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This time, I am going to tell you exactly how I make cloth wipes and why I feel they are so beneficial when using cloth diapers. If you follow my blog, you know that I have previously discussed cloth wipes. I feel the need to repeat myself because I am amazed at how convenient cloth wipes are when you are already washing cloth diapers! (Even if you do not use cloth diapers, you can still run small loads of cloth wipes to save on money and waste too.)
Let’s begin. It really is super easy!
First, you need to decide how big you would like your wipes to be. My homemade wipes are about 8″ by 8″ in size. You can make them smaller or larger according to your liking but I would not make them any smaller than 5″ by 5″. You want to be sure you have enough cloth to wipe up those messy diaper explosions!
Choose the type of fabric you want to use. Flannel is most common but you can also use terry cloth, bamboo velour, sherpa, or a combination of fabrics.
Decide whether you want to use single or double layered wipes. I have sewn single layer flannel, double layer flannel, and a combination of terry cloth and flannel wipes. My favorite are the double layer flannel wipes because they are less bulky compared to the terry cloth wipes, but thick enough so liquid doesn’t soak through to your fingers.
Sew Double Layer Wipes without Serger
Step 1: Cut your fabric to desired length and width.
Step 2: Place two fabric squares, right sides together, and pin in place.
Step 3: Sew along edges and leave a 2″ gap.
Step 4: Flip right side out and top stitch as close to the edge as possible.
Sew Single or Double Layer Wipes with Serger
Step 1: Cut your fabric to desired length and width.
Step 2: Place fabric squares, wrong sides together, and serge around the edge.
You can round off the edges to create a professional look or leave them squared.
That’s all there is to it! If your baby’s diet consists of only breast milk, the soiled cloth wipes can be stored inside the wet bag with the soiled diapers. This is especially helpful when you are running errands with your baby and need to change a diaper on the go. There is no need to find a garbage to toss your disposable wipe. At six months old or when solids are introduced, you will need to soak the cloth wipe to remove any poop before washing. The baby poop will no longer be water soluble so it will not dissolve in the washer. At that time, I might decide to use cloth wipes only for wet diapers. I have not decided yet. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!
Last but not least, my recipe for moistening cloth wipes.
Cloth Wipe Solution
1 tablespoon baby soap
1 tablespoon olive oil*
Water to fill spray bottle
Optional: Add 2-3 drops of essential oils (doTERRA seems to be popular on all my social media platforms.)
*I have used Johnson’s Baby Oil in the past but was unaware of the harmful effects of using products containing mineral oil. I substituted baby oil for olive oil.

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