Should Dads Change Diapers? (Do Men Change Diapers?)




Should Dads Change Diapers (Do Men Change Diapers)

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There is a lot of debate surrounding the question of whether or not dads should change diapers. Some people argue that it is the mother’s job to take care of the child and that the father should not be involved in changing diapers.

Others believe that it is important for fathers to take an active role in changing diapers, as it helps them form a stronger bond with their child. So, what is the answer?

men change diapers
men change diapers

Should Dads Change Diapers?

We need to reconsider the belief that modern fathers are a contemporary phenomenon. Such a stereotype affects policy-making as well as the way ruling is used; dads are still subject to destructive stereotyping.

There’s a generous deal of documented evidence illustrating that dads have played a nurturing and caring role with their kids for centuries, together with taking everyday paternity leave to help their spouses during and after childbirth.

Nevertheless, it does appear to have taken some time for dads to take their kindness in changing the dirty diapers of their babies.

Although things have transformed over the last few years. This’s not to say that fathers didn’t care intensely for their kids in previous years because they indeed did, and they still do. The roles of women and men within the family have changed and developed with time.

Fathers play a further operational role in the sensible care of their kids than fathers used to do in the past. So, now the question is should dads change diapers or not? Well, morally there should be any doubt about the fact that a baby is both mother’s and father’s responsibility. So, I really don’t see any reason not to do that. Anyway, let’s see what everyone else is thinking about this!

Why Dads Do Not Want to Change Baby’s Diapers – or Do they?

new study shows
new study shows

We can’t certainly claim that dads do not change baby’s diapers. Yes, they do. I am not talking about the previous time, but these days, fathers too change a baby’s dirty diaper. Now if you ask me why dads do not want to change baby’s diapers then it is quite simple to answer.

The truth is nobody wants to change the diaper. Neither mom nor dad. It is certainly a nasty job to do but you have no other option than to do so. Dads generally do not change diapers because of the mess, nasty smell, and so on that come out of the diaper while you try to change them.

But irrespective of all things, dads are taking diaper duty nowadays and some of the dads are doing even way better than the moms out there. Partners should do it together or do it alternatively to make things easier for their partners.

If your husband is refusing to change diapers, then that is a different matter. Maybe go on a mum nappy strike the first time they refuse! Or maybe just sit down and discuss it, you mind find guys are happy to change nappies once they are more confident in doing it! Remember, there is no university course for raising kids!

Should Dads Change Baby’s Diaper Or Not?

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dads changing diapers

In recent few years, more ladies have joined the workforce as well as societal standards are changing day by day. With fathers being considered less a secondary parents, and more just a parent, it is necessary to make changes that will allowfathers to become better parents.

In 2015, Barack Obama (EX president of the United States) signed the BABIES Act, which is a law demanding that men’s restrooms, as well as other general domains, have a changing table or changing tables to do the diaper duty. While parental anticipations between genders are still unequal, the very first step is transforming our idea so that fathers can do something as easy as changing the diaper as efficiently as a mother.

Let us inspire the inclusion of dads in all characteristics of childrearing. So, raise a glass to cheer for sharing the poo and co-parenting.

For worse or for better, this’s how the majority of society considers Fathers:

He is on baby duty…

The home is going to burn down when dad is in charge.

He is ‘giving the mother a break

Is he doing babysitting for the night?

Well, no, he is a father, and presumably, darn suitable at it. So, yes, fathers should change a diaper just like a mother does. Let’s face it, there are even dad diaper parties!

How To Change A Baby’s Diaper Like A Mom?

own fathers
own fathers

Following is a step-by-step guide to changing a baby’s diaper like a PRO.

Get The Supplies Ready

You need to get everything ready for diaper duty. You’ll need the following for diaper changing:

  • Changing pad or mat or table
  • Clean diaper
  • Cotton wool or wipes and water
  • Clean clothes
  • Diaper cream (read our guide to diaper creams)

Procedure For Dirty Diaper Changes

  • Lay down your baby on a table or mat or pad
  • Keep your one hand on the baby so that your baby does not roll away
  • Take the dirty diaper away using another hand
  • Keep on holding their legs so that they can’t roll away and get dirty
  • Keep the dirty diaper aside or fold it to slide the diaper down

Clean Your Child

  • Use cotton wool or wipes and water to clean your baby’s butt and front
  • Always start wiping from the front side to the backside
  • Carefully pat your baby dry.

Put The New Diaper On

  • Put the new diaper under your baby’s buttocks and pull the diaper up between your baby’s legs
  • Then apply some diaper cream as required
  • Close the adhesive tabs up for a disposable diaper
  • Check if the diaper is positioned perfectly or not and then redress your little one

Clean Up

  • Finally, wash your both hands using handwash
  • Clean the entire changing table so it’s ready for the next time!


All ladies out there, remember that we wish the men to help us with household duties and parenting, but you should know that they need our help too (even in case they would never ask for help or support!)

I will admit that I have read posts that glorified fathers for changing diapers as well as assisting with childrearing duties, and I indeed taunted them. My thought was, why should fathers get all this additional attention for accomplishing what they should do as a father? Real men change diapers and there is nothing to brag about it.

After a little bit of thought, I discovered I was glimpsing at things all incorrectly. Parenting is not a competition — it is teamwork. We, mothers, expect our spouses to respect us for all we do, just like being all-around awesome. So why should not we admire our spouses too?

There are fathers nowadays who are more involved with the baby than the mother. Some fathers have changed way more diapers than the child’s mother has done. So, all I can say is YES fathers do change the baby’s diapers and yes they should as the baby is both the mother’s and father’s responsibility.

The surprising answer is that there is no right or wrong answer. It ultimately depends on the preference of the parents and what works best for their family. Some families may find it helpful for the father to take on more of the diaper changing responsibilities, while others may prefer for the mother to handle this task. There is no correct answer, as each family is different and what works for one may not work for another.

This article was written by: Gian MIller – Full-Time Writer, Baby Whisperer & Dad of 3.

Gian spends a lot of his time writing. A self-proclaimed baby whisperer, Gian has been through it all with his own children and is passionate about sharing his hard-won wisdom with other parents. When he’s not writing or changing diapers, you can find him playing the guitar or watching baseball (or preferably both at the same time).

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