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Best Double Bassinets

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Twins are miracles who come in pairs. Finding out that you’re expecting not one, but two beautiful bundles of joy can be such an exciting but terribly daunting time.

On the one hand, you’ve got double the love, double the smiles, double the amazing milestones, double the personalities, double the memories.

But then on the other side, it’s double the feeding, double the sleepless nights, double the crying, double the gear, and in turn, double the expense. 

Preparing for the arrival of just one baby is enough to stress any expecting mother, and it can be even harder when you’ve got two little babies to prepare for.

Take the stress out of choosing your babies’ bassinets by taking a look at our recommendations for the top five best double bassinets. 

Affiliate Disclaimer: As an Affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Baby Trend Lil’ Snooze Deluxe For Twins

The Baby Trend bassinet is 35.5 x 28 x 41.5 inches and weighs around 28.4 pounds. It is made of plush and mesh sides to ensure proper ventilation.

It includes two removable Rock-A-Bye bassinets and converts to a stand-alone rocker that can be used as a full-size play space and Flip-Over changing table for your convenience. 

Each bassinet also includes two hanging toys to stimulate grasping and reaching. Not only this but it is equipped with an electronic music center that has volume control, as well as a nightlight and vibration for each of the Rock-A-Bye bassinets.

The deluxe organizer that hangs over the side will also hold all of the essentials you may need. 


  • Parent Organizer
  • Locking Wheels
  • Plush Breathable Fabric 
  • Travel Bag

Why I Think It’s Great!

Safety Features 

This bassinet takes ventilation for your babies into account which is incredibly important. Every mum wants to be able to sleep at night knowing that their newborns are safe. The bassinets come with a canopy, plush fabric, and then mesh sides.

These mesh sides are what create the proper ventilation to aid your baby’s breathing. 

Additional Features

I love the extra features that come with this product and think they are great for helping stimulate or calm your baby. This Baby Trend model comes with an electronic music center that has volume control.

It has two styles of music and some nature sounds which are great for developing minds. It also comes with a nightlight and vibration to help your little ones drift off to sleep peacefully. 


As any mum knows, collecting all the equipment that you need for any newborn can be a pricey job. Even more so when you’re having to buy two of each item. That is why I love the fact that this bassinet can double as much more than just that. 

The bassinets can both be removed to allow for a full-sized play space for both when they are awake, and can also even be converted into a changing table for ultimate convenience.

What’s more, because it comes with a parent organizer, you can pop your nappies and wipes in this and be set and ready to go. 

Bottom Line – Baby Trend’s Bassinet is a great addition to any new mum of twins. Safety and stimulation for your child are at the forefront of the design, and it is multifunctional, which could save you money in the long run as you won’t need to purchase these other items separately. 

Who’s It For? 

For any parent who will benefit from being able to separate the bassinets from the basket, this is ideal. It makes it easier to travel too and so is a great addition for a mum on the go.

Halo BassiNest Twin Sleeper

Having won multiple awards such as Best Handy Bedside Sleeper, Parent’s Pick, Best For Baby, and Best Bassinet, it is not hard to see why Halo’s BassiNest Twin Sleeper is such a popular pick with parents

The bassinet has a base of 45 x 45 inches. The legs are 21 inches each (43 inches total.) It has an overall height of 36 inches at its lowest point. The bed is approximately 33.5 x 22 inches and it weighs around 28 pounds. 

The Halo sleeper is the perfect sleep solution for families that are expecting twins. It allows for both babies to sleep super close to their parents while still having their own safe space to sleep.

It also allows for your twins to have a separate space from one another but also provides the togetherness and closeness that the twins will crave. 

The base easily adjusts from 24 inches to 34 inches high and can be tucked under most beds. The base is appropriately weighted to assure maximum stability; it is recommended for babies up to 5 months old or weighing up to 20 pounds each.

The patented lowering bedside wall also allows you to tend to either of your babies from the comfort of your own bed. This wall can also be locked in the upright position when required or desired. 


  • 360-degree swivel and rotation. 
  • Patented lowering bedside wall. 
  • Soothing Center
  • Back to bed reminder
  • Together but separate design 

Why I Think It’s Great! 

Safety First

Nothing, at all, is more important than keeping your babies safe. All parents spend their time looking after and protecting their children, and Halo recognizes that parents want the peace of mind that their children are safe while they are sleeping. 

Halo has a range of safety features that keep any parent’s mind at ease. Halo does actually collaborate with hospitals. The manufacturer offers a dedicated professional line of products, with SleepSacks and swaddles currently being used in over 1700 hospitals nationwide.

