad luck or unlucky.

These names are often avoided by parents in order to give their children a better chance at a good life. In some cases, the rules are dictated by law, as is the case with many trademarks.

Others may avoid using family names in order to avoid potential conflicts within the family. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of names that cannot be used for one reason or another.

Below is a list of some of the most common names that parents try to avoid:

  1. Algernon
  2. Butcher
  3. Darth Vader
  4. Dufus
  5. Felony
  6. Minge
  7. Nipplehead
  8. Poopyface
  9. Retard
  10. Satan

In addition, names that might cause confusion or that are considered profane are also not allowed. So if you’re looking for a unique name for your child, you might want to avoid these forbidden names!

What are the Worst Names to Name Your Baby?

Most parents go through a lot of thought to decide on the right name for their child. They consider the meaning, the spelling, and even how the name sounds. Do they want it to be unique? Popular? Old fashioned? We’ve done a guide to the worst baby names across the world here.

While many parents go through this process, some names are often avoided because they can cause their child a lot of problems as they grow up.

There are so many terrible and strange names out there, and we’re here to help you avoid the awful ones. We’ve compiled a list of some of the worst baby names I love but won’t be using:

  1. Lunablue
  2. Codeine
  3. Strange
  4. Dusty
  5. Darrick
  6. Kylie Jenner
  7. Igor
  8. Peanut
  9. Moon Unit
  10. Moxie Crimefighter

How We Chose Our Names

Choosing a name can be super hard and if you have a guilty pleasure name you can always use it as a middle name. If you are stuck, do read our guides to choosing a baby name and choosing a middle name.

Often a name will remind me of a primary school friend, or even just something like a harry potter name and these are a no go. Even though Hermione is a lovely girls name, to me it now just screams Harry Potter!

Also, I don’t want names that may cause pronunciation problems, so whilst I love traditional Irish names, I would rather choose American Irish girls names for any future daughter. This gives her the great associations without Irish heritage which have beautiful names but with a modern twist.

Name origins are also important to me and whilst I loved the name Brona which is a family style name, it means sad and it makes me a bit sad when I think of that as a birth name.

My own name, Jess, my mom gave me after her best friend named Jessica. However, it can feel weird to me so for this exact reason I ruled out all of my friends names as first names.

When we had our little boy, boy names I absolutely love just didn’t go well with our family name, and I feel you when you love names you have to ensure they match the other name as well. My husband vetoed a few because he felt like they didn’t give a cool nickname, don’t worry there was no fighting with my husband over names!

Baby Names That Are Too Funny to Use

Baby Names That Are Too Funny to Use

People should not use any food names for their babies unless they are very careful about what kind of foods they choose as inspiration.

Do not name your child after a food. There can be negative connotations with giving a child a name that’s also a food. Your child will be teased and ridiculed if you give them a food name.


Flapjack is a boy’s name. Though some think it’s a fun and cute name, it is sometimes used as a derogatory term for someone short and skinny. I don’t think anyone will go for this one.

Cocoa Puff

Cocoa Puff is chocolate-flavored and is also the name of a character in the popular Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z. The character, an anthropomorphic puff of chocolate, is known for his playful and mischievous nature.


The name “Marshmallow” was quite popular as a baby name in the early 20th century. While some parents might be drawn to the name because of its sweet associations, it fell out of favor after it was pointed out that the name sounded more like a type of food than a baby girl.

Rocky Road

There are many reasons why Rocky Road might not be the best name for a baby. The most compelling reason to avoid Rocky Road as a name for a baby is that it’s the perfect food for when you’re feeling down. Rocky Road is best left as a treat, not a name.


While Frosty is a popular name for baby boys, the name Frosty was coined as a nickname for someone who was known for being particularly grumpy, cold, and icy. Over time, the meaning of the name has shifted to refer to someone cold and aloof.


The name Icee is derived from the Greek word for snow, which makes it an ideal nickname for a winter baby. While it might be tempting to name your child after something you love, it’s probably not the best idea. One potential downside of the name Icee is that it can be difficult to pronounce for those who are unfamiliar with it.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy seems like an adorable name for a little girl. The serious drawback to using this name is it will likely lead to teasing and bullying from other kids.


Milkshake is an interesting name for baby names I love but won’t be using. It might lead to some confusion when people are trying to figure out the gender of the child.


The name “Snickers” might make people think you’re a funny and clever baby name but it could also make them think your kids are a little mischievous.


While it’s an awesome name for a pet, the funny reason not to use it as a name for a baby is people will make jokes about your child’s lunch instead of his or her name. Secondly, the meaning of the name Taco is “stolen goods,” which isn’t the most auspicious meaning for a child’s name.

Toaster Strudel

While the name Toaster Strudel may be unique and attention-grabbing, it is probably not the best choice for a baby name because of two reasons.

First, it is a brand name and would therefore be difficult to spell and pronounce and the meaning of the word Toaster Strudel is “a pastry made with flaky dough and filled with fruit or cream cheese.” So, while Toaster Strudel may be delicious, it’s not an appropriate name for a child.


With so many options out there, it’s hard to know where to start when choosing the perfect first name for your son or little girl.

What about you? Are you considering any food-inspired baby names? If so, please make sure to do your research first to get more information on the meaning of your chosen names!

There are plenty of delicious and beautiful foods out there, but not all the nicknames and middle names will be great inspirations.

And remember, if you choose a trendy or unique name, it may quickly go out of style. It’s perfectly acceptable to name your child after YouTube.

Why not stick with something classic that will always be in fashion?

Whatever you decide, best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy!

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