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I’ve been waiting for my motivation to kick in to write a gDiaper blog series for newbies or those checking out different cloth diaper brands. I finally captured it so hooray!!
I am very much in favor of using cloth diapers for my little ones. My husband thinks I am weird that I am such a big advocate of this gross but unavoidable part of raising babies. He thinks I am weird to be super excited about changing baby diapers. He has a good point… While I am not thrilled to clean soiled baby butts every 1-2 hours around the clock, I am happy to be choosing a diaper that meets the needs of my baby, family budget, and one that helps reduce landfill waste.
Why I am a gMum and chose gDiapers for our baby’s diapering needs:
I took a sustainability course at Michigan State University as part of my Bachelor Degree (in International Studies). We had to research different ways to be sustainable and create a presentation. For some unknown reason, I became fixed upon cloth diapering. I did not have children yet nor was I planning to have children in the near future but the idea stuck in my head. I searched the web a little bit and found the gDiaper website. (You can visit here.) Cool fact: The disposable inserts are cradle to cradle certified! My project idea formed instantly and I became a gDiaper expert before ever needing diapers in my home!
If you have not read the book, Cradle to Cradle, you definitely should. It is about “remaking the way we made things” and a “reduce, reuse, and recycle” approach to minimize waste in our environment. It was one of my favorite and most inspiring books that I read in college. Even the pages of this book are sustainable in that they are composed of a plastic that the ink can easily be washed off and contained for later use. You can dip the entire book in a tub of water and continue to read without the book disintegrating, which is why this is a perfect bathtub reading choice.
Back to gDiapers and why they are great.
They are super easy to use! (Of course, it is easier to throw a diaper away than to wash and reuse cloths, but that is not very responsible.) If you take the time to learn the ins and outs of cloth diapering, you will wonder why only a few people choose to use cloth diapers. After all, you can save thousands of dollars using cloth compared to disposable. I’ve used gDiapers for both of my two children so I am proof that this diaper can be a good choice for you too.
gDiapers are are so stinkin’ cute and they come in many, many colors!
In this blog series, I will help teach you how to be a gDiaper expert and turn you into a professional gMum! You can expect the follow topics to be discussed in depth.

  • Benefits of the Hybrid gDiaper
  • gDiaper Options
  • Laundering gDiapers
  • Changing Table Organization
  • Added Benefit of Cloth Wipes & Solution Recipes
  • Travelling with gDiapers
  • gDiaper Leak Troubleshooting
  • and more!

Here is my little one’s gButt! :O
Hope you all have a wonderful day! Time to go back to some real life parenting action with my little ones. Ciao!

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