This means that you are safe in the knowledge that this manufacturer makes good quality, safe designs that are hospital approved. 

The design of this bassinet uses breathable, see-through mesh walls which creates better ventilation for your babies and ensures optimal airflow for a night of safe and comfortable sleep.

The design also allows for maximum visibility meaning that you can always see your baby, even from bed at eye level.

If all these features weren’t enough, there is also a ‘Back to Bed’ reminder for night feeds to ensure that you do not fall asleep while nursing. This could be a potentially life-saving feature. 

Mom’s Needs

I really like that Halo has thought about every possible situation when designing this model and that includes the needs of any new mom. I don’t need to explain the toll that giving birth can take on a new mother.

Having given birth not once but twice, any mom of twins is sure to be fairly sore and uncomfortable after the birth. With that in mind, it is likely that any new mum isn’t going to be wanting to have to be up and down, moving excessively, each time either baby stirs. 

The 360-degree rotation and swivel feature of the Halo means that your newborns couldn’t sleep any closer to your bed – no more having to get out of bed to hold and soothe your baby.

This is also a perfect feature for anxious parents who want to keep their babies as close as physically possible. It is also great for moms who have had C-sections and are still recovering. 

Soothing Center

I really love the idea of having a soothing center for your babies built into your bassinet. The soothing center includes a nightlight, two levels of vibration, three lullabies, and three soothing sounds. 

This is great for helping aid your babies into sleep and keeping them asleep. Especially since there are two loveable bundles of joy, I think it’s super important to make sure your bassinet aids sleep and rest for your children. 

The last thing you want is to finally get the babies to sleep, and for one to wake up and subsequently wake the other, meaning you have to start the whole process all over again. 

Bottom line – This product is one of my favorites on the market. I love that it is designed with the purpose of making life – and sleep – as easy as possible for both the parents and the babies. 

Who Is It For? 

Perfect for any parent who wants to keep their babies close at night. It’s designed to make nighttimes much easier for parents and enable them to tend to their babies quickly and with little movement for sore moms. 

Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet For Twins 

Simmons Kids By the Bed City Sleeper is a slightly more basic and slightly less expensive option for those on a budget.

While it has fewer additional features than the other bassinets I’ve reviewed, it does not compromise on the truly important and vital features. It is 30 x 30 x 32.5 inches and weighs about 26 pounds. 

Its mesh sides and walls offer maximum airflow and visibility. It has 5 adjustable height settings so you can pick the height that works best for you to ensure you have a clear view of your little ones.

It has ample storage and comes with a one-inch thick mattress and removable sheets that are machine washable. 

It is also JPMA certified to meet or exceed all safety standards that are set by the CPSC and ASTM. 


  • Mesh sides for maximum airflow and optimum visuals on your twins. 
  • Adjustable height with five different settings so that it can fit perfectly to your bed.
  • Ample storage – two storage pockets to store diapers, birthing cloths, pacifiers, toys, or whatever else you find appropriate.

Why I Think It’s Great!

Closer Than Ever

I love that Simmon Kids bassinet can keep your babies so close during the night. With just one new addition to the family, you can be up and down all night long – let’s face it, aren’t new parents renowned for never getting any sleep? 

This can be even worse if you’ve got two babies to be soothing and feeding throughout the night. This bassinet stays right by your bed meaning you won’t have to be in and out of your bed all night long. 

The By the Bed City Sleeper has a modern Z shape frame that is outfitted with wheels so that you can slide the base underneath your bed, keeping both your babies right by your side.

What’s beneficial about this is that you get all the closeness that you desire while still ensuring both of your babies’ safety.

The design allows for each child to have their own safe, separate sleep space while still being beside each other, and you. 

This is perfect for any parent but especially for breastfeeding moms who might need to do multiple feeds a night or moms recovering from C-sections. 

Safety Features

Proper and correct airflow is super important for any sleeping newborn. Parents want to be able to sleep at night knowing that their children are safe. Simmons Kids bassinet does not compromise on the safety of your babies.

It has mesh sides that aids with airflow to make sure that your newborns can always breathe easily. 

Bottom Line – This option is slightly more basic than other models and doesn’t have as many additional features like soothing centers with music or vibrations, but it does have all the features that matter. It is great for anyone more constricted by a budget.

Who’s It For? 

This model is great for any parent on a budget that doesn’t want to compromise on safety and wants to keep their newborns close to the bed. 

Graco Pack ‘N’ Play Playard With Twins Bassinet

Graco’s Pack ‘N’ Play bassinet is a great multifunctional piece of equipment for parents that would rather have a two-in-one option rather than buy a bassinet and a playpen separately. 

