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As an affiliate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases. We get commissions for purchases made through links on this website from Amazon and other third parties., a website dedicated to motherhood, has acquired, a website focused on breastfeeding advice and advocacy. The acquisition was announced earlier this week and includes the entirety of Lactivist’s content and archives.

MommyandLove will be incorporating Lactivist’s resources into their existing site, with the goal of providing an even greater level of support to mothers everywhere. In addition, the MommyandLove team plans to use their platform to amplify the voices of lactation professionals and advocates.

The acquisition is just one part of MommyandLove’s larger mission to support mothers everywhere.

“At MommyandLove, our goal is to provide mothers with everything they need to feel confident and supported,” said CEO and founder Monica Johnson. “The acquisition of Lactivist helps us further that mission by providing even more resources and support for breastfeeding mothers.”

Lactivist co-founder and editor Jess said she is excited for the website to join forces with MommyandLove. “I’m confident that together we’ll be able to make an even bigger impact in the lives of mothers everywhere,” she said.

Mommyandlove was known for its excellent baby names advice as well as baby sleeping advice and diaper rash and diapering advice. With support now to include a range of breastfeeding and weaning advice, including baby led weaning and the best lactating foods for mothers, our all-around advice should be greatly improved.

Whether moms are looking for the best bassinets advice or which diaper brands for sensitive skin, MommyandLove has become the go-to destination. We have a wide range of articles on everything from the best Irish boys names or girls names from Ireland to buying guides.

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Want to choose a name from around the world? See our database of international baby names from other cultures.

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We’ve done a general guide to Classic Baby Boy Names from Literature but if you are looking for a particular favorite author baby names, check out these guides:

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If you love nature then take a look at our nature inspired baby name guides.

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