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In just a few days, it will be Real Nappy Week! This is a week-long event that celebrates all things cloth diaper related. If you’re new to cloth diapering, or even if you’re a seasoned pro, this is the perfect time to learn more about all the different types of diapers and accessories available, but do check out our beginner’s guide to cloth nappies.

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you get ready for the big event.

Real Nappy Week started in the UK waaaay back in the early 2000’s maybe even in the 90’s by the Womens Network and its basically to promote and encourage families to switch to washable

2022 Dates

Reusable Nappy Week 2022 will be held from Monday 25th April – to Sunday 1st May

What is Real Nappy Week?

It’s basically a week to try and push reusable nappies, highlight them, give nappy advice, raise awareness and show people the many benefits of using real nappies over single-use nappies.

Nappy Libraries, local councils, and nappy retailers all spend the week promoting the use of reusable nappies.

What is Reusable Nappy Week?

Reusable Nappy Week is another name for real nappy week. Many people realised that calling cloth nappies ‘real’ didn’t really make sense so the week formerly known as real nappy week is now reusable nappy week.

It was renamed by most nappy brands as reusable nappy week, but some people still call it real nappy week… just to add a little extra spice to the confusion levels many new parents already have!

Nappy Advice

One of the many benefits of the week is the widespread availability of cloth nappy advice which is given away for free!

Most manufacturers and retailers will be hosting advice events (as well as giving big discounts of essential nappies) so make sure to look for your local events to see what is happening.

The advice might be general guidance, like on this site, or a tailored one to one advice questionnaire when you answer personal questions and the advisor gets the best nappies for you.

Both BabaMe and Nappy Lady have questionnaires like this for nappy advice, so complete the form and once its filled in one of the team will get back to you for a chat and some in-person advice!

Local Events

During the week your local nappy library or local retailer may do some live events. During covid times these changed to live videos on Facebook and other platforms but the whole idea is to give you advice on nappy, the different nappy types, using reusable nappies, cloth nappy top tips and maybe even just raising awareness of the environment and the damage disposable nappies can do.

Most of them are children friendly and can be a great way to meet local parents.

Different Types of Reusable Nappies

Reusable nappies can be very confusing when you first look into them. Reusables often have their very own language and trying to work out what each nappy is, never might what is best for your baby can see a challenge in the ear days!

Reusable nappy week is a chance to start your cloth journey off on the right foot, see all the different types and discover your favourite brands.

It really helps if you can get to one of the advents, whether a live one run by your local council or join in some fun online (usually lots of giveaways to be had!) to discover not just other parents in your area who might be using nappies but to get help and support from nappy advisors.

Special Offers

Of course, what promotional week would be a week without lots of special offers! I’ve spoken to many parents who hadn’t considered using reusable nappies until they stumbled upon some events or offers and just decided to take that first step.

A lot more parents start their reusable nappy journey when they see a prize, a raffle a giveaway or even just a walloping big discount on the cost of cloth nappies. We’ll make sure to keep you up to date with any great offers we see on this page so make sure to book mark it and come back nearer the time!

Why are Councils Involved?

If you check out our post on council incentives you will see that many councils are encouraging parents to switch to reusable nappies. The reasons are quite simple.

Disposable nappies place a huge burden on landfills. They create a lot of waste that does not get broken down for hundreds of years and accounts for 4% of everything in landfill.

Disposable nappies are essentially single-use plastic items that get used once, tossed, and then sit in a landfill for 500+ years.

They are a huge burden to local councils so they encourage parents to use washable nappies instead. They offer money back schemes or vouchers for local or online retailers to encourage people to reduce waste and reuse nappies.

Real Diaper Week

In US and Canada, the week is called Real Diaper Week but basically runs on the same format of promotions, events, discounts and advice. Everyone just pulls together to spread the word and get more info out.

The weeks used to be in conjunction with each other but somewhere along the way, they got separated and annoyingly are now run on different weeks.

The Bottom Line on Reusable Nappy Week

Reusable Nappy Week is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the different types of reusable nappies available and to find out what might be best for your baby.

There are lots of events happening during the week, both online and in person, so there’s no excuse not to get involved! Plus, there are some great special offers available from retailers and councils, so make sure to take advantage of them!

If you’re considering making the switch to reusable nappies, or even if you’re already using them, make sure to check out what’s happening during Reusable Nappy Week and get involved! You might just be surprised at how easy and fun it is!

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