Whether your babies are asleep in the bassinet or awake in the playpen, Graco’s bassinet will keep your twins safe and comfortable. It’s super easy to convert between bassinet and playpen – simply remove the bassinets for a playpen that is portable

Both bassinets come with light-shielding slumber dome canopies that create a soothing environment to help your newborns sleep. 

It is 35 x 46 x 34 inches and weighs 29.3 pounds. 


  • Easily converts from Bassinet to Play Pen. 
  • Air mesh for better ventilation.
  • Light-shielding canopies to help keep your baby asleep. 

Why I Think It’s Great! 

Multifunctional And Great Value For Money

While you can get bassinets that have more features for similar prices, what I like about Graco’s bassinet is that it doubles as a playard too – something that other bassinets don’t always do.

This means that, really, you’ll be saving money in the long run because there’s no need to buy both a bassinet and then a separate playpen.

What’s more, this two-in-one product is great for those who may not have much space in their home. Once you start buying for a baby – never mind two – your home can soon become overrun with all the new gadgets, prams, toys, and everything else that comes with a newborn.

If you live in a smaller home or apartment it can seem like there just isn’t enough space for everything that you need – having a two-in-one bassinet and playpen means you don’t have to sacrifice your home space or the things that your baby deserves and needs.


Whether you’re a parent that is often on the move or want to be able to take the bassinet with you as you visit the grandparents, godparents, or whoever else is desperate to give your newborns a cuddle, this bassinet is a great pick for you. 

Because the bassinets are removable, you can take them with you wherever you travel. This is great for making sure that new parents can still find freedom and have the social life that is sometimes known to fade once you have children.

This helps you to combat this and it is essential for new parents to still have some control over their days. 

Who’s It For? 

I would recommend this bassinet to parents who still hope to be able to travel around and visit others with ease once their twins have arrived. It is also great for parents with limited house space. 

Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center, Circle Tech

Here you will find our fifth and final twin bassinet pick, and you may notice it’s our second pick from the Baby Trend range – yes it’s just that good. This bassinet comes in at 49.2 x 46 x 30.3 inches and weighs in at 41.29 pounds. The maximum weight for this product is 35 pounds. 

This nursery center is a great pick that, while is a little expensive, comes packed with useful features to make this a great addition for any new parent of twins.

The nursery comes with two rock-a-bye bassinets for your twins that are removable so that it can convert into a stand alone rocker. 

The bassinets also come with a canopy and a carry handle which are both great features for helping you not have to disturb your babies. They are also made of plush fabric and mesh sides to attribute for proper ventilation. 

Baby Trend also has new parents at the forefront of their designs and so are built not only to be comfortable for your children but also convenient for the parents.

This nursery center comes with a flip away changing table and a deluxe parent organizer making it a multifunctional item. The one-hand locking mechanism and large wheels with brakes are safety features designed to give new parents peace of mind. 

If all that wasn’t enough, it also comes with an electronic music center, with volume control, a nightlight, and vibration settings. 


  • Two removable rock-a-bye bassinets.
  • Plush fabric and mesh sides for ventilation. 
  • Flip-away changing table & deluxe parent organizer included.
  • One-hand locking mechanism. 
  • Music center. 

Why I Think It’s Great!

Great For Parents On The Go

Whether you’re cleaning from room to room in your home, or traveling somewhere further, Baby Trend has you covered. What I love about this product is the ease in which it allows new parents to move around.

The Baby Trend Nursery center as a unit can be moved from place to place with ease thanks to its large wheels. Not only this but each separate bassinet can also be removed from the unit. 

This is super handy for any parent that may want to move their children to keep them in the same room as them without disturbing them.

It is also handy for parents that have children that tend to scream the house down whenever their parents leave the room.

No more putting off the housework until both babies are fast asleep, just remove the bassinets and take them with you! 


Nothing will save you money and time like purchasing a nursery center that can be used for more than one purpose.

Baby Trends Nursery center can be used as a playard, a bassinet, a stand alone rocker, or a changing table. 

This is great as it means that you won’t have to buy all of these extras separately – which is a really important benefit when you’re already buying two of everything that you need.

It will also help keep your home clutter free as everything can fit into one compact space. 

What I absolutely love is that it also comes with a deluxe parent organizer which really can fit so much inside it.

It’s great for storing all your diapers, wipes, cloths and such, as then you’re all set to go to convert to your changing table.

This is great for any parent as the last thing you want to be thinking about is constantly having to tidy and clean and find new spaces for storage when you’re responsible for looking after two tiny new humans.

It’s also perfect for parents in smaller homes with not much space as you really can utilize it to its maximum potential. 

Who’s It For? 

This really is great for any expecting parent of twins, but I would really recommend this to any parent struggling for space or who just really likes to be tidy and organized – it’s great for keeping everything you need all in one place. 

I would also recommend this nursery center to parents on the go, or those who won’t feel comfortable leaving their baby alone for a second, as this product really makes keeping your baby as close as possible so easy. 

What To Look For In A Twin Bassinet? 

So you’re expecting twins? First off, congratulations. What an exciting time it is for any parent when you come to learn you’re expecting.

However, that excitement can oh so quickly turn into panic, frustration, or fear when you very first begin your journey.

Knowing where to start when it comes to picking out all the essentials for your newborns can be such a daunting task and a massive responsibility. 

Luckily, here you can find all the things you need to consider before making your purchase. 


Safety is the first thing on my list for you to consider. As we all know, any parent’s main job is to ensure that their child is well cared for and safe – it is the absolute main priority.

And it is vital that this natural instinct filters through into all the products that are purchased for your child – you want to be able to sleep in the knowledge that your baby is safe while they sleep too. 

Here are the main safety features to keep an eye out for in all product descriptions:

  • Mesh sides for ventilation – I haven’t recommended a single twin bassinet without this feature. It is essential that your bassinet has this feature to ensure that your newborns can breathe easily throughout the night. 
  • JPMA certification (Juvenile Product Manufacturer Association) – Any bassinet with this certification meets health and safety trading standards.
  • Back to Bed reminder – while this one is by no means essential, I would highly recommend this feature. It’s a timer you can set while nursing through the night to ensure that you do not fall asleep while nursing which could prevent a potentially fatal accident. 
  • Chemical-free materials – you want to be checking the materials that are used in your bassinet are completely safe.
  • Together but Apart – you’ll see this description a lot when reading through different twin bassinets. You’re going to want to find a bassinet that allows both twins to sleep close together, so as not to disrupt their natural bonding, but in separate spaces so that they can not affect each other’s sleep, or end up entangled or overheating. 


The next thing that you’re going to want to consider is your budget. As with most things in life, the more expensive the product, the better (generally) the product.

The more expensive bassinets come with lots of additional features that can be really beneficial, and if you can afford to, I would recommend purchasing one of the higher-end bassinets as they are definitely worth the money. 

That being said, if you cannot afford to purchase one of the more extravagant bassinets there are definitely plenty of choices at a lower budget.

You can see from the recommendations in this article that you will never have to compromise safety features with lower budgets, and you’ll still be able to find a bassinet that does the job. 

If you’re not particularly interested in having sound and vibration centers and extra little features like this, then a more basic model might be a great choice for you. 

With so many combo and 2 in 1 bassinets for sale it is also important to consider value for money when purchasing your bassinet too.

As though the price may seem a little higher than you’d like, or slightly out of budget, you may save money in the long run from not having to purchase separate playards or changing tables. 


Before you purchase your bassinet, you really need to know the purpose you intend to use it for as certain types and features may be better suited to your needs depending on what you’re looking for. 

If you’re looking for a bassinet to keep your babies as close to your side as possible, then I would look at By the Bed sleepers, as these allow your bassinet to practically connect to your bed.

These are great for moms that might struggle getting out of bed multiple times a night.

If you’re an on the go parent, who is more likely to be up and about all the time, constantly moving from one place to the next, you will be more suited to a playard bassinet that has wheels and detachable bassinets to make travel much more accessible.

Weight Limit And Dimensions 

You’re also going to want to check the product information on the bassinets that you view.

Each should tell you the size and weight of the product so that you can ensure that it will actually fit wherever you plan to store it – there’s nothing worse than buying a product, building it, just to find out it doesn’t actually fit. 

It will also tell you the weight limit it can withstand for each infant.

This is pretty important to consider as you want to make sure that it’s suitable for your infants and that there is enough scope for you to be able to use it for a length of time.

You don’t want to spend all that money on a bassinet that’s going to become unusable in just a couple weeks’ time. 


To make life as easy as possible for any new parent, it all starts with sleep. Parents need to be getting as much sleep as possible, as does the baby.

Now, when there are two babies, that then means that it can be twice as difficult to get this sleep, with it being twice as essential. 

As a bassinet is where your babies will be doing a good majority of their sleeping, it is important to really take the time when considering your selection.

I hope this article has given you some better insight for making these informed and essential decisions. 

Congratulations to any new expecting parents and good luck as you take your first steps into this new magical journey you have begun!

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